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mold-inspectionWe live in a humid climate…it’s great for your skin and terrible for your home.  Any excess moisture that finds its way into your property can wreak havoc, and quickly.  Mold can begin growing within 36 hours given the right conditions, conditions prevalent here in the Houston area.  If you have black mold, whether it’s in your home or commercial building, please call us.  We provide complete mold removal services from insured & certified mold specialists!


Are you noticing symptoms of toxic mold?


mold-sicknessHigh levels of black mold spores can cause your body to do strange things.  The substance that makes black mold dangerous is called mycotoxin.  Once ingested, it can cause symptoms ranging from vomiting and dizziness to skin rashes and respiratory illnesses.  Worst yet, it can suppress your immune system, making you susceptible to any virus or bacteria floating around.  That’s especially true for young children and elderly people.

If you’ve started to notice that everyone in your home is constantly sick, and you smell a musty odor, you might have toxic mold.


We offer certified mold removal services in Houston!


Anytime you need mold professionally remediated, you want to make sure you’re using a company that knows what they are doing and will follow strict protocols as outline by the IICRC.  You definitely can’t afford to use some fly-by-night Houston mold remediation company.  Many specialize in making it look like they’re fixing your problem without actually doing anything of benefit to you.

CertificateIconWe offer certified black mold remediation services.  That means our technicians are properly trained in the proper techniques in the mold mitigation process.  We don’t wing it, we don’t learn on the job…we study, we train, and we make sure we’re providing the absolute highest level of service possible to our clients.

Insured & certified black mold cleanup professionals!


Our technicians are drug-free & background screened!


checklistMold companies are here ensure your safety.  But how is that possible if they’re hiring people that aren’t safe?  We don’t think they can, and we know that in some cases mold removal companies will hire technicians with checkered pasts or even drug addicts.  YIKES!  That’s a really bad situation that you should never have to be put in, yet it happens on a regular basis.

We rigorously screen each technician, including performing a criminal background check.

We also drug test our employees randomly throughout the entirety of their employment.


When we’re done, your property will pass all mold tests!


satisfaction-guaranteeOur Houston mold damage contractors make sure every phase of the process is done correctly.  We don’t window dress the issue or cut corners at any step.  There are very clear protocols to follow throughout the mold remediation process, and we follow them.  It’s as simple as that.

It’s why we can confidently say that when we have completed the mold damage removal process, your property will pass all environmental testing.  We guarantee it!


Schedule a mold damage assessment today!


Free_EstimatesDo you have visible black mold?  If so, just give us a call and we can send a certified mold remediation technician to your property.  Once there, he or she can see what we’re up against.  We have equipment that can help get a better sense for the scope of the problem and allow us to know exactly what steps will be required to fully remove mold damage and spores from your property.

We can then offer you a free mold remediation estimate!


Projects We’ve Serviced


Customer had visible black-looking mold in their guest bathroom.  Mold experts were needed to assess the build-up.

–Houston, TX

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