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Providence RI Water Damage Restoration & Repair

home-water-DamageWhen a water or flood event happens, the most important thing to remember is that it’s your responsibility to get your home (or business) dry and repaired.  Many people call their insurer thinking they’ll help with the cleanup process, only to love valuable time and watch their property sustain even more damage.  If you’re in Rhode Island and need an emergency water damage company, please call us now for immediate service that is guaranteed to satisfy!

Providence, RI water damage service – 401-309-0885!


What our customers can expect…


It’s important to set expectations, communicate and educate our customers throughout the process of repairing water damage.  We want you to feel confident in our work and we want you to hold us accountable.  So here is what we offer our customers and what you can expect from us:


A fast response, free estimate, and standard pricing.


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgGetting a water damage company in Providence to respond to your call with speed is not always a walk in the park.  Should you waste valuable time calling around for help or waiting for a contractor that doesn’t show, it only causes you more problems as the project unfolds.  That’s why we answer your call and always dispatch help to your property at a moment’s notice.  When we say you get an emergency response 24/7, we mean it!

Our first priority is to assess your water damage and provide you with a free cost estimate.

Free_EstimatesTo do that, we use an insurance-approved estimating software called Xactimate.  More than likely, it’s the same system your adjuster uses to price out your loss and determine what they’ll reimburse.  What that means for you is that you can always be comfortable with the price quote we offer, as it’s the same price your adjuster will calculate when they get involved!

Watch this video to learn more:


When we’re done, we bill your insurance company!


bill-directMost water damage restoration services are covered by some sort of insurance policy. It’s important that you know what your policy covers, but the reality is most people haven’t chew through the fine print.  Luckily, you don’t need to!  We have insurance specialists on staff that can help you with your claim, and we can fight on your behalf to make sure your claim is successfully filed and that the tab for our water damage repair services is picked up by your insurer.

And we even go one step further.  Not only do we help our clients successfully file claims, we also send the invoice for our work to the insurance provider and not to you!


We guarantee your complete satisfaction on all work!


satisfaction-guaranteeGetting flood cleanup services that you can depend on to be done right and to exceed your expectations is guaranteed if you call RestorationEze.  We make sure of it!  All of our water damage contractors stand behind the services they perform.  We never lose sight of the fact that you are the customer and it’s your satisfaction that matters most.  It’s why we proudly offer the strongest guarantee in the business: we promise, when we’ve completed the water damage cleaning process, you will be 100% satisfied with our work!


How can we be so confident in our abilities?


iicrc-logoWhen it comes to hiring a water damage company, you want to make sure they have the proper certifications and experience. All of our water damage companies are IICRC-certified, meaning they’ve committed themselves to studying the science behind water mitigation and structural drying. Too may companies out there are simply winging it, and the consequences for home and business owners can be disastrous. We make sure our people are competent and have years of experience successfully mitigating water damaged properties.


See what certified water damage cleanup services look like by watching the video below:


Why does water damage happen?


When we’re discussing instances when moisture has soaked your home, it’s important to understand the difference between water damage and flood damage. The first describes event where the water source came from within the home, the latter describes instances where the water source was outside the home. Why is that important? Water damage is typically covered by homeowners insurance, while flood damage would require additional flood insurance to be covered.

Now that we have that out of the way, here are some common causes of water damage in the home:


washing-machine-hoses-water-damageWashing machine hoses

When a washing machine hose un-attaches, watch out! The amount of water that can spill into your basement or wherever it resides can be almost unbelievable. Hoses can deteriorate over time or the connections can weaken. Experts encourage you to have them replaced every 5 years!


Refrigerator water lines

Did you know this is the most common type of water damage we see in homes? Yep, that line causes more wet kitchens and homes than just about everything else. Usually the culprit is poor installation. If you hired a company to install the line and they screwed up, make sure their insurance is covering the loss and not yours!


Water heater leaks

Sometimes a connection on your water heater can go bad. Other times the water heater corrodes over time and the tank itself springs leaks. Either way, a water heater leak can send a lot of water into your home. As a rule of thumb, you should make sure you drain your water heater at least once every six months and have it professionally tuned up once a year. This will ensure you stay ahead of any potential problems!


Our Providence emergency water damage services are designed to make the process fast and painfree.  Call our Providence restoration company now for a free estimate and emergency response!

Water Damage Restoration

Our Providence water damage crews are available whenever you need them.  We offer completely residential & commercial Providence water damage services and each restoration contractor is fully licensed and ensured.


Water Damage Repair

We offer Providence water damage repairs to residential and commercial customers.  Each Providence water damage repair company is completely certified and insured for your safety, and always offers a free Providence estimate for any repairing water damage work you may need done.


Water Damage Cleanup

If you need Providence water damage cleanup services, we can help.  From the first call, our Providence water damage cleaning crews will work quickly and effectively to get your property restored and your life back to normal!

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