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Fire-damageSadly in the Springs we’re no stranger to fires.  And while wild fires can cause property loss, much more common are electrical fires or grease fires from cooking accidents.  When they happen, they can cause physical damage to the home or business and send billows of smoke throughout the property, leaving significant soot damage and odor.

If you’ve experienced any amount of fire damage, you should always call a professional restoration company to assess the loss.  While it may not require professional mitigation services, you don’t want to assume you’re in the clear until a professional has assessed things!


We repair fire & smoke damage the right way!


You should never have to worry about whether or not the company you hire is properly repairing fire damage.  But all too often there are fire restoration contractors that either don’t know the proper protocols or simply aren’t willing to follow them, with disastrous consequences for their customers!


We always price our fire cleanup services using Xactimate!


Free_EstimatesWe provide each customer with a free, onsite fire damage assessment and cost estimate for any work that needs to be done.  And best yet, we use Xactimate, so you know the price is reasonable and competitive.

Xactimate is the same system used by your insurance adjuster when they determine the reimbursement rate for our services.  It allows us to put in the measurements of the loss and the steps that will be necessary to fix everything, and then it calculates the appropriate price.

It ensures that the free price estimate we are offering is fair!


Technicians are certified & insured!


CertificateIconWhat happens if techs arrive and don’t follow the right procedures?  Or if they’re not insured and end up getting hurt on your property?  Sadly, it’s your problem.  If they don’t do a good job, you could end up paying for the work to fix there mistakes along with the original fire mitigation work that should have been done.  And if they get hurt without insurance, who knows what could happen.

It’s why we make sure that every technician that comes to your house is fully insured and follows the right procedures, as defined by the IICRC.  Making sure the fire damage restoration process is done the right way is the only way to deem your property safe!


We use advanced equipment at every stage!


We wouldn’t be able to perform our jobs well without the right equipment.  And for us, that means making sure we always invest in the latest proven systems to help throughout the fire restoration service.  By investing in the best equipment, we can ensure better and faster services for our customers.  Some fire & smoke damage companies are stuck using decades old equipment…make sure that you don’t choose them!


We always provide a satisfaction guarantee!


satisfaction-guaranteeOne thing our fire cleanup contractors are serious about is your happiness.  While some companies lose sight of the fact that you are the customer (regardless of who ends up paying for our services), we never do.  We understand that without your satisfaction, we haven’t done our job well enough.

It’s why we always back our fire & smoke damage removal services a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Upon completion of the job, our project coordinator will walk the property with you and make sure that you are fully satisfied with everything you see.  If not, we’ll fix it!


We specialize in insurance restoration work!


bill-directIn the majority of cases, our customers’ losses are covered by the homeowners insurance.  With most of our fire & water damage cleanup work, that’s certainly the case.  That means we work with insurance providers and their adjusters each day on behalf of our clients.  We can take the annoyance out of the claims process and work directly with your adjuster to ensure a speedy and successful filing.

We can even bill them for our work directly!


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