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Water Extraction & Removal Tyler TX

water-extraction-serviceIf you find yourself in need of an emergency water mitigation company, please take a moment to explore our site and get to know our service. We pride ourselves on offering our customers superior water cleanup services at an affordable price. But beyond that, we pride ourselves in being a reliable partner through a difficult experience. We would very much appreciate the opportunity to be your helpful partner if you have a flooded home or business. Let our friendly staff help you understand what you’re up against and know your best options for getting things cleaned up, dry and restored!


Seconds matter, you need an emergency water removal company!


24-7Search around on the internet and you’ll see every company advertises themselves as an emergency service provider. But how many can actually follow through on that promise? The answer is very few, and if you get stuck with one of them, you’re putting your health in jeopardy and any insurance claim at risk of being at least partially denied. Simply put, you can not afford to wait around in the hopes some fly-by-night contractor will show up quickly!

We always answer your call and can have a team on-site within 60 minutes!


Prices are always fair & water cleanup estimates always free!


free-water-removal-estimateThe goal for any water extraction service work we do is to get the water out and the property dry as fast and as affordably as possible. To do that, the first thing we need to do is make sure we know where the water has traveled. Once we know the full extent of water damage, we can then lay out the proper mitigation plan. Complete with that plan is an itemized estimate for all the work we will need to do. The estimate is completely free and you have no obligation to move forward!

Call us now for a free water extraction estimate in Tyler!

How do we ensure a ‘fair’ price? It’s probably going to surprise you but we actually don’t set our own prices. In fact, no reputable water mitigation company should be setting their prices. The reason? We all defer to insurers on the price. So when you get a quote from us, what you’re actually getting is a cost estimate that factors in what your insurer will pay for the loss. The process is completely backwards from most other service industries, so we made a video that explains it:


We make sure all water mitigation services are done the right way!


Certified flood restoration servicesWhen it comes to making sure your home is treated correctly and properly mitigated, how do you know you’re not rolling the dice with certain water cleanup companies in Tyler? There are no licensing requirements in our industry, so it can be a crapshoot sometimes. The best thing you can do is make sure the technicians cleaning up your home are certified by the IICRC (at a minimum, you want them to be certified as water damage restoration professionals). It’s the best way to make sure they actually know what they are doing!

All of our technicians are fully certified!


What happens if the structure isn’t properly dried out?


Mold remediationIt’s only fair that we explain what happens if your home isn’t dealt with properly. We actually see it happen more times than you’d care to know after other Tyler water extraction companies have mitigated a loss. When we’re called in, things are usually pretty bad. What most often happens is the homeowner starts to notice some strange things happening. Wood floors begin cupping, drywall begins bubbling out, or they can smell a very musty odor. In the worst cases, they see the biggest problem: black mold.

If a home isn’t returned to its dry standard, meaning all of the excess moisture isn’t removed, mold will grow. It’s that simple. So if you hire a water cleanup contractor that doesn’t know what he’s doing, there’s a chance you could end up with black mold damage. That’s bad for a number of reasons, most importantly because exposure to black mold spores can have pretty serious consequences to your health. But it can also be extremely expensive to get rid of.


We guarantee all Tyler water mitigation services!


Water damage repair satisfaction guaranteeWhen it comes to making sure customers are happy, we simply can’t be beat. Our entire water cleanup service is designed with that goal in mind. In fact, it isn’t a goal, it’s a promise. We promise that once our team of professionals has completed their work, you’ll be happy. What if you’re not? Then our work isn’t done. We’ll go back and fix whatever concern you have and make sure that you’re completely happy. Don’t trust your home to someone that isn’t going to stand behind their services!


Flooded in Tyler TX?  Don’t worry, we can help!  Our Tyler TX water damage restoration professionals are fully trained, licensed & insured to provide your Tyler residential or commercial property with the highest level of Tyler water extraction services.  If you have a basement flood in your home or commercial warehouse is in standing water, our Tyler flood damage crews can get your property dried out quickly!

Using a certified water damage specialist for your Tyler property is extremely important.  Only a certified Tyler water extraction company has the training and equipment to ensure your home or office gets complete dry and is protected against any future mold growth.  But just as important is acting quickly.  The longer your Tyler property holds water, the greater the amount of damage and the more work that most be done to restore your property.  That also means greater costs!

So if you’re in Tyler TX and need a water extraction service you can depend on, please call us now.  Our Tyler representative is always available, 24/7, and we can have a Tyler extraction crew there within minutes to provide a free estimate for any work that might need to be performed!  So whether you need a crew to extract water from a sewage back-up or you’ve got standing water from a basement flood, we are here to get your Tyler property back to normal as quickly as possible!

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