San Diego CA Flood Damage Restoration

Whether from heavy rains or a leaky water heater or broken pipe, dealing with flood damage can be frustrating. Watching your home get flooded with water and seeing your possessions get soaked. Fortunately, help is just a phone call away. We offer San Diego customers emergency flood damage restoration & cleaning services 24/7. From the first call to the final walkthrough, our aim is to make sure your happy and that your property is safe.


Why is responding quickly to your flood so important?


With flood damage, there’s a couple of things to keep in mind.

First, standing water causes more damage the longer it permeates your property and possessions.  A fast response increases the likelihood of salvaging things like floors, walls, ceilings, etc. whereas if the water sits for too long and those things are wet for a considerable amount of time, chances are they’ll need to be torn out and replaced.  And as you can imagine, that means greater costs in the long run!


Second, flood water can be harmful.  Depending on the type of water standing in your home, there may be harmful things like raw sewage, chemicals, even nasty stuff like E-coli and Hepatitis-A are commonly found in black water brought in by flooding.  Many of these diseases can be spread through the air and by touch and can cause illness and even death.  Put simply, flood cleanup is not something to mess around with…just call us!


Third, mold can grow.  In the right conditions mold can take hold overnight.  Black mold is toxic at certain levels and remediating mold is an extremely exhaustive process that can cause a lot of disruption to you and your family.  By acting quickly, we can identify all moisture spots throughout your home, dry them out thoroughly and then apply anti-microbial sprays that will prevent any future mold growth!


You have many options, so why choose us?


We’re fast!  When you’re watching your home get flooded or dealing with standing water in your basement, you need help immediately.  We have crews throughout the San Diego area and can respond within minutes to your flood cleanup emergency.  Each truck is fully equipped with the latest cleaning and drying equipment so that we can begin drying out your property immediately!


We’re fair! We use the same estimating systems used by major insurance providers.  There’s no need to shop around for prices with us…we’re going to examine your property, calculate the amount of flood cleaning required and the extent of the damage and our software tells us the cost and you can rest easy knowing there won’t be any issues when you go to file your claim!


We’re reliable!  We know how much your home means to you…it’s where you spend time with your family and a place that has seen many memories that will last a life time.  So seeing it damaged is painful.  We promise to treat your home with the same amount of respect you do, and will always make sure you’re completely satisfied with the work we perform.


Learn about our free flood cleanup estimating process!


Free_EstimatesGetting a handle on what needs to be done and the costs is easy and straightforward when you call us. The process works like this: our estimator will survey your flood damaged property, take moisture readings, and determine exactly what needs to be dried. He’ll then add the necessary work into a system called Xactimate that calculates the cost based on what your insurance company will reimburse us for.

Watch this video to see how it works!


How do we restore flood damaged properties?


Success in our industry is dependent on properly drying out structures so that mold damage and secondary water damage don’t occur.  How do we do that? We follow the procedures set forth by the IICRC, the certifying body in our industry. To see what that process looks like, watch the video below:


Do you know if your loss is covered by insurance?


insurance-claim-formMost flood losses can be quite expensive. The National Flood Insurance Program has a flood calculator that can help you get a better sense for the costs. It’s why most homeowners file an insurance claim for their loss. If you have both homeowners insurance and flood insurance, your loss should be covered. However, without flood insurance, any loss that occurred as a result of outside water making its way into your home is probably not covered! Always review your policy and consult with a flood mitigation company before calling your insurer!


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the San Diego area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



While only so much can be done to protect your home from flooding due to heavy rains, our local government works tirelessly to mitigate the risks to individuals, companies and properties due to flooding. You can read about their efforts here and stay informed as to what they’re doing to protect our community in the case of severe rain flooding!


We service the following areas:

Encinitas, Escondido, Oceanside, Ramona, Del Mar, Poway, La Jolla, Santee, El Cajon, Chula Vista, National City, La Presa, La Mesa

If you’re currently sitting in a San Diego flood damaged home or office, qualified flood damage restoration services are just a call away.  Each of our San Diego CA water damage restoration crews are fully insured and certified to get you back on your feet quickly!  Whether you’re in need of San Diego water extraction services from a sewage-backup or from a busted pipe or leaky hot water heater, we can help!


We’ll work directly with your San Diego insurance company to handle any claims and billing necessary, and our San Diego water extraction crews will make this chaotic experience as easy as humanly possible.  So if you have a San Diego CA basement flood or similar flood damage, we can be at your San Diego property within minutes to begin helping restore it.    Our San Diego flood damage professionals offer 24/7 emergency service throughout the San Diego CA area and we always provide a free, no obligation cost estimate for any work that needs to be performed!

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