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Smoke & Fire Damage Repair

Fire-damageChoose us as your fire damage company and we can help you get your life back to normal and your home back to its original condition quickly.  We have some of the fastest mitigation times in the industry and always provide fair and competitive prices.  Whether it’s smoke damage or commercial fire damage, we can help!  Call us now and let us show you what’s made us the #1 choice for certified fire & smoke cleanup services for so many years!


Do’s and Don’ts of Fire Restoration Service


It’s probably the case that you’re going through a fire loss for the first time, and as such there can be a lot of confusion.  Sadly that confusion can lead people to make crucial mistakes during the process of getting things restored.  Here’s some helpful things to be aware if you find yourself in this position.


Always choose a certified fire damage restoration company


CertificateIconWhen a fire disaster strikes, time is crucial.  Your first (and really only) job is to find a good fire damage company to help you through the mitigation process.  Doing so can be difficult, and given how quickly you need to make a decision, it can be stressful.  So to help make that decision easier, we make sure all work is done by certified Milwaukee fire damage restoration contractors.


Never call your adjuster first


phone-sans-shadowIt certainly may be the case that your insurance company will become involved in your loss.  In fact, that is usually the case when dealing with fire or soot damage.  But your first priority isn’t calling your adjuster.  It’s getting your house fixed and making sure your family is safe.  Only a fire damage cleanup company can do that, and it’s why you should always make sure your first call is to the company responsible for the mitigation process, not the insurance company responsible for paying for that service!


Make sure the estimate is based on Xactimate


Free_EstimatesWe give you a free quote.  And even better, you know the upfront cost estimate is fair.  How’s that, you ask?  It’s because our fire damage repair estimates are based on the Xactimate system, which Milwaukee restoration companies and adjusters use.  It calculates the reimbursable rates for any services and materials that will be required to cleanup and restore your property!


Don’t choose a company that won’t stand by their work


satisfaction-guaranteeYou’re making a big decision and you should have confidence that when it’s all said and done you’ll be happy with the restoration & smoke odor removal services you were provided.  Yet too many companies won’t stand by their work.  But choose us and your complete satisfaction is always guaranteed.  We mean it when we say ‘If you’re not happy, our job isn’t done!’


Don’t pay upfront for fire damage cleanup work


bill-directA reputable, certified, insurance-approved fire cleanup company in Milwaukee should always be able to work directly with the insurer to successfully file and settle your claim.  That means you shouldn’t have to pay for the complete fire mitigation process upfront and then wait for reimbursement from the insurer.  Instead, we can bill them and settle the payment so you don’t have to!


We offer complete fire damage & smoke cleanup services!


Whether it’s a residential property or you’re in need of commercial fire damage restoration services, we have what it takes to you get you back on your feet.  Our technicians are fully certified and trained on the best practices for every piece of equipment that might be used on your fire damaged property.

Because our technicians know what they’re doing and are equipped with the best mitigation systems available on the market today, we’re able to provide some of the fastest restoration services in the industry.

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