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Harrisburg PA Sewage Cleanup

If your home or office has experienced a sewer back-up, an immediate response is crucial. Sewage water is not something that can be taken lightly. In most cases it requires professional cleanup services to ensure that all harmful agents have been removed and that the property and its contents have been completely disinfected. We offer residential and commercial sewage back-up cleaning services and would be proud to add you to our family of satisfied customers.


We offer a rapid response to your sewage emergency and always provide FREE written estimates!


Call us today to speak with a representative that can immediately dispatch one of our licensed and certified sewer damage cleanup specialists.  We can be on-site within minutes and can provide you with a cost estimate, in writing, for the entire scope of cleaning restoration services you’ll need.


The estimating phase of our work is designed to be simple and easy for you to understand. We realize you have a lot going on when you’re faced with a sewer backup, and that your mind is probably racing with a thousand different questions and concerns. So when you call us and we come out to provide a free estimate, our goal is to make sure you have answers to your questions and your concerns. Watch the video below to see how our sewage cleanup estimates work:


Why is sewage dangerous?


Sewer water contains a variety of harmful agents that can cause serious illness or even death.  These agents can be spread hand-to-mouth, through skin contact, or through the air.  Infants an toddlers, people over the age of sixty, pregnant woman or people with cancer or HIV/AIDS are the most susceptible to illness, but no one is immune to these common agents found in sewage water:

() Bacteria – giardia, round warms, cryptosporidium

() Viruses – salmonella, tetanus, E-coli

() Parasites – rotovirus, hepatitis-A, Norwalk virus

() Toxic Fungi


Can’t I just clean up the sewage myself?


It’s your home, you’re free to do as you please.  But we can not stress enough how much of a health hazard you’re dealing with.  If it’s the case the sewage is confined to a very small area, and has only been present for a short period of time, it may be the case you can tackle the sewer cleanup process yourself (assuming you take all of the necessary precautions to protect yourself from contact and airborne agents).  However, if there is more extensive damage that has been done that has affected a portion of your property and the items within your property, we can not stress how important it is to contact a professional sewage backup cleaner immediately.

If you’re in a situation where you’ve discovered sewage in your basement and you’re considering taking on the cleanup and drying process on your own, we hope you’ll watch the video below detailing not only the dangers involved, but also the challenges we face as professionals fully equipped to deal with these situations. It’s just not something an un-trained person should even think of doing!


Can my possessions be salvaged?


It depends on the extent of damage they’ve been subject to as well as the material they’re made of.  In some cases, non-porous items can be salvaged assuming the sewage cleanup process is implemented quickly.  But in most cases, with porous items such as carpet, furniture, mattresses, clothing, etc. these items will need to be safely disposed of and replaced.

Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Harrisburg metro area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



Why are sewage backups in Harrisburg prevalent?


A hefty percentage of the jobs we are called out to involve a sewer backup, sewer overflow, or some form of raw sewage damage to the property. But why do they happen? Below you’ll see the main reasons, as well as what you can do to prevent them:


fats-oils-grease-clogging-restaurant-sewer-lineMain sewer line blockage

Probably the most common scenario we see stems from a blockage in the main sewer line of the house. Any number of things can cause this to happen, but the most common causes are tree roots and homeowners putting the wrong things down their drains and toilets (cooking oils & fibrous materials being the most egregious.


overflowing-toiletStorm overflow

Did your sewer backup occur during heavy rains? Chances are, you’re a victim of a storm water overflow. This happens because some areas have combined sewer lines that run both storm water and sewage water through the same pipes. Too much of both in the same pipe and the water must go somewhere. Unfortunately, that somewhere is up your pipes and into your basement!


Sewage back-ups are stinky business.  But it’s our business and we work hard to make each of our Harrisburg PA customers get the highest level of sewage cleanup service available.  If your home or office in Harrisburg has experienced a sewage back-up and you need a Harrisburg water damage restoration company you can trust, we’re the answer.

Too many times, Harrisburg PA flood damage companies don’t show up on-time or don’t use the right techniques to dry out and clean-up your property.  Not with us.  Our Harrisburg basement flood professionals utilize the best products and the latest techniques to fully clean-out any sewer back-up situation you might be dealing with in Harrisburg PA.

We understand you have choices for your sewage cleanout needs.  It’s why we want to earn your business and prove to you our Harrisburg PA water extraction crews are the best in the business.  Call us now and we’ll have a truck at your property within 60 minutes to fully assess your Harrisburg sewage back-up needs and offer a free estimate to clean-up the mess.  If you want us to clean-up your Harrisburg property at that point, we can begin the clean-up and dryout process immediately as each Harrisburg restoration crew arrives with a fully stocked truck!

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