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Philadelphia PA Basement Flood Clean-up

Is your Philadelphia, PA basement flooded?  If so, we offer professional basement flood extraction services for both residential and commercial customers.  Call no for day or night flooded basement emergency service designed to get your flood damaged property dry fast!  We can work directly with your insurance company and always offer free estimates in writing for our flooded basement cleanup services!


Flooded basements are no match for our restoration professionals!

When a basement flood strikes, you must move quickly to mitigate the damage and restore your property.  We specialize in providing turnkey, emergency basement flood cleanup services throughout the Philadelphia area!

24/7 Rapid Response.  Waiting to get water out of your basement can spell disaster.  Flood damage becomes much worse the longer water sits in your basement and the likelihood of getting mold increases greatly every hour you wait.  That’s why we have trucks throughout the area available to respond immediately to your basement flood cleaning needs.


Free, No Obligation Estimate in Writing.  No need to get several different quotes.  We use the same pricing software used by your insurance carrier, meaning our prices are driven by what the industry determines to be the appropriate cost.  It’s fair, honest and there is never an issue with getting reimbursed on your claim.  Our estimates are in writing as well so you know the total price before we start work.

With RestorationEze, you never have to worry about getting a fair price because our basement water cleanup companies use Xactimate to quote your loss. Watch our quick video to learn how our contractors estimate your loss:


We use the best basement flood cleanup and drying equipment.  Think you can just rent some fans from the grocery store and get the job done right?  Unfortunately it’s a mistake many homeowners make when dealing with their basement flood.  We use patented water removal, structural drying & dehumidification equipment that ensures your basement flood is dealt with properly.


How do we get wet basements dry?


Getting the moisture out quickly and being as non-intrusive as possible takes specially trained technicians and advanced equipment. Every basement flood will require its own unique plan for mitigation, but the basic steps are usually the same. Watch our video to learn how the basement water extraction, drying, and reconstruction process works:


A wet basement will lead to black mold – quickly!


mold-free-guaranteeMost people don’t know that mold spores, at very low/safe levels, exist in every home. So why does it become a problem in some homes?  Mold spores grow to unsafe levels when excess moisture exists. So if your sump pump failed during a recent storm and you have water in your basement, without having it properly mitigated by a water damage company, you will end up with black mold and it usually only takes a couple of days.

So one of the most important roles we play is that of stopping black mold before it starts growing. We do this by quickly removing the excess moisture before it spawns mold spore growth and we guarantee a mold-safe environment once we’ve completed the basement water damage cleanup process!


My basement keeps flooding. What can I do to stop it?


Basements are the most at risk of flooding simply because they are below the ground surface. If yours floods often, check to see if you reside in an area prone to flooding. If you do, there may only be so much you can do and your best bet is to purchase FEMA flood insurance. But here are some other tips to prevent your basement from flooding!


Check your gutters and downspouts.

bad-guttersIt seems so obvious but is usually the #1 reason people end up with water in their basement. Gutters and downspouts serve a crucial role: they keep water from pooling by your foundation. Make sure they are working properly, that you routinely clean your gutters, and that your yard is sloped away from the foundation to keep water from collecting close to your basement walls!


Install a sump pump.

A properly functioning sump pump can be the difference maker when a storm hits. If you haven’t already, have a sump pump installed as well as an alternative source of power servicing the sump pump in case your electricity goes out during a storm. Quite often we’re called in to dry out basements after a sump pump fails during a power outage!


Do you need foundation repair or waterproofing?

If you are doing the things you can to prevent water from getting in but it’s still happening, chances are you’ll need to have some foundation repair work done or even have your basement waterproofed. Some cracks can be sealed with common products found at your local home improvement store, but some issues must be addressed by professionals. And sometimes the situation is so dire that a waterproofing company will need to be called in.


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Philly metro area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



Flooded basement in Philadelphia means you’ve got a problem.  The longer the water is in your home or office, the more water damage in Philadelphia that can occur.  Our Philadelphia water damage restoration team can arrive within minutes of your call to begin the water extraction process.  We use the best vacuuming systems and industrial strength drying equipment in Philadelphia so that you can feel confident the water is gone for good.  Not only that, but our flood damage in Philadelphia, PA crews also utilize mold prevention techniques to ensure your basement flood doesn’t result in a mold problem.

So if you are dealing with a flooded basement in Philadelphia, PA, please call us now and we can dispatch a flood damage restoration in Philadelphia, PA crew to help get you back to normal fast!

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