Free On-Site Assessment

We often get calls from people with water in their home asking us for an over the phone estimate or hourly rate.  What most don’t realize is that there aren’t hourly rates and it’s impossible to provide any type of estimate that has any value without seeing the water damaged property in person.


That’s why we always offer a free on-site assessment!


Here’s what an on-site assessment typically consists of:


Measurements & Readings


When our tech arrives, he’ll need to take measurements to get a sense for what has sustained water damage and the size of the area.  You’ll see him using a variety of different meters and probes that help detect moisture, as well as hygrometers that measure inside and outside temperatures and relative humidity readings.  This helps us know how much drying equipment we’ll need to dry out your structure.


Scope Sheet


During the inspection process the technician will have a piece of paper with a laundry list of possible procedures, materials, and equipment that can be used during the mitigation process.  He’ll check off those required items, the number of units, etc.  Scope sheets are then punched into the estimating software to determine the total cost of water damage restoration service.


Price Estimate


Once we’ve had an opportunity to fully examine the extent of your flooding and have been able to catalogue the most effective mitigation plan to repair your home or business, we can then present you with an estimate.  Again, our estimates are driven by insurance-approved rates, such that the price we quote is fair and there won’t even be an issue when you go to file the loss under your insurance!


Got Questions?  Let’s make sure they get answered!


We encourage you to ask questions.  We know you have a ton of them.  It’s your home, you deserve to know what’s going on.  That means understanding the process that we’ll use, why we recommend the mitigation plan we’ve laid, etc.  You probably also have questions about the insurance claim process, and we can probably help answer those as well.

Our goal during the on-site assessment is to make sure that all of the questions you have are answered and that we’ve been able to provide you with a complete rundown of what we see and what we’ll need to do in order to get your property back to normal!


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Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Houston metro area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

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