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Sewer back-ups can be caused by a number of things. In some cases, heavy rains flood the city sewer lines with water and push sewage back-up your home’s sewer line. In other cases, a pipe will bust and spill sewage in your crawlspace or cause it to rise up from below your bathroom floor. But no matter why it happens, when it does you’ve got a hazardous situation on your hands that requires a professional sewage cleanup company.  We proudly service the entire Seattle metro area offering the highest level of sewage back-up cleaning services available.


Sewage cleaning is not for the faint of heart…and it’s definitely NOT a DIY project!


So you’ve built a deck, tiled your bathroom floor and even installed a new toilet…congrats, you’re clearly handy and there’s probably a ton of other projects and you can check of your honeydo list.  But if you’re thinking about cleaning sewage on your own, you’re probably going to regret it.


Why a sewage back-up is an environmental hazard.

Put simply, sewer water can contain things that can cause illness and in some cases death.  It’s not just stinky, it’s potentially deadly.  Salmonella, E-coli, Hepatitis-A, round warms, rotovirus, and Norwalk virus are just some of the things found in raw sewer water.  Get these things on your skin, in your eyes, or accidentally ingest them and you could be in trouble.  Despite what DIY articles might say, it’s not enough to put on some gloves and boots and get to work.  Just call a professional sewage cleanup company and save yourself the headache of remediating an environmental hazard.

To learn more about the health risks associated with raw sewage, watch the video below!


While every sewage cleaning project is different, here’s what you can expect:


Content Removal & Decontamination.  First we’ll remove items that have been affected by your sewage back-up.  Some items could be saved by having them professionally cleaned and after undergoing a disinfecting wash, while other items might need to be thrown away.


Sewage Removal.  Next we’ll get out any sewage from your bathroom, hallways, crawlspace, or any other place it’s found.  By either flushing it back down your system or hauling it away to a designated sewage dumping facility, our aim is the same: get it out quickly before it does more damage.


Disinfecting Affected Areas.  We can then apply a disinfecting solution to any surfaces that have been damaged by the sewage back-up.  We use the strongest possible disinfecting solution to completely eliminate any remaining bacteria, viruses, or parasites.


Drying.  Next we dry everything out.  That includes doing moisture tests throughout the damaged area so that we know what needs to be dried.  Once we know where to apply structural drying systems, we routinely check the moisture levels until it’s reached an acceptable level.


Curious how much our sewage cleaning service costs?  Schedule a free estimate and we can explain what we’re seeing, what needs to be done to properly cleanup sewage and disinfect your property, and we can make sure all of your questions get answered.  You’ll have a full estimate once we’ve performed our assessment and you can decide at that point if you’d like us to begin work!

But how can know whether or not our estimate is fair? Let’s talk through how we price our services. When it comes to emergency restoration services, most losses our dealt with through an insurance policy. The result is that insurers have set prices for what they will pay for the work required to get the property clean and fully restored. So when we estimate your loss, we’re actually just tallying the costs based on what your insurer can charge. Watch this video to see what we mean:


We know that when dealing with a backed-up sewer you have many options in terms of providers to help get your property restored.  Here are just some of the reasons we hope you’ll give us the opportunity to win your business:


We Can Work Directly With Your Homeowners Insurance Provider


Sometimes we find customers that are unsure of what to do when faced with a sewer back-up.  The most important thing is to deal with the issue immediately to mitigate the damage and ensure your property is properly restored quickly.  So call us and we’ll take care of the claims process!  We can directly bill your insurance company and can navigate the claims process so you don’t have to deal with it!

24/7 Emergency Service


A quick response to sewer back-ups ensures that the amount of damage is limited and that you can get back to normal quickly.  That’s the reason we are standing by waiting to respond to your emergency with a rapid response.  We give you the peace of mind knowing the minute you call we’re on it, and it will be taken care of quickly and properly.


Sewer backup prevention tips


Homeowners are usually disappointed to hear that their problem could have been avoided. The truth is that changing your habits slightly and performing a couple of relatively easy improvements can go a long way in mitigating the chances of suffering sewage damage in your home.


Don’t overburden your pipes!

What do we mean by that? Simply be careful what you put down your drains or toilets. King County has a great resource listing things you should not flush down your toilet! And the city has a great resource discussing things you shouldn’t pour down your drain, including fats, oils & grease!


Make sure your home is protected against a sewer overflow!

When a sewer overflow occurs, untreated sewage can’t make its way through the sewer system and must find escapes. Many times, that ‘escape hatch’ is the pipe that is coming from your home and feeding into the sewer system. When that is working normally, obviously the water flows from your house and into the sewer system. But when the city’s sewer lines and storm drains are overflowing with rain water, that water can often time end up coming back up into your home. The illustration below shows the issue:

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 3.35.31 PM

There’s a lot going on above, the most important of which is the device that prevents sewage from getting into your home. In the diagram above, it’s called a backwater valve, but as you can see in this video, it stops water from getting back into your home!

Whether it’s a basement flood with waste-water or some other Seattle flood damage event, you need expert help.  We have the resources and appropriate skills to ensure the water extraction process is done correctly.  If you need professional sewer back-up service, call the best in Seattle!

We’re here when you need us, ready to ensure your Seattle WA water extraction process goes smoothly and that your home or office is dried out and cleaned up for good!
If you’re in need of emergency sewage back-up cleaning service in Seattle WA, you’re in the right place. With 1 call, our Seattle water damage restoration crews can be at your door to help get a messy situation cleaned up. Sewer back-ups can be a nasty situation, and can get worse if not dealt with immediately. That’s why we specialize in providing immediate sewer back-up cleanout services day or night.

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