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Allentown Flood Damage Restoration & Repair

flood-damage-companyEven minor flooding can cause major problems if not dealt with quickly by a professional flooding repair company.  While some people attempt the cleanup and drying process themselves, they usually end up causing greater problems for themselves and put their home at risk of developing black mold.  So if your property has sustained flood damage, please give us a call and we’ll provide you a free onsite estimate for any flood mitigation services you might need!


When flooding occurs, we’re here to help by…


Always responding to your call immediately!


24-7-emergency-serviceA fast response is a must for any amount of home flooding damage, but with some companies, it’s simply a crapshoot.  If they only have 1 or 2 crews, and those techs are tied up on jobs, then you’re sitting around waiting (while your property suffers more damage).  Not with us…call now and we’re there in 20-60 minutes!

You can not afford to wait – call for fast assistance now!


Always offering a fair & upfront price!


photo_free_estimatesFair prices are always guaranteed when you call on us for your emergency flood restoration service needs.  Why?  Because we price our rates according to industry standards using Xactimate.  It’s a software program used by insurance adjusters & guarantees the rates are fair and not inflated during your time of desparation!

Don’t move forward until you’ve got a free quote from us!

The estimating process should never cause you stress because it should always be transparent. At RestorationEze, we make it simple because of the estimating system we use. The video below explains the process and shows you what to expect when you call out one of our flood cleanup contractors to provide you with a free in-home estimate:


Always backing our service with a satisfaction guarantee!


satisfaction-guaranteeSadly most Allentown restoration companies aren’t concerned with your happiness or even your safety.  They’re simply there to put down some equipment and do a good enough job to collect an insurance check.  But we fully understand how important you are…it’s your property!  So we guarantee your complete satisfaction!

Our work is always backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

When you call us, you can be sure the work is going to be done correctly. Why? Because our technicians are properly trained and must maintain their water damage restoration technician certification from the IICRC. We make sure they follow the right procedures and never cut any corners when it comes to repairing flooding damage in your home or business. Watch the video below to see how the process of recovering from water damage usually works:


Always assisting with your insurance claim!


bill-directWe help customers through all phases of the water damage repair process.  That also includes helping them through their insurance claim.  In fact, you don’t need to call your insurer first…just call us and let our assistants handle your claim.  We can even send the invoice for our work to them directly instead of you!

If you prefer, we can send our bill to the insurance company!


Understanding the insurance claim process

insurance-claim-formThe claims process can be confusing for many people and sometimes cause them to make mistakes. We want to make sure it doesn’t happen to you, so here’s some basic things for you to consider if you’ve suffered flooding damage and aren’t sure what to do in regards to insurance.

First, do you have insurance that covers flooding? 

If rain water or water from a nearby river has entered your home, and you do not have flood insurance from FEMA, you will not be covered by your homeowners policy for the damages.

If you do have flood insurance, what steps do you need to take?

Even if you do have flood insurance, you need to make sure you take the appropriate steps after a flood. Many times, people will call FEMA and await an adjuster to provide them with a claim number. It’s important to understand a few things when it comes to a claim:

  • usually when there is a natural disaster like a flood, FEMA is overwhelmed and it can take days or even longer for you to get help. That’s previous time that is lost and will ultimately mean the amount of work needed to get your home fixed will be greater.
  • you do not need a claim to have the work start. The claim can be filed at any point during the flood restoration services, and if fact we can initiate and manage the process from start to finish.
  • we will handle the billing and payment directly with the adjuster assigned to your loss.


Always sending safe, trained & certified techs to your property!


CertificateIconA company can promise you the world, but if they aren’t willing to make real investments in their people, those promises will go unfulfilled.  We know that great water mitigation service isn’t possible without the right people.  It’s why all techs are screened, drug-free, and rigorously trained & certified to do the job correctly!

Our work is done right because of our people!


Flooding dangers can lurk


Flood-allentown-paFor most people, the greatest cause for concern during a flood is drowning. While that’s certainly the case should you find yourself in a car that is caught in rising waters, the biggest cause for concern when it comes to home flooding are:

  • airborne illnesses in the water – many times water that passes over the ground and into your home can carry harmful bacteria or viruses, or even oils and other manmade contaminants.
  • mold damage – when water enters your property, it creates a situation in which black mold spores can begin to spread. Within 48 hours, the mold can spread quickly and start eating away at your home. That’s why it’s so important that work begin immediately to remove the excess water and begin drying out the structure.

Flood damage in Allentown is a serious issue that can require professional help. We have Allentown flood companies available around the clock to help you in your time of need. No matter how big or small your flood loss is, we have the ability to get your Allentown property repaired and dried out fast! So call now to speak with an Allentown flood repair technician and schedule a free estimate for any work required!

Flood Restoration

If you live in Allentown and need emergency flood damage restoration services, please call us now. We specialize in providing a rapid response throughout Allentown for any and all flood restoration emergencies. So please call and allow us to provide a free no obligation estimate today!

Flood Repair

We offer homes and businesses in the Allentown area emergency flood damage repair service designed to get your property restored fast. So if you live in the Allentown area please call us today for a free estimate for your flood repair needs.


Flood Cleaning

Everyday in Allentown, disasters occur that require rapid flood cleaning services. When they do, you can count on our Allentown flood cleanup crews to get your home or office fully dry and restored fast. We offer a free, no obligation Allentown cleanup flood estimate as well as a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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