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Harrisburg PA Flood Damage Restoration

Frozen pipes, leaking water heaters, refrigerator water lines disconnecting. your kid leaving the sink running for hours…no matter what the reason, getting flooding in your home is not something you ever want to deal with. Fortunately, we offer Harrisburg flood damage cleanup services designed to get your home or business clean, dry and safe quickly! We always provide you with a no obligation estimate and stand behind any of the work done, so give us a call now for an immediate response!


Why is a fast flood restoration response so crucial?


Water is a ferocious enemy.  It can invade virtually any surface type and bond on a molecular level with it’s new host.  So whether it’s concrete floors in an unfinished basement or hardwood floors or drywall, the longer it soaks into those surfaces, the more damage it causes.

It’s one reason we always offer 24/7 emergency responses!


black-mold-wet-basementWithout a fast response, you’re virtually guaranteed to end up with black mold damage. When we say you’re dealing with an emergency, we’re serious. Any amount of flooding is dangerous, but it’s your response to the situation that will determine how dangerous the situation gets. When it comes to moisture in a home, if you don’t get it out within 48-72 hours, you’ll develop a serious black mold problem. That means you need to act quickly, and the flood restoration company in Harrisburg that you hire needs to do the same!


How much does it cost to repair flooding damage?


Unfortunately there is no hourly rate or daily rate we can offer you over the phone.  The cost of cleaning up flooding is driven by insurance reimbursement rates and determined by the type of water loss, extent of damage, equipment necessary to clean it up, etc.

It’s why we provide a free, on-site survey & upfront estimate!

For more information about the way flood cleanup services are quoted and billed for, please watch the video below. Most people in your shoes are surprised to find out that all Harrisburg water damage companies use the same system with the same pricing to estimate losses. See how it works now!


How long does it take to restore my property?


The average for dry times from flooding damage is 3.7 days.  That’s the average…obviously mitigation times differ depending on the extent of the damage, what types of surfaces have been affected, etc.  Our goal as a Harrisburg flood restoration company is to get your property dried out as quickly as possible without having to tear out walls, floors or ceilings.

We have specialized equipment that we use throughout the flooding cleanup process to measure moisture levels, temperature and relative humidity levels, as well as drying & extraction equipment that can get almost all moisture out of any surface type.

Want to see what the flood cleanup service process looks like? Most people are calling upon a certified mitigation company for the first time and have no idea what we actually do. The video below hopefully helps you understand what you can expect and give you some insight into the process itself!


Are your flood restoration technicians certified?


Great question, we’re glad you asked!  Yes, they are.  But it’s important to ask any flooding damage cleanup company you speak with the same thing.  Certification isn’t just some shiny logo the tech puts on his truck.  It means he’s a student of the restoration industry and undergoes continual training to ensure he understands the best processes and varying equipment used to repair flood damage!


What kind of assurances do you offer customers?


We’re homeowners ourselves.  So we know how much your home means to you.  If it’s not safe, or if there’s problems, and can be very frustrating.  So not only do we guarantee you’ll be completely happy with our flood damage repair service, but we stand behind that service by offering you a 1 year full warranty on the work we perform.

Choose a Harrisburg flood cleaning company that stands behind their work!


Is your loss covered by insurance?


insurance-claim-formIt depends on the type of insurance that you have. If you have both homeowners insurance and national flood insurance, pretty much every type of water loss you could encounter should be covered under one of the policies. But if you only have homeowners insurance and the source of the water was rain, rising river waters, or any other water source outside of your home, the damage is probably not covered.

To find out if your property is a greater risk of flooding damage, check the PA Floodmap.


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Harrisburg metro area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



Flood damage to Harrisburg PA properties happens everyday.  If it has happened to you, Harrisburg water damage restoration services are just a phone call away!  Fixing your nightmare is our business, and each of our Harrisburg PA water extraction and restoration crews is fully trained, certified & equipped to get your Harrisburg property back to its original state!

By calling now, you’ll always talk to a person and we can get a flood damage crew en route to your home or office immediately.  Instead of calling around and waiting on a flooding damage company that might not show, you can call us now and we can typically have a Harrisburg basement flood representative there within 60 minutes or less!  The most crucial thing to remember if your property has experienced flooding damage is that acting quickly will save you time, money, and headaches.

Our Harrisburg PA flood cleanup company can immediately provide a no obligation estimate to cure your flood damage issue.  Using state of the art equipment and the latest techniques, our sewage removal and water damage restoration professionals back all of their work with a complete satisfaction guarantee.  No matter the extent of the Harrisburg flood damage, we can get your home or office dry and assist in any water damage restoration services required.

So if you are in the Harrisburg area and have a flood loss on your hands, call us today for a rapid response & free estimate and let our professional flooding restoration crews take care of everything for you!

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