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RestorationEze.com is your source for professional water damage restoration services, sewage & flood cleanup, including basement flood.  We understand how traumatic your water or flood event can be and our goal is to make the process of getting your home or office back to normal is as easy and worry-free as possible.


You always get a free estimate with no hassle!


Free_EstimatesGetting an upfront price quote for any water damage repair or cleanup services you may need is simple.  Just give us a call and we’ll dispatch the closest project lead to your property.  He can assess the water damage, take moisture readings, and determine exactly what steps need to be done, at which point you receive an upfront quote!

Get a quote today by calling our 24/7 hotline!


We have a network of highly reputable, insurance-approved water damage restoration professionals, sewage & flood cleanup professionals standing by ready to help you in your time of need.  Whether you need one of our professionals to take care of a basement flood or you have sewer water backing up in your home, our technicians have the experience & resources to quickly perform water removal services and get your situation resolved.  From an immediate response to the final walk-through, our crews take the headache out of the process.


Have confidence our rates are fair and straightforward!


calculatorWe make sure the price you are quoted is always fair.  How?  We don’t determine the price, but rather leave it up to estimating software to calculate the price.  In our industry, rates are determined by what insurers will reimburse for your water loss.  So we use the same software they use, ensuring that the quoted price is always fair! Relax – there’s only one estimate you need!   Watch this video to learn more about our estimating process:





So if you have a home or office that has standing water or has experienced flood damage from previous standing water, please call us now and speak with a live technician that will happily offer a free estimate for any work you need performed.


We can always bill your insurance company!


bill-directWe can provide total assistance throughout every phase of your insurance claim.  There’s no need to call your adjuster first!  Call us and we can take care of your claim if your loss is covered by either homeowners or flood insurance.  In fact, not only can we take the hassle out of the claim, we can send our invoice to the insurance company!

Let us bill the insurance company for our restoration services!


Water Damage is nothing to mess around with!  We get calls daily from homeowners that attempted to do the water extraction and repair process themselves only to discover they had made things worse.  We get the call once they notice mold and mildew growing in corners and walls and floors that start buckling and bubbling.  By the time we get there, it’s a bad situation and it didn’t have to be that way. The reasons are two-fold: water can be hidden and water can contain hidden bacteria and viruses that can cause you to get sick.  The first issue is what makes the flood cleanup process so challenging.  It’s not just vacuuming up standing water, it’s finding water that can’t be seen through a visual inspection.  The water damage you can see is just the tip of the iceberg.  It’s the water you can’t see that will eat away at your home and present a possible health hazard in the future.


As this infrared imaging shows, this wall, that looks completely dry to the human eye, is actually saturated and most undergo proper drying processes.  If you were doing this on your own, chances are you wouldn’t see this section as a problem area and you’d pay the price later.  Don’t let a basement flood issue turn into a mold problem that can cause you and your family to get sick.  Make sure it’s dealt with properly so that you can have peace of mind that your home is safe. The other issue is what could potentially be lurking in the water itself.  There are 3 class types of water damage.  Clean, grey, and black water.  Clean water is safe drinking water…it would be the proper class type if you had a sink overflow.  Grey water would include dirty dishwasher water or other water types that might contain germs and chemicals not safe to ingest.  And lastly, black water is toxic water deemed a significant health issue due to the likelihood of containing harmful agents that can cause serious illness and even death.


Learn more about emergency water damage cleanup!


Want to learn more? Good for you! We love it when our visitors educate themselves and understand what they’re up against but also understand that it can be fixed. At RestorationEze, we make that process transparent and simple, and part of that is helping our customers get a better sense for the process a professional water damage mitigation company uses to get the moisture out, stop mold, and repair your home or business so it is like new!




Whether it’s a home or you need commercial water damage services, the general process is the same.  Hopefully our video helps you feel comfortable about the process but also gives you some sense for the amount of work and the equipment necessary to truly mitigate your loss and keep you safe moving forward!


We guarantee the work is done to your satisfaction!


satisfaction-guaranteeAs we hope you can see, there’s simply no room for taking chances when it comes to the water damage cleanup process, and most importantly that means the company you choose.  So to provide you with confidence that we are the best water damage company for your needs, we back all our services with a satisfaction guarantee!

We guarantee your complete satisfaction!


One of the most challenging water damage repair emergencies we deal with is a sewage back-up.  Sewer water represents a serious crisis.  Unfortunately the Internet is full of articles describing how to clean it up yourself.  Make no mistake, it is in no way, shape, or form a project you should take on yourself.  If you have standing sewage in your home or office, call a professional water & flood damage restoration company immediately.  Only a certified remediation company will have the equipment and resources necessary to properly perform sewage cleanup services that ensure your property is safe, dry, and disinfected.


Know the hidden dangers of raw sewage cleanup!


If you’ve got a sewer line that has backed-up into your basement, or perhaps a line that has busted sending sewage water into your crawlspace, you always want to call a certified water damage company to assess the situation.  Unlike clean water, it’s not just the well-being of your home that’s in danger, it’s your health that is at risk.  In the video below, we discuss some of the common dangers found in sewage as well as help you understand what our professional sewage water cleanup services entail:





How we work with your insurance company…


Understanding the role your insurance adjuster plays and making sure that your best interests are always looked out for is one of the best ways to ensure you receive exceptional water damage restoration service.  So let’s break down a few things you should always keep in mind when it comes to a water loss that is covered by your insurer:


You get to choose what water damage company to work with.   Your insurance adjuster doesn’t decide what company will come to your home.  They may suggest a certain company (we’ll discuss that in a minute) but ultimately it is your home and the decision is yours and yours alone.  Cleaning up water damage is a challenging project and the implications of service poorly done can be huge.  It’s a big decision, and one you need to make with confidence.

You need to choose a water damage contractor with your best interests at heart.   contractor-customerShould you go with the water mitigation company your adjuster suggests, please understand that company has already agreed to charge the insurance company a significant discount for their services in exchange for the project referral.  You know the saying “You get what you pay for”, but in this instance, it’s “You get what the insurance company pays for”.  If you’ve ever chosen the cheapest contractor on the block and really regretted it, you understand the implications of working with a company that charges a fraction of the actual costs to do the job right.  Make sure you choose a water damage repair company that you feel comfortable with, the costs will be worked out between that company and your insurer.

Our job is to find an agreeable settlement for your loss.   Your insurer doesn’t dictate what they will pay.  They’ll try, but ultimately the cost of the cleanup work is dictated by the amount of work required.  You have to understand that your insurance company wants to pay as little as possible for your claim.  That’s just the reality of these types of situations.  So if you hire the wrong water restoration company that doesn’t understand how to work with insurance companies or can’t properly communicate what needs to be done, you could be stuck in a bad position of needing X amount of work and only getting Y from your insurance company.

At RestorationEze, we pride ourselves on making sure that our customers receive every dollar they are entitled to.  We are experts at water damage mitigation, and can properly communicate why each and every service we provide is essential to restoring your property.  We don’t rip off insurers and charge more than necessary.  That’s a sure fire way to get run out of the business.  But we are very serious about making sure insurers don’t bully our customers.

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