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water-extraction-wet-carpetsWhen you need emergency water mitigation services it means you need a company you can trust. You put a lot of faith in whoever you hire, so should you deserve to know you’re choosing the best? We are the #1 choice for water removal services in Hilton Head and surrounding areas, and for good reason! Please take a minute to peruse our site and discover what makes us the right choice for your water extraction service needs! From one room losses with wet carpets to multi-floor commercial floods that require an army of trucks and equipment, we’re standing by to assist you!


You’re on the clock – call for help now!


24-7Whether you realize it or not, when you have home water damage, you have an emergency that puts you in a bind. Why? Because once excess moisture is introduced to your home’s surfaces, the countdown to black mold damage has begun. And just how quickly does time expire? Usually within 2 days. Now do you see why we say we offer emergency water cleanup services? It really is an emergency! So call us and we’ll be there in 1 hour or less!


Don’t delay water cleanup services or you’ll get black mold!


black-mold-water-damageSometimes we get a call from someone that has waited a couple of days to deal with their flooding cleanup needs. For whatever reason, they’re shocked when we tell them they probably already have black mold. Especially with our humid climate, mold can take off and grow very quickly. We are keenly aware of the threat black mold poses because most of our water damage restoration technicians are also certified as mold removal specialists. We know the threat, and we know how quickly it can get out of control.

Don’t let mold make a bad situation much worse. Call us and let us dry out your home or business before black mold damage occurs.


Want a fair price? Call us for a free water mitigation estimate!


free-water-removal-estimateWe’re certain you’re going to like the price we quote you. Why? Because it’s the same price any other water extraction company in Hilton Head will quote you. It’s the same price your insurance adjuster will quote you. The reason that’s the case is because we all use the same system to determine the cost of your loss. So when our technician provides you with a free estimate, you know you’re going to be getting an estimate that is fair. It’s a product of the way our industry is set up and the training our technicians undergo for using Xactimate.

What is Xactimate? It’s the estimating software used by water cleanup companies and insurers alike, and it’s great because it keeps providers honest and everybody on the same page. Because any work that we may need to do is already priced by an insurer, Xactimate works by allowing us to input every single thing we do and then it calculates the cost based on those rates. Here’s a video that explains everything in more detail:


Don’t choose a water extraction company that…


…won’t invest in their employees.

checklistIf you hire a water cleanup company in Hilton Head that will employ just about anyone and then won’t take any measures to make sure they’re effective at their job, then you’re going to end up disappointed. We make sure the people we are hiring are safe to be in your home by making them pass a background screening. We also make sure they can pass random drug and alcohol testing.


….won’t certify their technicians.

Certified flood restoration servicesDid you know that in our industry you don’t have to be licensed to perform work? That means literally anybody off the street can go into your home and provide water extraction services. Yikes! So how do you know if the people doing the work actually know what they’re doing? Make sure they’re certified by the IICRC. All of our technicians are fully certified so you can relax knowing they’re competent at their job.


…won’t guarantee their work. 

Water damage repair satisfaction guaranteeDo you want assurances that any home water removal services you need will be done correctly and to your satisfaction? Choose the wrong company and you’re likely not going to get it. We make the same promise to every customer: once we’ve finished our water mitigation work, you’re going to be completely satisfied with the job. If not, let the lead technician know and it will be fixed immediately.


The steps taken during the water mitigation process:


A lot of people call us and the first thing they ask is ‘so what do y’all do?’ It’s understandable because most people are hiring a professional water mitigation company for the first time. Instead of trying to explain the work we do, we made a video to help you see for yourself the actions we typically take.


Call today if you’re in need of a Hilton Head water removal company you can trust! We offer 24/7 water extraction services designed to get your Hilton Head home or office dry fast! Each Hilton Head crew is licensed and insured as well as certified in proper water removal techniques, meaning you can be sure your Hilton Head water removal service is handled properly!

Water Removal

If you find yourself in need of emergency Hilton Head water removal services, we can help! Our water removal contractors in Hilton Head are fully insured, licensed & certified to get your property dry and back to its original state!


Water Extraction

Have you walked into your home of office in Hilton Head only to find standing water? We specialize in emergency water extraction services designed to fully dry out and restore your Hilton Head property. Call us now and speak with one of our Hilton Head extraction specialists and schedule a free estimate!

Water Cleanup

24/7 emergency water cleanup services in Hilton Head are what we do! From the first call, our Hilton Head water cleaning company will work quickly to get any water out of your home or office and make sure no mold grows in the future. Please call our Hilton Head water clean-up company today for a free estimate!

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