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home-floodAs a resident of a coastal region, you’re aware of the tremendous damage flooding can cause on our community. And as a flood cleanup company that has been helping clients in the area for many years, we too have seen the destruction. But we’ve also overseen the rebuilding. We are here to help you when you need our help the most, and we truly believe our flood restoration services can be your savior when you need one the most. We can handle any flood loss you might have experienced, and we would greatly appreciate the opportunity to help you recover from flooding damage in your home.  No matter what type of water loss you’ve suffered, we have the team, equipment and experience necessary to get it fixed quickly!


Our flood repair services are built with speed.


24-7Speed is always our top priority. We understand that flooding damage in Hilton Head can quickly turn lives upside down. Our job is to make all right in our customers’ world. And that starts with moving quickly. With our crews standing by, we can provide emergency flooding restoration services that allow us to be onsite within 1 hour of your call. And when it comes to the dangers present during a flood, time matters. Don’t trust your flood cleanup needs to a company that can’t react quickly enough. Your safety is simply too important!


Never overpay for flood cleanup services! Call for a free quote!


Free flood cleanup cost estimateDid you know there are a lot of water damage companies out there that prey on people’s desperation? In most cases, they significantly overcharge their services in the hopes the customer will fall for their trick. What most people don’t realize in our industry is that we actually can’t decide for ourselves how much we want to charge. All pricing in our industry should be standard, meaning that if you hire a reputable flood repair company in Hilton Head you should be getting a standard price. With us, that’s guaranteed so call today for a free cost estimate!


Learn how our free estimate for flood restoration service works!

When we use terms like ‘fair pricing’ and ‘standard rates’, it’s for a reason. In our business, 90% of our work is billed through insurance. As a result, insurers set our rates. In other words they determine what we can charge. So when you get an estimate from us, what you’re getting is the price your insurance company will pay for whatever flood removal and cleanup services you may require. We made a video that explains how it works:



How do we ensure the best flooding damage restoration services?


We believe there is a magic formula for great results. Well, actually we don’t think it’s magical at all, but it does require a commitment on our part to follow through on the formula. And it’s something that is severely lacking in much of the water damage restoration space. Here’s our formula!


Great people that are well-trained.

checklistSounds simple, right? For too many flood damage repair companies the quality of their employees is a complete afterthought. They just want cheap labor. With us, we realize without employing the best people we’re not going to be successful. It’s one reason why we make sure all our technicians have clean criminal background histories, routinely pass random drug tests, and of course carry the proper certifications for our industry.


Proven processes.

Certified basement water removal servicesWhen asked to fix a flooded home, it’s no time to ‘wing it’ or ‘learn on the fly’. There is a correct protocol for whatever has happened to your property. The challenge is knowing what protocol that is and how to execute it properly. It’s something we do right because of the amount of time we spend training our employees on the right procedures. You just don’t get that type of attention to detail with many other flood damage companies in Hilton Head.


Guaranteed flood cleanup service.

Water damage repair satisfaction guaranteeOne great way to hold ourselves accountable to our customers is to actually hold ourselves accountable. Pretty revolutionary, huh? Well, in our industry there are lots of companies out there that just won’t honor their services. With us, a 100% satisfaction guarantee comes standard on any project we perform. The work will never be considered complete until you’re happy.  Never trust your flood damaged home to a company that doesn’t have enough confidence in themselves to stand behind their work.


See our emergency flood restoration services in action!


While every project we handle is unique and will require a unique mitigation approach, we’ve made a video to help people get a better idea of the steps and procedure taken during the flood cleanup process. Please take a minute to watch the video as it will allow you to know what to expect and probably help you come up with questions for us you didn’t know you had!


Are you in Hilton Head and dealing with a flood damage emergency? If so, please call our Hilton Head flood repair company now for an immediate response and a free estimate. If you’re happy with the quote, we can begin the Hilton Head flood restoration work immediately so that your property is back to normal fast!

Flood Restoration

Rapid Hilton Head flood restoration service is what we do! From an immediate response to working with your Hilton Head insurance agent, we try to make the flood restoration process as simple as possible. So call us 24/7 for all your Hilton Head flood damage restoration needs.

Flood Repair

We offer homes and businesses in the Hilton Head area emergency flood damage repair service designed to get your property restored fast. So if you live in the Hilton Head area please call us today for a free estimate for your flood repair needs.


Flood Cleaning

Each day, Hilton Head flood cleanup services are needed due to storms or appliance malfunctions. It’s why we have Hilton Head flood cleaning companies available around-the-clock to help you when you need it most. If your Hilton Head home or office requires professional cleanup flood help, please call us now for a free Hilton Head estimate!

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