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Charleston SC Flood Damage Restoration

Nobody understands the importance of cleaning up flooding damage quickly than us! We’ve seen firsthand the devastation that flood waters can wreak on properties and lives. It’s why our Charleston flood repair company focuses on offering complete restoration services that get you and your life back to normal quickly. Our technicians are all certified, we offer 24/7 rapid responses, and of course we always give you a free estimate upfront for our services!


Immediate flooding cleanup service when you need it!


We move quickly to repair flooding damage because time, unfortunately, isn’t on our side.  Waiting or moving slowly to dry out your structure means greater damage and possibly mold.  So when you call, we’ll immediately dispatch a team and we can get to your property within 60 minutes!

No need to wait around – call now and we’re on our way!


black mold damageWhat happens if I don’t get emergency flood restoration service immediately after discovering home water damage?  If you delay, there are a couple of bad things that can happen. First, walls or ceilings can collapse. When these structures get wet, they lose their ability to support themselves and you. That’s dangerous obviously. Second, without properly drying out the structure quickly you are going to end up with black mold damage. It’s incredibly expensive to remediate properly and there is a good chance your insurance company isn’t going to cover the costs, so it’s a worst case scenario if you wait for help!

You always get a free flood restoration estimate!


We don’t do high pressure sales or inflate prices.  We make the pricing process as straightforward as possible.  Our flooding cleanup technician does a survey of the damage, outlines the mitigation plan and offers an upfront quote for the work.  There’s never any surprises!

Call us for a free, no non-sense, estimate today!


Rates don’t vary between water damage restoration companies. In other words, we all use the same prices for any work that may need to be done, and those prices are set in stone by insurance companies. Even if you aren’t planning on going through insurance, the pricing structure doesn’t change. What does this mean for you? You don’t need to waste valuable time getting a bunch of different quotes. We’re all going to quote you the same thing and then work with your insurance company to settle the full payment. Watch this video:


We offer affordable rates!


What you might not realize is that any reputable Charleston flood damage company should charge the same rates.  The reason?  Our services are typically paid for by insurance companies, so we all use the same estimating software that your adjuster does.  That means you know the price offered is fair!

Great service at an honest rate!


All work performed is backed by a 1 year warranty!


Anytime we’re called to a job, we treat the flood restoration process like it’s being done on our own home.  We’re committed to providing you with great service and making sure the job is done right each and every time.  It’s why we always make sure customers are 100% satisfied before we consider the job complete!

And we back the work with a 1 year warranty on our labor!


The work we do is complex, and requires a lot of advanced equipment and skilled personnel. Luckily, we have those in droves. Our teams are fully certified to handle any flooded home in Charleston. There literally isn’t a situation we haven’t encountered before and handled properly.

The video below walks you through the process you can expect should you hire our flood cleanup company to help you after a water loss!


We bill insurance!


In most cases, flood damage and the costs to repair it are covered under insurance.  So if you’ve had a chance to review your policy and believe you’re covered and plan on filing a claim, we can bill your insurance company directly for any flood damage restoration work that we perform.

Let us handle your insurance claim for you!


Will my flood damage be covered under insurance?


Before we address the insurance dilemma, we need to first say that it’s impossible to know whether or not you’re covered without first reviewing the actual damage as well as your insurance policy. Now that we have the disclaimer out of the way, let’s discuss some common things when it comes to insurance.

insurance-claim-formWhere did the water come from? If it came from outside your home, then you would need flood insurance in order to be covered. If it came from inside your home, homeowners insurance usually covers the flooding damage.

Was there any negligence on your part? Let’s assume it came from inside your home…sometimes these claims will get denied because an adjuster feels like you could have prevented it. For example, if they see the faulty system was a hot water tank that was a decade past due for a replacement, they’re going to fault you for not doing what you’re supposed to do and replacing the system. But what’s interesting is other, more obvious types of flooding caused by a mistake on your part are covered. For example, if you are drawing a bath for your kid, get distracted and end up flooding your bathroom, that is considered sudden water damage and is covered by homeowners insurance.


Heavy rains can cause sewage flooding in your home!


overflowing-toiletAnother type of loss we encounter frequently, or at least when we get hammered with a large rain storm, is what we call a sewage overflow. This occurs when too much rain water is trying to pass through the same drainage system as raw waste, and the pipes can handle the load. The result is that water tries to escape the pipes and does so using the only available ‘exit path’: the pipe leaving your home that ties into the combined sewer system. When this happens, it’s ugly. But it’s not just unsightly or smelly flood damage, it’s potentially deadly.

If you have a sewer overflow situation due to heavy rains, we hope you will watch the video below to discover why trying the sewage cleanup process yourself is a terrible mistake:


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Charleston SC area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!


Charleston flooding damage can wreak havoc on any property if not dealt with immediately.  As a certified Charleston flood damage repair company, we have crews available around-the-clock that can immediately begin the flood extraction process.  Our water damage restoration professionals use the latest drying equipment and industry-leading techniques to ensure your property is fully restored.  Our goal is to be fast, always be courteous, and make sure that you’re in the loop at every phase of the process!

Not only that, but each of our crews is insurance approved, meaning we can work directly with your adjuster.  It’s important that you use a certified Charleston SC sewage back-up contractor that uses the proper tools and processes to ensure that not only is the water removed but that future mold growth does not occur!

Water damage restoration isn’t as simple as getting out water and then leaving.  There is an entire industry approved method for water cleanup and restoration.  Each of our Charleston flood damage crews adheres to those standards, insuring you’ll get the highest level of competent service available!

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