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Mold Remediation Seattle

Toxic mold is something that should always be dealt with by a professional mold removal company.  There are plenty of DIY articles out there offering advice on cleaning up black mold, but the reality is, unless you’re a certified mold mitigation technician with the knowledge and equipment to safely fix the problem, it’s never a task you should attempt.


Call our mold removal company and you’ll get…


Free_EstimatesA free estimate!

In order to determine the extent of mold damage in your property, we’ll need to fully assess things.  It gives our technician an opportunity to visually inspect the affected area and also walk you through the mold removal process.  You can ask as many questions as possible and we can give you an upfront cost for the work!


CertificateIconCertified service!

There’s too many mold remediation companies in Seattle that are not doing the job correctly.  Some simply paint over the black mold or find other ineffective ways to seal the mold while never mitigating it properly.  Our black mold cleanup services are performed by IICRC certified technicians, so you know it’s done correctly!


satisfaction-guaranteeGuaranteed satisfaction!

Not only do we provide great Seattle mold removal services done according to industry protocol by certified technicians, but we also provide great customer service.  From the first call to our final walk through, our mission is to make sure you’re completely happy.  In fact, our work isn’t done until you’ve signed off that you’re 100% satisfied.


Frequently asked questions about toxic mold:


How do I know if I have mold?

Usually you can see it and/or smell it.  If you can see mold growing on your walls, ceilings, floors, or home furnishings, then you have mold.  But in some cases, you could have mold growing behind walls from an undetected moisture source such as a leaky pipe.  In these cases, you’ll usually smell a damp, musty odor.


Is all toxic mold black?  What if it’s another color?

Mold can come in a variety of colors.  Not all black mold is toxic and not all toxic mold is black.  Mold can range in color from green to neutral tones to orange-ish.  If you see mold, it’s always the best option to call a certified mold damage company to assess the substance and determine what the best plan of action is!


cautionCan I remove it myself with bleach?

Unfortunately not.  Often times when people try performing the mold remediation process themselves, they end up simply making the problem worse.  What happens is they disturb the mold particles and unleash them into the air only to spread them throughout their property.  And to make matters worse, they can end up inhaling the micro-organisms which can lead to severe health problems.


Is mold damage cleanup covered by insurance?

Not usually.  In some cases, mold losses could be covered by insurance if the source of the loss was a water damage event that was covered, but that is usually not the case.  If you’re curious about your insurance policy, call us!  We have insurance specialists on staff that can work to determine whether our Seattle mold removal services would be covered by insurance.


Don’t choose the wrong Seattle mold remediation company!


Many times we’re called out to homes weeks or months after the homeowner hired a mold removal company that didn’t handle things properly.  There’s a lot of bad techniques in the business, and there’s no shortage of contractors willing to cut corners so they can collect their check and move on to another victim.

We take the time to properly diagnose your problem and make sure that our mold mitigation plan is followed to the T.  We don’t skimp on our process and we don’t do anything that isn’t a recommended process according to the IICRC!

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