Fire & Smoke Damage Repair

Fire-damageWhen you need a professional fire damage cleanup company, you need someone you can trust.  A contractor that knows what they’re doing, is compassionate, and is willing to go the extra mile to make sure the work is done to the highest standards.  We provide complete fire, smoke & soot cleanup and removal work that is guaranteed to be done to your satisfaction and according to industry norms.

Complete San Diego fire restoration services!


Reliable help when you need it most!


We know the feelings of despair and fear that can flood your body when you find yourself dealing with a fire.  It is never something we hope anyone has to endure, but if it has happened to you, please know that help is available.


We give you a fair price upfront – the quote is free!


Free_EstimatesWe make sure you are always offered the fair rate for our fire restoration services.  How?  It’s simple…we use the same software that insurance companies use to determine the rates they will reimburse for the services we provide.  That’s right, you heard that correctly: we don’t even determine our rates, the insurance company does.  So when you have received an upfront estimate from us for free, you know it’s a fair rate!


How does the fire repair process work?


Every job is different.  That’s why it is imperative that our crews are able to visually inspect your loss so that they can determine the appropriate fire mitigation plan for your property.  That being said, here’s some steps you can probably expect during the process:


Item removal.

If there are sections of the home that simply can not be cleaned up due to excessive fire or soot damage, we will safely dispose of those items.


Soot Cleanup.

We use sophisticated equipment to remove soot damage from a variety of surfaces, from cabinets and appliances to walls and ceilings.



We also have equipment that can quickly remove the lingering smoke smell you’re probably overwhelmed by.  We create a negative-pressure environment and safely remove those particles responsible for the smell.



Of course we’ll need to repair any areas that were removed during the initial phases.  If your loss was serious enough to cause significant structural damage and require reconstruction efforts, any necessary permits are pulled and all work is done according to the proper safety regulations and building requirements.


Will my insurer pay for the work?


bill-directUsually.  If you’re not sure, just give us a call.  We handle insurance fire restoration work on a daily basis.  We can help determine the likelihood of a successful claim given your unique situation and policy.

Our staff can handle your claim in its entirety.  From start to finish, we can take the legwork of managing the claim off your plate so you don’t have to worry about it.

We can even bill them for our smoke removal services!

Ask about our insurance assistance programs…we would be more than happy to assist your claim and send the bill to them instead of having you pay for our work upfront!


All work is guaranteed!


satisfaction-guaranteeWe guarantee your complete satisfaction on any fire and smoke repair services that are performed by our technicians.  It’s our promise to you and something we’re serious about.  We know that you need to have confidence in the company you’ve hired, and we hope that our commitment to exceptional service helps instill that confidence in you.

Choose us and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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