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Sewage Cleanup Tyler TX

sewage-damage-cleanup-costsIf you have any amount of sewage damage on your property, you have an emergency on your hands. You might not realize it, but sewage fumes can be incredibly dangerous. So much so we encourage homeowners to vacate their property if there is raw sewage present. We offer complete sewage cleanup services in Tyler and would be happy to come asses your water loss and help you understand the best way to get the situation cleaned up (and safe) quickly and affordably! Our technicians are fully certified and have years of experience handling the messiest of sewage backup emergencies, so don’t worry…just give us a call and we’re on our way to help!


Are sewer backups really that dangerous?


Some people think we stress the importance of having a professional Tyler water damage company handle your sewer damage is just a scare tactic. The reality is that it truly is a dangerous situation. There is a lot of dangerous stuff floating in raw sewage, some of which can result in you or family members contracting harmful illnesses. If you’ve discovered a home sewage backup and you’re doing some research on the Internet with the goal of performing the cleanup process on your own, please reconsider. We’ve made a short video that helps people in your situation get a clearer picture of the risks you’re taking on…please watch it!


How is the cost of sewage cleanup services determined?


Free sewage extraction estimateWhen you call RestorationEze, the first thing we can do for you is help you understand how much sewage damage has occurred to your home as well as what the costs to mitigate the loss will be. Unlike some other sewage cleanup companies out there, we actually use approved prices as determined by insurance companies when quoting our losses. So give us a call today and let us provide you with a free quote and a fair cost estimate! You have no obligation to move forward, just an opportunity to assess the situation!

We ensure a fair price by making sure that our costs line up with what insurers will pay out for the damage. Even if the sewage backup damage isn’t covered by insurance, we still use their fair market prices. The system we use in order to make sure that is the case is called Xactimate, and we made a video to explain how it works!


Benefits of our Tyler sewage cleaning services:


We ensure your safety by hiring good people.

checklistAs you can tell, we stress safety above all else. After all, that’s the business we’re in. We take an inherently dangerous situation, like sewage in your home, and make it safe. But we also have to ensure that the people working in your home are safe. So we always make sure technicians pass a background screening prior to being offered employment. And once employed, we make sure they pass random drug and alcohol tests!


We do it right by certifying our sewage cleanup teams.

certified-water-damage-companyGiven the dangerous nature of a sewer backup, it’s no surprise there are very exhaustive procedures that must be followed to make sure the house is handled properly and that those working on the scene are safe. How can make sure the right procedures are being followed? Hire a sewage damage cleanup company that ensures their technicians are fully certified by the IICRC. That’s what you’ll always get with us!


We guarantee all sewage backup cleaning services.

Sewage removal satisfaction guaranteeWhat we have found is that the most important thing customers need when dealing with a sewer backup emergency is peace of mind. They need to know they’ll be safe and that their home will be fixed quickly. Every aspect of our service is designed to provide peace of mind to our customers. And one thing that comes standard with our sewage extraction services is your satisfaction guaranteed!


We guarantee a mold-safe home after we are done.

mold-free-water-cleanup-servicesWhile much discussion is given to the immediate risks posed by sewage, sometimes people lose sight of another major risk: black mold. When raw sewage enters a home, the water itself becomes dangerous (ignoring what’s in it). That’s because water damage will lead to mold damage if not handled quickly. We guarantee our water cleanup services will result in a mold-safe property once we’ve completed our work.


How can you help prevent future sewage backups in your property?


While it might be too late this time around, that doesn’t mean you can’t lessen the chances of having it happen again. For many homeowners, the realization that there sewer backup was entirely preventable can be depressing. But look on the bright side, now you know and you can hopefully prevent it from happening again. How?

Install a sewage backflow prevention system. 

sewage-backup-flooded-basementThese systems are installed as the first fixture outside of your home that ties into your main sewage drain (the one that travels under your yard and ties into the city’s sewer system). This simple device usually costs less than $1000 installed by a certified plumber and acts as an alarm system and stopper when water begins to travel back up your pipe. In this way, it prevents the sewage water from re-entering your home through the lowest openings in your home!


Need immediate help for your Tyler sewage back-up issue?  Our water damage restoration technicians are standing by ready to provide rapid, emergency clean-up service.  We stand behind all of our work and our Tyler basement flood experts guarantee your complete satisfaction.  A rapid response, free estimate, and help with your insurance claims are just some of the things you can expect when using our Tyler TX flood damage service.

It’s our way of assisting you during a trying event and it’s just some of the things we do to make the sewage extraction process less painful.

So if you’ve had the misfortune of a Tyler basement flood and have wastewater in your home or office, please call us now so that we can immediately respond to your property and begin the waste-water extraction process as well as restore any damage that has occurred to your household items!

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