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Salt Lake City UT Water Damage Restoration

Dealing with a crisis like water damage requires responsiveness, highly specialized skills, state of the art equipment, and years of experience. It isn’t as simple as using some fans to dryout soaked areas. Water damage cleanup should be left to professionals that understand the nature of water losses and have the ability and resources to quickly and effectively mitigate the loss. We have years of experience helping residents and commercial businesses get back on their feet quickly after a water damage event.


What’s made us Salt Lake City’s trusted restoration company for so many years?


Reliable & Fast Service.  We’re there in minutes to help you mitigate your water damaged property.  We have trucks throughout the area and can dispatch a crew quickly that can be on-site within the hour.  All trucks are stocked with the appropriate equipment meaning technicians can begin work immediately should you wish.


Fair & Honest Prices.  Unfortunately some companies take advantage of homeowners when they are most vulnerable.  Not us…we use industry standard prices that are approved by insurance adjusters so that you know the price you are given is fair and acceptable to your provider and that you won’t be overpaying for any services received.


Always Free Onsite Estimates.  No bait and switch, no hidden surprises.  We come to your property, survey the water damage and provide a full assessment and estimate for any work we will need to perform.  You’ll know the cost before any work is performed so you’re not left with any surprises once we begin the restoration process.

The estimating process in the water damage space is a lot different than any other industry in that every company uses the same pricing. To see how it works, please watch the video below:


Insurance Approved.  That means we can lend a helping hand through the insurance claim process.  If you’re doing it alone and for the first time sometimes you can get bogged down and frustrated.  We can assist you by working with your agent to facilitate the rapid settlement of your claim so that you can worry about all of the other things life throws at you!


How do you get my water damaged property fully restored?


There is no single water loss that is the same.  The type and amount of water that has caused the damage varies, the items damaged varies, and the extent of the damage varies greatly.  So no single approach to water damage repair works.  Each project is different, and each requires a tailored approach to ensure your property is dry and safe.  But here’s some of the crucial steps we take during the process:

() Site Inspection – survey the damage and lay out mitigation and restoration plan

() Content Removal – remove all damaged items as well as those that could be damaged during the process.

() Water Detection – we use advanced equipment to locate all moisture spots that can be impossible to spot simply by looking.

() Water Extraction – using weighted extraction tools and high-powered water vacs, we extract 95% of water from your property.

() Structural Drying – we dry up any remaining moisture using air movers to pass hot, dry air over the effected areas.

() Dehumidification – for any moisture that escapes into the air, we use dehumidifiers that trap the moisture and safely expel it outside of the property structure.

While the process for every job is determined by the facts on the ground, the overall principles remain the same. The video below highlights what we do on most jobs to get water damage out and keep mold away!


Is my water damage covered by my homeowners insurance?


insurance-claim-formIf you have homeowners insurance, it usually covers sudden water losses that result due to a system malfunctioning within the home’s structure. There are a couple of key points there: the loss has to be sudden and has to start within the property. If your water damage is due to a slow, sustained leak over time, your adjuster may deny the claim based on their belief it could have been prevented or mitigated with regular maintenance (in other words, they believe you should have known it was happening and stopped it). The other key part is determining the source of the water damage. If it came from rain water or melting snow, homeowners insurance does not cover it.

Here is a list of some of the most common sources of water damage we see (that are almost always covered by insurance):

Burst Pipe-causes-water-damage– water line to your ice maker disconnects

– kid leaves the bathtub or sink running

– toilet malfunctions and overflows

pipe breaks from freezing

– dishwasher overflows

– washing machine supply lines disconnect

– water heater leaks

The most important thing to understand when it comes to your insurance claim is that you need a party on your side looking out for your interests. Namely, that your home will be returned to its pre-loss condition and that your insurer will honor their obligations to pay for the costs.

Sadly, it’s not always the case insurance companies do the right thing. In fact, they will do everything possible to minimize their losses. If you go it alone, or just assume your adjuster is going to do the right thing, you’ll often find yourself wondering how it all could have gone so wrong. Please just call us and let us make sure your best interests are served. We handle insurance water damage repairs on a daily basis and understand how to work with adjusters on behalf of our clients.


What are the classifications of water damage?


Classifications of water damage are important because they determine how long it will take to get your property dry. There are 4 different classifications based on the speed in which the moisture can be evaporated from the structure:

Class 1 – this typically describes a small area that has soaked one area of a room where no carpet is present.

Class 2 – this describes a loss where at least one full room (typically more) are wet and there is carpet present and the water has wicked up a portion of the walls.

Class 3 – when a water damage contractor says you have a class 3 loss, this usually means the water source started from above and sent water pouring down the ceiling.

Class 4 – this is a specialty drying situation where the affected areas have a very low porosity.


A flooded basement or overflowing toilet can be every Salt Lake City UT homeowner’s nightmare.  Luckily, we have Salt Lake City water & flood damage professionals who spend the entire careers helping folks like you get back on their feet.  Our job is simple: get your Salt Lake City home or office as close to its original state as quickly as possible and to make the process as pain-free as possible.

If you’re in the Salt Lake City UT area and your property is flooded or you have water damage, we’re here to help.  We ca usually be at your Salt Lake City home or office within 30 minutes and can provide you with a free estimate for any work that might need to be performed.  Whether it’s water extraction & dryout service or sewage back-up cleanout, our Salt Lake City UT restoration professionals can get your property, and your possessions, back to their normal state.

So call us today for 24/7 emergency service and we’ll dispatch the closest Salt Lake City water damage crew to your house or office to provide a free, no obligation estimate for any work that needs to be performed.  We’ll even work directly with your Salt Lake City UT insurance company to help ease the process of handling the claim and can bill your insurance directly.  So if you’re in Salt Lake City and need a basement water cleanup company you can trust, please call us today!

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