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Getting standing water out of your home and drying it fast is what we do! We’re a full service water mitigation company providing residential & commercial services throughout the Hampton Roads area. Our goal is to dry out your structure so that no permanent damage or mold growth occurs. To do so, we respond immediately to your water loss and are happy to provide a free, on-site estimate. We can even bill your insurance company directly!


We respond immediately and remove water fast!


We dry wet houses fast!  That means getting to your property immediately after you call and arriving with all of the water extraction equipment necessary to get the water out fast!  We know the dangers of standing water and have the resources & manpower to respond with the urgency it requires.

So call now and speak to a representative who can dispatch a crew immediately!


We offer free estimates & extremely affordable rates!


Our rates are always fair!  What do we mean by that?  We determine our water removal service rates using estimating software that’s standard within the industry.  In fact, it’s the same system your insurance company uses to determine reimbursement values.  So you know the quote we offer is fair!

Call today for a completely free estimate to cleanup water & dry out your home!


Do you want confidence knowing it will be done right?  Call us!


Our job is to remove water from your property and make sure that it’s effectively dried out.  It’s a complex process but one that we understand well.  We have the necessary training, equipment & resources available to make sure the water mitigation process is done correctly.

It’s why we guarantee your satisfaction & give a full year warranty on our service!

Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Hampton Roads area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



If your loss is covered, we can bill insurance!


Is your loss covered under insurance?  Whether it’s through your homeowners policy or if you have an additional flood insurance policy, if it’s covered, we can just bill the insurance company directly.

We’re an insurance approved water removal company in Virginia Beach, meaning we’re certified to do the work but also have staff that can work with your adjuster to handle your claim.  So whether you want us to bill them for our water extraction service or help ensure your claim is settled and you’re reimbursed quickly, we can help!


We dry wet carpets!


Getting water out of your carpets and out of the padding below your carpets is one of our specialties.  It requires understanding what type of carpet you’re working with as well as the make-up of the padding, but it also requires special equipment.  We have wands as well as weight extractors that can immediately pull out most of the water and get it safely outside of your home.

We then put down either air movers or co-axial fans using a top down drying approach, or if it makes the most sense, we can float your carpet and pass hot air under the carpeting itself.  It just depends on what we’re looking at, but our technician is happy to explain what we’ll do and why!

Finding reliable Virginia Beach water removal services can be difficult.  Imagine calling around to a lot of water cleanup companies and not getting someone to answer.  Or imagine you’re waiting at your home or office for a water damage restoration company that never shows.  Unfortunately, these things can happen if you call the wrong service provider.

But not with us!  If you need emergency water extraction and dry-out services, you’ve come to the right place!  Whether you have a basement flood or some other water event requiring Virginia Beach water cleanup services, you can be assured that our water damage restoration professionals have the ability to get your property restored fast!  Each our technicians is fully qualified to perform water extraction & dry out services, and each stands behind their work with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.  If you’re not happy, neither are we!

So if you have a residential or commercial property anywhere in the Hampton Roads area, please call us now and speak to one of our Virginia Beach water extraction specialists.  Should you wish, we can have a crew at your home of office within minutes to provide a free consultation & estimate!

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