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Providence RI Water Removal & Extraction

extracting-waterWhen you need a water extraction company that can get your home dry and your life back to normal quickly, please call us.  For over 2 decades, we’ve helped people recover from flooding and can help you no matter how devastating the loss may be.  If you have wet carpet, wet walls, or standing water, moving quickly and choosing the right water mitigation company is crucial.  So call us now for an immediate response and let us explain why we’re the trusted provider for residential and commercial properties throughout Rhode Island.


We make the water cleanup process simple, affordable & fast!


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgWhether it’s from a flooded basement or you have water dripping down your ceilings and walls, the event can be frightening and the process of getting it fixed doesn’t always go smoothly.  That’s why we are here…to act as your one resource throughout the water extraction & drying process, so that you can sit back and be confident that your worries will be in your rearview mirror shortly!

Please call now for immediate help – 401-309-0885!


Schedule a free, no obligation price quote now!


Free_EstimatesWhen a water loss occurs, it is most likely paid for by your insurer.  So while you won’t be covering the costs, it’s important to make sure you choose a water removal company that will charge insurance-approved rates.  We always provide you with an estimate driven by the same software your adjuster uses to calculate the reimbursable rates.  So when we give you a free written estimate, you know the estimate won’t be challenged by your insurance company!

Watch our 90 second video to learn more about the estimating process:


We stop mold before it starts!


Did you know that black mold can grow in your property in less than 48 hours after you’ve experienced water damage?  It doesn’t take long to happen, and when it does, you’re looking at a significantly more resource intensive cleanup and restoration process. Not only that, but you might end up paying for it out of your own pocket.  It’s for those reasons that we move so quickly, and use methods to prevent mold before it can get going.


We find the hidden moisture that only experts can find!

The only guaranteed way to ensure you don’t get mold is to quickly remove the moisture that is trapped in the surface of your property and safely remove that moisture.  But before you can remove the moisture, you need to find it.


We use powerful equipment to scope every inch of your property to find moisture that isn’t evident by a simple visual inspection.  It allows our water mitigation contractors to know exactly where they need to focus their energies!


We spray antifungal solution to inhibit mold’s growth.

mold-free-guaranteeOnce we have fully removed any standing water, we then apply a strong anti-microbial solution to the walls, floors, ceilings, and other structures that we’ve diagnosed as wet. This gives us a longer window of time to truly mitigate the loss and fully remove the moisture using our air movers and other water extraction systems.

As you can tell, we’re serious about mold and in fact, we offer you a mold-free guarantee!

Watch this video below to see our Providence water mitigation services in action…


Don’t worry, reliable Providence water removal services are just a phone call away. We know the importance of an immediate response to a water loss in Providence. It’s why we have water extraction technicians available around the clock to handle all of your Providence water cleanup needs and provide a free estimate for any work required!


Don’t pay upfront – we bill your insurance company!


costs of restorationOne thing you should always look for from a water removal company in Rhode Island is their ability to work with your insurance company.  Dealing with a claim and the filing process is not always easy and is never something you look forward to. But if you call RestorationEze, we can make that process as pain-free as humanly possible.

Our insurance staff is tasked with working with your adjuster so you don’t have to, and we invoice them and not you!


Can my claim be denied?


Insurers do everything they can to limit their liability when it comes to water losses. Since they represent the highest percentage of homeowners insurance claims, that’s especially true. If you’re simply relying on your insurance company to do the right thing and make you whole after home water damage, you could be in for a very rude awakening.


What should I do?

contractor-customerHire a water damage company that is on your side, not in bed with your insurance company. You see, what usually happens is your insurance will tell you to call a certain company. This isn’t ethical, and more and more insurers are getting in trouble because of it, and here is why:

That company has a verbal agreement in place with your adjuster to make the claim amount smaller or even cap it. What happens if you have $5,000 worth of damage but they capped it at $3,000? The work still needs to be done, but the company will seek to find short cuts and or simply not do the appropriate amount of work to cut their costs. What happens then? Chances are, your home isn’t properly dried and you end up with black mold.


Water Removal

Providence water removal companies should be fully insured, certified & licensed to perform work. But beyond that, your Providence water removal service should go above and beyond to help you navigate a traumatic experience. You can expect that with our Providence water removal experts!

Water Extraction

Our Providence water extraction companies understand the challenges of proper extraction of water. We stand behind all of the work we perform in the Providence area and offer a free estimate for any water extracting services you might need!


Water Cleanup

If you are in Providence and need emergency water cleanup services, we understand how frightening it can be. That’s why our Providence water cleanup services are designed to make the process as painless as possible. So call us today if you’re in the Providence area for a free quote for any cleaning up water services you might need!

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