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flood-damage-companyIf you’ve walked into your property and heard the unmistakable sound of splashing water, call us now. When it comes to water in your home, no one is better equipped to get it out and get your property dry than RestorationEze. We specialize in offering emergency water removal services and can always respond to your call whenever you might need help. Call us now and discover why so many customers have chosen us when they needed help with their flooded home.


Step One: Get a free onsite water mitigation estimate!


Free_EstimatesCall now and speak to the closest on-call technician to your property. Should you wish, he and his crew can arrive at your property within 1 hour (sometimes much quicker) to provide a free assessment and cost estimate for any water mitigation services you may need. We will walk you through the damage we’ve discovered, explain the steps to fixing it, and of course walk you through the cost estimate itself. The process usually takes less than 1 hour at which point you’ll have a clear picture of your best next step!


How are estimates derived? This will surprise you, but we (meaning water damage restoration companies) all use the same estimating system. Known as Xactimate, it’s actually used not just by us but also your insurance adjuster. The system works by calculating the cost of any labor or materials necessary as set by insurance companies and then spitting out a total cost. So when you get an estimate from us, you don’t have to worry about it being out-of-line with what your insurer will pay for the work. Watch this video below to see how it works:


Step Two: Begin the water extraction services


water-extraction-serviceWork should always begin as soon after the water damage is discovered as possible. If not, costly problems can arise that can complicate the mitigation protocol and make it much more expensive to fix. We always arrive to your location with a fully stocked truck prepared to begin work immediately should you sign off on it. That allows us to begin the containment phase to prevent any water damage from spreading to other areas of your home.


Our technicians are fully certified by the IICRC!

iicrc-logoBest of all, when you call us you can be certain that the technicians that arrive at your home are fully competent and capable of doing the work. Why? Because we make sure they are certified by the IICRC. Many also have multiple certifications, including structural drying and mold removal. There is no governmental agency that oversees our industry and those working in it, so it’s important to avoid any company that offering water removal services that isn’t actually certified by the IICRC.

If you are wanting to see what certified water extraction service from a reputable water mitigation company looks like, we hope you will watch the video below:


Step Three: We handle your insurance claim and settlement


insurance-claim-formOne big mistake customers sometimes make is waiting for their insurer to open a claim or help them in some way. They aren’t ultimately the ones in charge of your home, you are. It’s your job to get help as fast as possible, at which point it’s our job to work with your insurer throughout the claim process. We are used to working with adjusters, and have probably worked with whoever is assigned your claim. Our team is fully capable of handling your claim from start to finish, and if there are ever any issues rest assured we will be your advocates to make sure your adjuster handles your claim correctly.


Step Four: Project completion


satisfaction-guaranteeOnce we’ve handled every aspect of the job, and after we’ve returned your home to its natural, dry state, we then walk over the premises with you. Our goal here is to inspect every inch of the work we’ve done, with you, and to make sure you are happy. It’s not just our goal, it’s our promise. If for any reason you aren’t happy with something we’ve done, we will bring our crew back to fix it to your exact specifications. We take your satisfaction seriously because we understand that without it, our company won’t be in business for long.


Don’t wait too long or your house will get black mold!


toxic-moldThe saddest situation we run into as a water damage company in Flagstaff is getting a call from someone that had a water emergency a few weeks ago, thought they dried it out on their own, but then they just started seeing black mold growing in their cabinets or on their walls. It happens a lot, and usually they are left having to pay for a very expensive job because insurers don’t cover black mold. Once mold is introduced, there are many EPA restrictions and protocols we must follow by law that make the process incredibly expensive. Please, do not let this happen to you! Call us now if you have any water in your home and let us get it out before you end up with a much bigger, more dangerous, and more expensive problem on your hands.


If you need Flagstaff emergency water removal services, you’re in the right place. We offer free estimates and a rapid response for your Flagstaff water extraction needs. No matter how much water is in your Flagstaff property, we can get it out fast!

Water Removal

Flagstaff water removal companies should be fully insured, certified & licensed to perform work. But beyond that, your Flagstaff water removal service should go above and beyond to help you navigate a traumatic experience. You can expect that with our Flagstaff water removal experts!

Water Extraction

Regardless of the amoung of water you need extracted in Flagstaff, our water extraction companies have the resources and ability to get your residential or commercial property dry and back to normal! So call our Flagstaff water extraction service now for a rapid response and free quote!

Water Cleanup

In need of Flagstaff water cleanup services that are fast, reliable & that you can trust? Then please call us! We specialize in serving Flagstaff customers that need rapid water clean-up services and always offer you a free estimate!

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