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Philadelphia PA Water Extraction Services

If you’re in need of Philadelphia water removal company, chances are you’re in a panic.  Standing water, whether it’s a basement flood or any other situation where professional water extraction services are needed, can be a nightmare.  Fortunately, we offer residential & commercial water cleanup services and can get your property dry quickly!  Call anytime for a free, in-home written estimate!


Don’t trust your property to an uncertified water removal company!

A wet vac and a warm body does not constitute a water removal company.  Becoming a certified water damage restoration technician is a lengthy process that requires in-room education, on-site training, and qualification examinations.  Each of our technicians is certified to perform all water cleanup and structural drying services you might require!


Can you save my flooded wood floors?


If you’re flood loss affected your beautiful wood floors, there’s hope they can be saved!  We use specialized equipment that form an air-tight seal on your floors and implements negative-pressure to extract any water and moisture that has soaked into the wood as well as the sub-floor.  The only caveat is that we must begin the water removal process immediately.  If the water sits on the wood for any period of time the chances of us being able to properly dry them out before experiencing permanent damage are slim.


How quickly does mold set in if the water cleanup & drying process doesn’t begin immediately?


People are always surprised at how quickly mold can grow once it’s found a damp, humid environment.  While it depends on the environment, mold can begin growing within 48 hours of flood event.  To buy us some time, we can apply a mold prevention spray at the beginning of the water cleanup process and then once again once we’ve removed water and dried out your home.


How much does it cost to remove water from my flooded home?


We can’t say the cost without seeing the extent of the flooding.  But once on premises, our technician can quickly assess the flooding to determine what will need to be done during the water cleanup process to get things back to normal.  We call it a mitigation protocol and it will outline the steps and how much the costs will be for the entire scope of work.

While we can’t give you a price over the phone, we can help you understand how the estimating process works when it comes to water mitigation services. It’s a lot different than you probably suspect, so please watch the video below to learn how our industry prices restoration services:


How does the water mitigation process work?


We want you to have answers at your fingertips, and we want you to ask questions if you don’t know the answers! It makes you more at ease with the process and ensures you get the outcome you want. One big question most people have is how does the water damage restoration process work. The video below walks you through what we do and how we get properties dry!


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Philly metro area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



Never wait when you have water in your home!


basement-moldOne of the calls we hate to get is a homeowner that had flooding and waited a couple of days to deal with it. Whether they were waiting on their insurance adjuster to take the lead or they thought they could handle it on their own, the result is usually the same: they already have black mold by the time we show up.

Black mold is such an aggressive substance, it can wreak havoc within 48 hours. If you experienced a flood during vacation and came home a week later, the amount of toxic mold spores can be overwhelming and the cleanup process takes on a whole new level of importance. We provide emergency water mitigation services precisely because that’s what it is, an emergency. Not only do we get the water out, but we guarantee once we are done that your home will be mold-safe!


Understanding the insurance claim process….


Most water cleanup services are paid for by insurers, especially if the water came from a malfunction within the home’s walls. Even things like a child leaving a bathtub running are covered, so if your loss is covered, there’s some things you’ll want to know about the insurance claim process.


1) Your adjuster is not in charge, you are.

insurance-claim-formSometimes people think it’s their job to call their adjuster and their adjusters job to get the process started and get the home fixed. They usually end up with a lot of problems. Let us make one thing perfectly clear: it is your job to get your home fixed. Partly, that means it’s your job to hire a water damage repair company. Your adjuster may tell you to call a certain company. Please be aware, they want you to use that company because they are really cheap. Not because they are fast, or they provide great service. Do you think you should you use a cheap company when your insurer is footing the bill?


2) Deductibles are handle during the build-back process.

There are usually 2 phases to a water loss. First comes the water mitigation process, or the part where we dry out the property and make sure that you don’t get mold. Once our moisture detection equipment readings confirm your structure is properly dried out, the build back process happens where any areas that needed to be removed are replaced. It’s during this portion of the work that any deductible is owed. It’s important to reminder though that many times deductible assistance is available so never be afraid to ask!


Given the differences in cost for small to large jobs, we always offer a free estimate so you know how much removing water and cleaning up will be before we begin any work!

We specialize in Philadelphia emergency water extraction & complete dry-out services.  Each of our Philadelphia flood damage is fully insured & certified to tackle your home or office water extraction project.  We are available around-the-clock and your call will always be answered by a live Philadelphia water extraction specialist.  That means we can be at your flooded property within minutes to help get your residential or commercial property dried out quickly.

Immediate help is just a call away!  Our Philadelphia water extraction crews are ready to provide a free estimate and can work with your insurance agency to get any claims and/or bills settled.  We will make your Philadelphia water damage restoration issues as headache free as we can!

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