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Most water damage losses fall under your standard homeowners insurance policy.  Because we’re insurance approved and work with all major providers, we can help you navigate the claims process.


Here’s what you need to know!


Losses that are typically covered:


Generally speaking, water losses are covered if they originate from within your dwelling’s walls.  Here’s some examples of common water damage losses that usually fall under insurance:

Busted Pipe Flood Repair() sink and toilet overflows

() busted pipes

() refrigerator water line leaks

() water heater leaks

() clothes washing machine leaks

() dish washing machine leaks


Losses that aren’t typically covered:


Standard homeowners insurance policies don’t typically cover your loss if the source of the water was outside your home.  Here’s some examples:

() rain water

() foundation leaks

() storm surge from hurricanes


Do I need to call my insurance agent first?


Absolutely not.  In fact, your first call should always be to a professional water damage restoration company.  Your #1 goal is to stop any water damage from spreading and to get your home or business back to normal.  An insurance agent can’t do that, only a water damage company in Houston can!

If you have a water damage, your first call should be a to a certified water damage restoration company!


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you have water damage & need help, we have crews located throughout the Houston metro area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

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How long does the claims reimbursement process take?


Under Texas law, an insurer has 15 days to either reject your claim or accept it.  If they approve it, they have 5 days to reimburse you.


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Can your company handle my claim for me?


Absolutely!  In fact, unlike you we deal with adjusters every day.  So we know what the hurdles are, can always answer their questions, and provide them with all of the documentation they’ll need to quickly handle your claim!


What if they approve my claim but don’t agree with the cost?


That doesn’t happen with us for a simple reason: our rates are purely determined by an estimating system called Xactimate which is the same system your insurer will use to assess the loss.  The system essentially allows us to enter in the amount of damage, the equipment we use during the extraction & drying process, along with any reconstruction efforts required, and it tells us the acceptable billable rate.


Do I need to document everything during the process?


Nope, that’s our job.  As you can probably imagine, insurance companies are sticklers for documentation/proof of damage and proof of service.  Since we’re the service provider, one of our jobs is to fully document the entire project, including initial photos as well as photos during and after the job.  We also note all of the equipment being used, track readings to document our progress, etc.  It’s not unusual for us to take a couple hundred pictures during our jobs!

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