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Often times people attempt to cleanup sewer back-up issues on their own only to find out what a mess they’re got themselves in. Beyond the grossness of it all, there are very serious health concerns present anytime sewage is exposed in your home or office. While water damage in general is nothing to play around with, sewer water damage is a full blown crisis that should be mitigated by certified sewage cleaning specialists.  We offer licensed, insured, certified indoor environmental solutions that quickly and effectively allow your home to be safe once again.


Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Dealing with Sewage Disasters


Not acting quickly enough.  You do not need to wait for your insurance company to take charge of your claim so that the process moves forward.  In fact, your first call should be to a certified sewer cleanup company so that they can immediately begin the cleaning process.  The longer sewer water sits the more damage it does and the more toxic the situation becomes!


Not understanding the seriousness of the situation.  We don’t want to scare you, but the reality is that sewer water contains things that if contracted can be deadly.  Harmful bacteria like giardia and round worms as well as viruses like E-coli samonella can be found in sewage.  Whether through skin to skin contact, through the air, or ingestion, serious illness or death can occur.


Choosing to do the work themselves.  It can be a costly mistake.  Simply removing sewage and applying some bleach to the affected areas isn’t enough.  Only a certified sewage cleaning company that is specifically trained to mitigate sewage losses has the ability to fully and properly cleanup, disinfect, and dry out sewer water damage.  If you try it yourself, you’re not only risking your safety but also massive headaches down the road once remaining sewage has caused even more damage.

To understand more clearly the very real health dangers associated with raw sewage cleanup, please watch the video below:


How does your sewage backup cleaning service work?


Our aim is to make a serious process as simple as possible.  We do it all, from start to finish:


Free On-site Estimate

One of our technicians will arrive at your property within minutes of your  initial call.  Once there, he or she will examine your sewage back-up and determine the amount of damage that has been caused.  He or she will then provide you with our recommend mitigation protocol that outlines what we will do to cleanup sewage from your property and the full cost to perform the remediation work.

Our estimating process is designed to be extremely straightforward and provide you with peace of mind. We do that by standardizing the process and making sure we quote any services using industry-standard pricing. To see how we do it, watch the video below:


Damaged Item Removal

We’ll then begin removing items that have bee saturated by sewage and determining whether or not they can be salvaged.  In some cases, the items can be professional cleaned and fully restored, and in other cases they will need to be thrown away.  While we take great pains to restore your items, we’re required to dispose of items that we’re reasonable confident will still present a health hazard even after being cleaned.


Sewage Water Extraction

We’ll then begin extracting the sewage from the property and either safely disposing of it back into your property’s functioning sewage lines or transporting it to acceptable dumping grounds identified by the state or county.


Removing Contaminated Structural Items

These can include obvious items such as towels, bath mats, carpeting, carpet pads, etc. but also include your walls.  If any of these items are contaminated with sewage water they’ll most likely need to be removed and replaced.  It’s not as simple as just disinfecting and drying these items, as the dangers of sewage can remain in place long after they’re been cleaned.


Disinfecting & Drying

Once we’ve been able to safely remove contaminated items we can begin applying IICRC certified disinfectant applications approved to clean even the most toxic black water residue.  After applying disinfectant we can begin the process of rapid drying the structure until we’ve reached an acceptable level of moisture.


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Birmingham AL area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

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Proudly serving Jefferson County & Shelby County

Was your sewage damage caused by a backup related to the city’s sewer system? If so, they are responsible for the costs of the cleanup damage. Click here to submit a claim to the city!


How can you prevent sewer backups in your property?


There are a couple main culprits when it comes to sewer water backing up into a home. Luckily, there are a couple of things you do to greatly reduce the chances of discovering this very dangerous, very messy situation in your property:


Don’t pour fats, oils or grease down your drains.

fats-oils-grease-clogging-restaurant-sewer-lineMost people are oblivious to the risks of pouring FOGs down their drain. When it hits cool pipes, it will harden and block the pipes responsible for getting water out of your home and into the city’s sewer system. When that happens, the water can’t get down and must come back up. It’s such an easy thing to avoid, but will require you to change your habits. Grab a mason jar to keep under your sink and fill it with FOGs instead of pouring it down your drain. That simple action could potentially save you thousands of dollars!


Get a sewer backflow valve installed outside your home.

sewer-backwater-valveWhat happens many times is when a blockage occurs in the pipe exiting your home, the water simply heads backup the pipe from where it came until it can find an exit source (toilets, sinks, drains, etc.). Installing a device called a sewer backflow preventer is a great way to make sure any water coming back up won’t make it into your home!


Sewage back-ups are stinky business.  But it’s our business and we work hard to make each of our Birmingham AL customers get the highest level of sewage cleanup service available.  If your home or office in Birmingham has experienced a sewage back-up and you need a Birmingham water damage restoration company you can trust, we’re the answer.


Too many times, flood damage companies don’t show up on-time or don’t use the right techniques to dry out and clean-up your property.  Not with us.  Our Birmingham basement flood professionals utilize the best products and the latest techniques to fully clean-out any sewer back-up situation you might be dealing with in Birmingham AL.

We understand you have choices for your sewage cleanout needs.  It’s why we want to earn your business and prove to you our Birmingham AL water extraction crews are the best in the business.  Call us now and we’ll have a truck at your property within 60 minutes to fully assess your Birmingham sewage back-up needs and offer a free estimate to clean-up the mess.  If you want us to clean-up your Birmingham property at that point, we can begin the clean-up and dryout process immediately as each Birmingham restoration crew arrives with a fully stocked truck!

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