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Sewage Back-up CleanupWhen a sewer line backs up it sends potentially toxic water throughout your property. Raw sewage isn’t just smelly, it can make any one that comes into contact with it extremely ill, and in severe cases can cause death.  That’s why we believe that any amount of sewage damage represents an emergency that should be dealt with immediately by trained professionals.  At RestorationEze, we offer emergency sewage cleanup services in Milwaukee and the greater metro area.  If you have a sewage backup, please call us now for a free onsite estimate!


We always provide a free sewage backup cleaning estimate!


Free_EstimatesIf you need a fair price to get any sewage water cleaned up and the property disinfected, please give us a call.  We’ll immediately dispatch our on-call crew to your property and the lead estimator will be able to fully assess the sewage damage, measure the affected area, and provide a complete mitigation plan.  Once we’ve done that, we use a system called Xactimate to calculate the total cost of the work…best of all, it bases the rates on the commonly accepted rates insurance companies pay out for any service necessary.

Here’s how we make sure you always get a fair cost for repairing sewage damage from a backup:


All work is completed by certified, insured & screened techs!


CertificateIconAt RestorationEze, we understand that our water damage restoration services are only as good as the employees that provide them.  While some restoration contractors will hire any guy off the street and then not properly train them, we understand that’s a recipe for disaster for a service where it’s our job to fix disasters!  So at RestorationEze, we only work with sewage cleanup contractors that do (at a minimum) three things:

  • screen all employees using a national criminal background check
  • randomly drug test their technicians
  • have all of the proper licenses and insurance coverage
  • are certified restoration professionals


All services are billed to insurance!


bill-directIs your sewage backup in Milwaukee covered under your insurance policy?  Most likely it is, and we have specialists within our company that can help with your claim. Assuming it is filed successfully, instead of charging you for our work and then leaving you out in the cold to wait for a reimbursement check like some sewage extraction companies do, we send the invoice to them directly.

Insurance-direct billing options – just call!


We guarantee your satisfaction on all sewage removal services!


satisfaction-guaranteeWe believe in our people and processes, and we believe our customers deserve to be happy.  You’ve already been through enough, and we don’t think you deserve to have your house worked on only to be disappointed with the work that is done.  That’s why when you choose a sewage removal contractor in Milwaukee, WI from RestorationEze, you get a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!

The work will be done to your complete satisfaction!


When you need it done right, you simple can’t choose a company that doesn’t have the experience, resources, and team to get it done.  Too many restoration services don’t have what it takes to tackle a black water loss like a sewage backup but they don’t let that stop them from providing subpar services.  If there are any problems or any issues arise, you’ll be left to deal with them on your own, and your insurance company won’t be there to pick up the tab.

So make sure you call RestorationEze today and we’ll make sure it’s taken care of!

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