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Flood Cleanup & Restoration Tyler TX

flood-damage-companyOur job as a full service flood restoration company is to assist home and business owners recover from flooding as quickly as possible. That means the obvious work of mitigating the damage and repairing the home, but it also means helping with their insurance claim and any other assistance we can provide. We know it’s a difficult experience to go through, and our hope is that when you need fast, reliable and affordable flood damage cleanup services, you’ll call RestorationEze and give us the chance to show you what has made us the best choice for flood damage services in Tyler!


When it comes to cleaning up flood damage, call us!


We specialize in providing emergency flood restoration services. That means we’ve built our company around the notion that when flooding occurs, we have to leap to action and provide an immediate response. Here are some of the things our customers get when they choose us for their flooding cleanup service needs!


You never have to wait around while more flood damage occurs!


24-7One of the most important things a Tyler flood restoration company like ours can do is respond quickly. First, that means answering the phone and not asking you to a leave a message that might or might not get returned. Second, that means having a crew en route to your property at a moment’s notice. That’s what we do and it can make a huge difference for our customers. Not only does it provide you with peace of mind, but it decreases the amount of flooding damage that occurs!


You know you are getting a fair cost for our services!


Free flood cleanup cost estimateA big concern many of our customers have is whether or not the price that we quote them is a fair price. We alleviate those concerns by making sure that our estimate is generated using the exact same piece of software for that an insurance adjuster would use to figure out how much it will cost to repair home flood damage such that your home is returned to its pre-loss condition. Once our team has had a chance to figure out exactly what’s happened and where the water has traveled, we can provide a complete assessment and cost estimate for free!

One thing we attempt to do with our customers is educate them about the process and what to expect. And that’s no different when it comes to how pricing works in the flooding restoration space. While we’ve explained how we estimate losses, the truth is every reputable flood company in Tyler should be doing the same thing. We made a video to help people understand how it works in our industry because it’s a lot different than most other industries.


You know you’re getting the best flood cleanup team available!


certified-water-damage-companyToo many of our competitors do little or no due diligence on potential employees. And once hired, they may have them shadow someone in the field for a couple of days and consider that their training. It can be a disaster for you as their customer. With us, we know you’ll get the highest level of Tyler flood repair service because we only hire the best candidates and we make them complete 3rd party training and certifications through the IICRC, our industry’s leading educational center.

The process may be foreign to you if you’ve never needed emergency flood cleanup services, so we may a video that explains what we do. Each job will differ, but this video at least lets you see firsthand the type of techniques and equipment we employ when called to your home or business.


All flood restoration services we perform are guaranteed!


satisfaction-guaranteeWe know plenty of water damage companies out there that will promise the world and rarely deliver. Sometimes we get called in to cleanup their mess. It’s such a shame that they can’t stand by their work or won’t fix mistakes when they make them, because it gives us all a bad name. But when you choose RestorationEze, we promise that you’ll be happy from start to finish of the job. If there ever is a concern, please let us know about it. We’ll make sure it’s fixed immediately!


We prevent mold growth from occurring after flooding.


black-mold-cabinetsPerhaps the worst thing that can happen to a homeowner after they’ve experienced a flood is to hire a company but then days or weeks later realized they didn’t do a good job. What happens? Usually they start to see surfaces bubbling and warping, smell a musty odor, and see visible mold. By then, their insurer has already paid what they are going to pay but now they have an even bigger, more dangerous and more expensive problem on their hands: black mold damage.

Our biggest focus is on drying your property before mold sets in. Most of our flood restoration technicians are also certified as mold remediation specialists, so they have a keen understanding of just how aggressive mold spores can be. When you hire us, we make sure the moisture problem is completely and quickly addressed so you don’t have to worry about suffering from dangerous mold damage in the future!


If you’re currently sitting in a Tyler flood damaged home or office, qualified flood damage restoration services are just a call away.  Each of our Tyler TX water damage restoration crews are fully insured and certified to get you back on your feet quickly!  Whether you’re in need of Tyler water extraction services from a sewage-backup or from a busted pipe or leaky hot water heater, we can help!

We’ll work directly with your Tyler insurance company to handle any claims and billing necessary, and our Tyler water extraction crews will make this chaotic experience as easy as humanly possible.  So if you have a Tyler TX basement flood or similar flood damage, we can be at your Tyler property within minutes to begin helping restore it.

Our Tyler flood damage professionals offer 24/7 emergency service throughout the Tyler TX area and we always provide a free, no obligation cost estimate for any work that needs to be performed!

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