Birmingham AL Water Damage Restoration

In order to properly mitigate your water loss, several things are necessary. It takes a fast response to the crisis, certified repair and drying techniques, state of the art equipment, and highly qualified technicians. But it also takes caring…we understand how much your home means to you because we own homes as well! We promise to not only provide great water damage repair service, but also treat your home with as much respect as we do our own. In your time of need, we hope you will give us the responsibility of helping get you back on your feet.


Here’s just some of the restoration services we offer throughout the Birmingham area:


() Flooring Water Damage Repair & Replacement
() Basement Flood Water Extraction
() Ceiling Water Damage Damage
() Emergency Water Extraction
() Surface & Subsurface Drying
() Deodorization & Dehumidification
() Mold & Mildew Prevention
() Wall Water Damage & Drywall Repair


What can I expect by using your water damage cleanup service?


First and foremost, your complete satisfaction.  We use the best equipment available, hire only the best people, train them continuously, and are fully certified to perform any water damage service you need.  It’s why we feel confident guaranteeing your complete satisfaction on any work we perform.


We always provide a free written estimate.  There is no obligation to choose us.  We want to earn your business and that means ensuring you are comfortable with the service we will provide and the cost.  We will provide a full written estimate outlining the scope of water damage repair work at which point you can decide whether to move forward.


We can bill your insurance company directly.  One other part of our award winning service is our ability to work with your homeowners insurance adjuster to facilitate the claims process.  We do this on a daily basis and would be happy to take that load off your plate so that you have one less headache to deal with!


We offer a full year warranty on labor. Not only do we offer affordable rates and free estimates, but if you choose us as your water damage company, you’ll be choosing someone that stands by their work.  Unlike other water damage companies, we honor our work with a full year warranty!  If something happens within 1 year of our work that’s due to us, we’ll come back and fix it for you!


Our technicians are all certified.  You might assume that’s the case for every company you call, but sadly it isn’t.  In fact, you would be shocked at just how many techs are sent out to flooded properties with only a basic understanding of what to do about it.  Our technicians are certified, meaning they understand the process & the equipment and they’re going to do the job right each and every time!


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Birmingham AL area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!


Proudly serving Jefferson County & Shelby County


Key things to know about water damage cleanup services!


There are some things you should know about professional water mitigation services before you even pick up the phone.  Our hope is that we can help provide you with the information you need to make the best possible decisions, especially given how quickly those decisions need to be made…


All water damage companies use the same estimating software – Xactimate


If you were to call around to get a bunch of estimates, you would be wasting valuable time.  That’s because any reputable water restoration service will use Xactimate to draw up your estimate.  If they don’t, kindly show them to the door.  The reason Xactimate is important is that it calculates the costs based on what your insurance company has already agreed to pay for any restoration services rendered.  Here’s how it works:


Any good water restoration contractor will be certified by the IICRC


iicrc-logoWhile it’s not a guarantee that you’re going to receive exceptional service, it is a pre-requisite for hiring a company in our mind.  If you hire a water damage company that hasn’t taken the time or expended the resources necessary to make sure their technicians are fully certified, it speaks volumes about their commitment to providing great service to their customers.  Always make sure the water damage service you hire has current certifications from the IICRC!


Emergency water damage services prevent mold damage


Mold remediationThe goal of a Birmingham water mitigation company isn’t just to dry out your structure, it’s to do so before you get black mold.  What you probably don’t realize is just how quickly that can happen.  Within 2 days, you’re probably going to have a black mold problem if you haven’t had your property mitigated by a professional restoration company.  That isn’t much time, but the costs of a normal water damage repair job and a water loss that includes mold remediation is very different, so you never want to wait or attempt the cleanup and dry-out process yourself!

Too many water damage contractors are out there preying on unsuspecting homeowners, and sadly some of the worst perpetrators are the most famous restoration franchises. They are notorious for not doing things the right way, usually because they need to cut corners in their work because they are discounting their services in exchange for the referral from your adjuster. We hope you don’t end up getting bad water damage repair services, because the results can be dangerous. That said, watch the video below to get a better sense for the type of work we do once called on to your property:


How can you prevent common water damage events?


Too many times, we arrive at a water damaged home that could have been easily prevented with some regular maintenance efforts. While we never want to lose business, we do want to do whatever we can to help people not go through the experience of a water loss. Here are some common things you can do to prevent water damage in your home:


Check the hoses running to your refrigerator and washing machine.

washing-machine-water-damage-cleanupThese are 2 of the most common causes of water losses we see. Improperly installed refrigerators usually result in the water line running to your ice box to become disconnected. And when it comes to the washing machine, the shear amount of water pressure and force can cause the connections to become loose and send thousands of gallons of water spewing throughout your home in a matter of minutes. Most appliance repair companies suggest you replace the washing machine hoses once every 5 years and once a year make sure the refrigerator line is securely fastened.


Maintain your water heater to prevent leaking.

water-heater-corrosionOne other loss type we see regularly is issues with water heater systems leaking. There are a couple of main components that can cause problems, and it’s generally recommended that you have your water heater tuned up once a year by your plumber. On top of that, you should drain and refill the water in the tank twice a year. While the water is circulated, sediment builds up and can corrode the water heater tank causing it to weaken and leak.


Insulate pipes in your attic.

Do you have plumbing pipes in your attic? If so, please make sure they are well-insulated. While it doesn’t happen often, when we see extremely low temperatures pipes can freeze and burst, sending water streaming down your ceiling and into your home. Insulating your pipes in the attic is a very cheap thing you should do yesterday!


Birmingham homes and offices experience a water event every minute.  Whether it’s from a busted pipe, a malfunctioning water heater, overflowing toilet, or too much rain, a water emergency can be very scary.  If you’ve got a flooded basement in Birmingham or you have water dripping through your walls or ceiling from a pipe lead, time is crucial.  The sooner a Birmingham AL water damage repair company gets to your property, the sooner they can get to work and the less damage that will be caused.

Most homeowners or business owners don’t realized that properties that have been harmed from water or flood damage can be restored to their original state most of the time.  First, articles that have not been harmed must be removed at which point powerful vacuums can be brought in to begin the water extraction property.  If there are other items, such as furniture, paintings, file cabinets, etc. have been damaged by water, those can also be packed out and dried.  Once the water is removed, drying systems and dehumidifiers are set in the area affected and run for 1-2 days to completely dry out the water damaged area.  Should any carpet or drywall need to be repaired or replaced, our Birmingham water damage specialists can also handle that.

So if your Birmingham AL home or office has experienced a water emergency, call us today for immediate response, a free estimate, and peace of mind.  When emergency strikes, our professionals are ready to help get your life, and your property, back to normal as quickly as possible.

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