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Mold Removal Dallas TX

mold-inspectionIf you have black mold, it’s a serious situation that will only get worse the longer it sits.  We offer complete mold removal services but we also offer something so much more important: peace of mind.  Call us and be comforted knowing that we can effectively remove any black mold from your property so that you’re no longer at risk of health issues.


Just call for a free mold inspection!


Free_EstimatesIf you suspect you have mold on your walls, in your subfloor, or anywhere else, just give us a call.  One of our mold removal in Dallas experts can properly inspect your property and determine the extent of black mold damage, if any, you might have.  We can walk you through the mold remediation process and explain your options!

You always get a free quote – just call!


You can’t clean mold up with bleach!


For whatever reason, a myth has been perpetuated for quite some time that removing mold is as simple as scrubbing it with some bleach.  Sadly that myth makes people sick, some gravely so.  In fact, the act of scrubbing black mold simply causes the particles to enter the air and into your body.  Not good!


Please don’t try the mold cleanup process yourself!


cautionThe EPA sets very strict standards and protocols for a home or commercial building that has sustained mold damage in Dallas.  In fact, our technicians must undergo rigorous safety and procedural training and become certified in order to properly mitigate black mold.  It’s simply not something you can do safely, for a variety of reasons!  So if you have black mold in your property, do the smart thing and call our mold remediation company so that we can make sure your property is safe and that you aren’t at risk of serious health problems!


We guarantee you’ll be mold free once we’re done!


We don’t take half measures or cut corners when it comes to removing mold and making sure your property is clean.  In fact, we can’t.  Our job is simple too important, because if we don’t do it well, your health is at risk.  No job is complete for us until environmental samples have been taken and the results confirm you’re black mold free!

satisfaction-guaranteeBut we don’t stop there.  There’s plenty of mold removal companies in Dallas that can effectively do the job.  But we don’t believe any come close to matching our customer service.  We focus on making sure that you’re satisfied with every aspect of the mold cleanup service we offer, and we guarantee that upon completion you’ll be 100% satisfied!


We can handle insurance claims!


bill-directIn some instances a mold removal job may be covered by insurance.  If the mold loss is the result of a water damage event that soaked your property, it may be covered.  If you’re not sure what to do next, please give us a call.  We can help you determine whether your loss is covered, and if so, we can handle the process for you!

We can even bill the insurance company directly for covered losses!


Dallas Mold Remediation You Can Trust!


1-yr-warrantyWe believe there’s too many mold remediation companies in Dallas, TX that are simply not concerned with providing great service to their customers.  And very few actually stand by the work that they do.  But choose us and you get service that comes with the industry’s best warranty – 1 full year on all work performed!

What’s better than peace of mind?  Call today!


How mold damage should be cleaned up!


For every internet DIYer out there that has tried to cleanup mold damage in Dallas on their own, there is a nightmare tale about the results. Mold isn’t some unsightly particle you can just get rid of. It’s a living organism that feeds off of your home’s surfaces and grows. Stopping that growth and making sure you have completely eliminated the environment it needs to thrive should always be left to a certified mold removal company like us!

Here are just some of the things our certified black mold remediation services provide:


mold-containment-barrierA safe working environment – for you and us!

Many forms of black mold are toxic. So any discussion of mold removal is ultimately a discussion about health and safety. So doesn’t it make sense to hire a company that conforms to the strictest safety standards set forth by the EPA? That includes making sure all of our technicians wear full-body contamination suits as well as a respirator. It also includes creating an air tight barrier around the effected area as well as using negative air machines to bring in clean air and exhaust dirty (mold particle-filled) air safely outside of the home.

It also requires safely removing surfaces that have suffered mold damage and can not be properly remediated. We use industrial strength garbage bags made to handle toxic materials safely when disposing of these items.


A comprehensive mold assessment

Some people get confused on whether or not they need mold testing. The basic rule of thumb is if you see mold, you have mold and you need to have it safely removed. But then the question becomes, is what I see the full extent of the damages? In many cases, the answer is no. So when you call upon RestorationEze, we’ll perform a complete mold damage assessment so that you know the full extent of the problem. It also allows us to know what procedures we’ll need to put into place in order to remove both the mold and the underlying moisture problem that created the mold in the first place.


A guarantee the mold has been properly removed

mold-free-water-cleanup-servicesAll mold testing in Texas is required to be done by a 3rd party. It makes sense because if you have the same company doing the removal and testing, a conflict of interest may arise whereby they doctor testing results to ensure their previous remediation efforts pass. So one thing we encourage every client to do is have a mold testing come in behind us and perform an independent audit of our work to confirm your home is safe. We guarantee our black mold removal services will pass any third party testing. Should the test come back positive for elevated levels of mold spores, we’ll continue with our work until it’s fixed!


A lasting solution to the underlying problem

Mold doesn’t just appear at random in some homes and not in others. Mold needs a specific environment to live in, and the biggest factor that determines its success is moisture. With enough moisture in the organic surfaces in your home (along with the right temperature ranges), toxic black mold will grow. So spending a lot of money having the mold spores removed but then not addressing the environment that led to its growth in the first place doesn’t make any sense. Because we are also certified as a water damage company, we understand the interplay between moisture and mold. And we’re well qualified to address the moisture problem and create a lasting solution that ensures your home is dry and can no longer effectively house mold spores!

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