How the Process Works

Whether you’re a homeowner that’s walked into your home to find a couple of inches of water on your floor, or you own a business that’s sustained flooding, chances are you’re dealing with this issue for the first time. On average, a property will sustain some form of water damage once every 11 years. So if you’ve owned a property for 40 years and never had a water loss, the odds simply caught up to you! But don’t worry, we can help!


Here’s how our water extraction & restoration service works:


Property Assessment.


Before any work can take place, we’ll need to do a quick walk-through of your flooding to determine the full extent of damage as well as outline a mitigation plan.  Our technician fully examines the damage, takes measurements to determine what will need to be dried out, as well as measurements of the flooding.  You’ll see him with a scope sheet checking off the list of items that need to be taken care of and the equipment/materials that will need to be used.


Price Estimate.


Once our technician has survey the extent of your flooding and has filled out a scope sheet detailing what we’ll need to get your home dry, we can then calculate the costs of our services.  It’s important to note that our estimates, like other water cleanup companies, is  produced using Xactimate, which is the standard estimating software used by insurers and service providers that handle insurance claims.  So you know the price is fair and that your insurance company will approve the claim!


Water Removal.


Any water type, whether it’s clean water from a sink or raw sewage from a backed-up sewer line, can be dangerous.  With sewage, it can make you sick.  But even clean water can cause damage to your home’s structure if not removed immediately.  So our first goal is to contain and extract the water and remove it safely from you property.  Our equipment is designed to quickly remove water from all surfaces, whether it’s wet carpets, tile, or wood floors.


Mildicide Application.


With any water loss, there’s a risk of mold developing.  Especially in a humid environment like Houston, we’re battling the clock and want to stop mold before it takes root.  So once we’ve had a chance to get out the standing water from your home, we then spray an anti-microbial solution wherever water has invaded to kill off any spores and give ourselves some more time to get the area dry!


Structural Drying.


The surest way to stop mold and prevent any structural damage to you property is to remove the remaining moisture quickly and safely.  To do so, we have a variety of different drying and evaporative equipment that passes hot, dry air over, through, and under the surfaces of your home.  We continually take moisture readings in order to know when we’ve dried out the surfaces properly!


Final Walk-through.


Once we’ve determined that our drying methods have successfully evaporated and removed the remaining moisture and we deem your property safe, we can then perform a final walk through with you.  It’s a great opportunity for us to explain what we’ve done, and for you to ask as many questions as you want.  At the end of the walk through, assuming you’re happy with everything, we pack up our equipment and get out of your hair!


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Houston metro area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

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