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water-damage-moisture-readings-wet-carpetOur emergency restoration services allow homeowners and business owners to quickly recover from any type of water damage loss. Whether it’s a sewage backup or a commercial flood, our team can handle it. We would love the opportunity to sit down with you and discuss our services, our company, and your loss specifically. With a dozen years of experience and the highest level of certifications within the industry, we believe we are the right choice for your service needs. So please give us a call and the opportunity to prove that to you! Come discover what has made RestorationEze the trusted source for residential and commercial water damage cleanup services in Hilton Head.


In 48 hours water damage can become black mold.


black-mold-water-damageIf you think you have a big problem now, just wait 48 hours. Well, please don’t wait…but if you do, you can expect things to get exponentially worse. When water enters a property bad things begin to happen. The initial concern is weakness in the support structure of your home, but the next lurking danger is black mold. Because it’s already present (in very low and safe levels in your home) it doesn’t need much time to grow quickly. And when it does, you add a lot of complexity and cost to the water damage repair process. So if you’ve just walked into your home and found water damage, please don’t delay in calling for professional help!


We offer 24/7 emergency water damage cleanup services!


24-7Let’s call it what it is…an emergency. It’s why we’re designed to handle your call immediately. We can always dispatch the closest crew that is on-call and they can be at your property within 1 hour. That type of response isn’t a luxury, it should be a necessity. But with too many water damage restoration companies, they simply don’t have the resources in place to respond effectively. At RestorationEze, we do!


We offer free onsite estimates & insurance billing!


Free water damage restoration estimateIf you’re at all concerned about whether or not the company you hire is going to be forthright with their pricing and work well with your adjuster, you don’t have to worry if you call us. Why? Because we use the same pricing system your insurance company uses when calculating the cost of our water extraction services. In fact, every single action we’ll need to do is catalogued and priced according to what your insurer will pay. So when it comes time to collect our settlement with your adjuster, there are never any issues.

We made a video that helps people understand the different approach taken in our industry to pricing. In other services, you may get 4 hugely different quotes from 4 separate contractors. With water damage restoration services, that shouldn’t be the case (assuming you’re dealing with a reputable company). Why? Because we all use the same piece of software to quote our services. Watch the video and you’ll understand:


How do ensure superb water damage repair services? Call us!


It’s a huge decision and it has lasting implications. Choose the wrong Hilton Head water restoration company and you could end up paying dearly for it. So why are we so confident we’re the right choice for you? Here are just some of the things we think separate us from others out there:


Our technicians: well-trained, well-screened & fully insured.

checklistIf you knew the percentage of companies that did virtually no work to ensure they were sending out quality employees it would terrify you. In our industry there is no barrier to entry. You don’t need a license of any kind. So how do we make sure our team is qualified to help you? We make sure they’re trained by a 3rd party, that they’re safe and drug-free & that they carry ample insurance.


Our service is always performed by certified professionals.

Certified flood restoration servicesOur job is complex. It’s simply not something you can do if you haven’t been properly trained. With us, we make sure that any technicians in charge of repairing water damage in your home is fully certified by the IICRC. If you decide to go with another company and not us, please do yourself a favor and make sure their technicians are also fully certified. It’s the single best thing you can do for yourself during the decision making process.


Our work is always guaranteed.

Water damage repair satisfaction guaranteeWhy would you choose a water damage repair company that didn’t stand by their work? People do every day, and to us that can only lead to problems. We believe in accountability, and understand that if we can’t make our next customer happy we may not get a chance to help others. For us, the end-all-be-all is your satisfaction. So it comes standard with every water damaged home we fix!


Dealing with a Hilton Head water damage issue and not sure where to turn?  You’ve come to the right place!  Our Hilton Head restoration contractors have the resources, experience, and know-how to handle any Hilton Head water damage service you might need.  Call us today to speak with a Hilton Head restoration company agent and receive a free estimate for any work you may need done.


Water Damage Restoration

If you have an immediate need for reliable Hilton Head water damage restoration services, please call us now.  Our Hilton Head water damage companies would be happy to provide you with a free estimate for any work required.  We service residential & commercial properties throughout the Hilton Head area and stand behind all of our water damage services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Water Damage Repair

If you’re in the unfortunate situation of needing professional Hilton Head water damage repairs, we can help.  Repairing water damage is not an easy task, luckily we have the resources in Hilton Head to provide an immediate response and get you back on your feet quickly!



Water Damage Cleanup

No matter what type of property you have, if it’s Hilton Head water damage cleanup services you need, we can help!  We offer Hilton Head residents and businesses free estimates and always stand behind any work we do!

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