Restoring water damaged hardwood floors

Posted by Matt Buchanan


If you have hard wood floors throughout your home, congrats! They’re beautiful, durable, and easy to clean. Unfortunately they’re not immune from suffering water damage. Whether it’s from a refrigerator water line that has leaked or a dishwasher that has overflowed, or even a bathroom or kitchen sink has clogged up and was left running, seeing your precious hard wood floors suffer water damage is unnerving.

When wood floors become water soaked they will cup and buckle, and if not dealt with quickly, the damage will be permanent and the only option will be to replace them completely. Fortunately, a professional water damage restoration company can utilize various methods to extract water and moisture from water damaged wood floors and in many cases will be able to salvage the floors and restore them to their original state.

To perform this type of restoration, water damage repair companies will use a non-invasive system that utilizes negative pressure to withdraw moisture and safely deposit it outside the property. First, rubber mat-like pads are set on the water damaged wood floors. A seal is created ensuring an air-tight environment at which point suction hoses are attached to the pad. Using negative pressure, any existing moisture is magically pulled out of your wood floors!

The system we’ve highlighted in this post is called Injectidry and it can also be used on other surface types that can withstand the high negative pressure it applies to the surface.  To the left is a photo showing how this water extraction system is used to dry out a ceiling and walls.  While the system can not be applied to all types of surfaces (vinyl is a no-go and certain types of parquet floors can not be restored using this system), for applicable surface types these drying systems can be a wonderful and non-invasive way to remove moisture without having to completely rip up your home and make a mess.

As with any water damage event, the key to salvaging your home is a fast response. While minor cupping and buckling due to very recent water damage to wood floors can usually be restored, more extensive damage due to your hardwoods being soaked for some time usually must be replaced. Obviously this dramatically increases the cost to repair your home so make sure you move quickly!

Here’s a quick video from AAA Flood Drying showing the Injectidry system in action:


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