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Allentown Water Removal & Extraction

flood-damage-companyFlooding can happen for any number of reasons, and while rare, they do require immediate attention.  Delaying proper water extraction and mitigation services can mean greater damage to your property and greater risk to your family.  It’s why we offer 24/7 emergency water cleaning services and guarantee any potential customer a 60 minute response time and a free, upfront, no-hassle cost estimate!


Need help?  Here’s how our service works…


Call anytime for an immediate response!


24-7-emergency-serviceOur restoration services start with a phone call from you!  Whether you’ve walked down to a flooded basement or you just noticed water dripping from your ceiling and down your walls, you’ve obviously got an emergency on your hands that must be dealt with immediately.  It’s why we’re available 24/7 to help!

When you call, we respond – guaranteed!


We show up to offer a free on-site estimate!


photo_free_estimatesAny reputable water extraction company in Allentown should be willing to you offer you an upfront estimate and it should always be calculated using Xactimate.  This is the universal claims estimating software used in our industry to ensure you’re getting a fair, no hassle cost to remove water and dry out your structure!

Our estimates are always free & our prices always competitive!

If you want to learn more about the process we use to quote water mitigation services, watch the video below. Hopefully it helps you see the transparent, no non-sense approach we take to ensuring you get an estimate that is fair!


We provide certified service from screened techs!


CertificateIconIf you’re going to provide emergency water damage restoration services, you simply can’t cut corners when it comes to the people you task with providing that assistance.  But that’s precisely what many companies do, and their customers pay a heavy price.  Our techs are background screened and fully certified to do the work!

Don’t pick the wrong company to help in your time of need!

We get calls all the time from people that hired the wrong water damage company to dry out their home. Usually they start to notice a foul, musty smell, or they see mold or their floors begin to cup or buckle. Uh oh! Their insurance has already paid out the loss but the moisture problem was never fixed. That’s a very bad situation, but it’s all too common. Please don’t let that happen to you. Call us, and we’ll make sure the work is done the right way. What is the right way? Watch the video below to see!


We assure your complete satisfaction!


satisfaction-guaranteeSome water extraction companies are simply in the business to get paid by insurers, and couldn’t care less about the quality of their service or the professionalism of their employees.  But we’re different…we understand that you are our customer and we guarantee that you’ll be completed satisfied with our work.

Our job isn’t complete until you’re 100% satisfied!


We bill the insurance company!


bill-directIf the cause of your water loss is a result of a malfunction within your property, or you have flood damage insurance, there’s a very high likelihood that the insurance company will be paying for our services.  So just give us a call and let our specialists handle your claim and let us send the bill to the insurer.

You don’t have to pay out of pocket for our services!


Do you know the common pitfalls when it comes to insurance claims?


Homeowners can run into some issues when it comes to their water damage claim. Fortunately, you don’t have to make these mistakes:

insurance-claim-form1. Don’t wait for a claim number to have work begin! If you have homeowners insurance and your water loss was caused by something within your home’s structure, it will be covered and you don’t need a claim number to get help. In fact, if you wait for one, or for an adjuster to come out and assess the loss, the damage will be more severe and the costs to your insurer will be greater. First thing is first, hire a water extraction company to get the loss contained and begin the drying process!

2. Hire your own restoration company, not the one referred by your insurer! It’s your home and ultimately you should hire the company you feel confident will provide great service. Often times, that isn’t going to be a company referred to you by your adjuster. Here’s why: they were referred to you because they agreed to charge much less than the actual value of the job. In other words, congrats, you just hired the cheapest guy in town when your insurance company is footing the bill. If you’ve ever hired the cheapest guy in town, you know why they’re cheap: because they don’t provide good service. You get what you pay for! Or in this instance, you get what somebody else pays for!


Don’t end up with mold – we guarantee it won’t happen!


mold-free-guaranteeIf you don’t have your property dried out correctly, you will end up with black mold. It’s that simple. Ongoing moisture issues always lead to black mold, and in many cases, we are called to homes that were dried out by professionals, only to discover pockets of moisture problems that resulted in black mold. Don’t let this happen to you! We guarantee our water cleanup services will remove the excess moisture wherever it may be found, and we guarantee your home will pass any 3rd party mold tests you may wish to have performed!

We understand the importance of a rapid response to your Allentown water removal emergency. It’s why we offer 24/7 service throughout the Allentown area and free estimates for any Allentown water cleanup services you might need. Each Allentown technician is licensed, insured & has undergone extensive water extraction training, ensuring your Allentown property will be dried out properly!

Water Removal

Need emergency water removal services in the Allentown area? If so, please call us now for a free estimate for removing water! Our Allentown water removal companies specialize in providing a rapid response to your emergency!


Water Extraction

Have you walked into your home of office in Allentown only to find standing water? We specialize in emergency water extraction services designed to fully dry out and restore your Allentown property. Call us now and speak with one of our Allentown extraction specialists and schedule a free estimate!

Water Cleanup

24/7 emergency water cleanup services in Allentown are what we do! From the first call, our Allentown water cleaning company will work quickly to get any water out of your home or office and make sure no mold grows in the future. Please call our Allentown water clean-up company today for a free estimate!

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