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flood-damage-companyWet basements can be a harrowing experience. Whether it’s from a sewer back-up or recent storm, or a busted pipe of washing machine hose malfunction, waling down those stairs only to find inches (or even feet!) or standing water is not a fun thing. While it is rare for you, it’s something we fix daily. We offer complete basement flood damage repair services designed to get your property and life back to its normal state fast. Our work is guaranteed, our technicians are certified and we offer free estimates…so just give us a call today!


What are you looking for in a mitigation company?




24-7-emergency-serviceWe offer 24/7 service throughout western Connecticut because we know when it comes to flooding basements, every single second counts.  With crews throughout the area and on-call day and night, we can leap to action whenever your call comes in.  Our trucks & crews arrive fully prepared to get to work.

When you need a fast response, make the right call!


black-mold-wet-basementIf you aren’t looking for a sense of urgency, why not? You should leap into action the second you discover basement flooding in Danbury. Why? Wet basement walls are dangerous for a couple of reasons: first, they can collapse. If they get wet enough, or if there is enough water pressure pushing from the outside into them, they can completely collapse. Second, they will develop black mold damage which can spread to other areas of your home and make everyone in it extremely sick!




photo_free_estimatesMost basement flood cleanup jobs are covered by insurance companies but even if you’re paying out of pocket our rates and processes are the same.  We use the same estimating software, Xactimate, that adjusters do to quote our work.  It means you know we’re offering you a fair price and not gouging you during an emergency!

Our quotes are always free – just call!


XactimateWhy should you care about whether or not the basement water cleanup company you hire uses Xactimate? Because if they don’t, you could be paying too much for any services rendered or if you are filing an insurance claim, they may deny it. Xactimate is extremely important because it’s the system most widely used to make sure any cleanup & repair work is done according to prices already set by insurance companies. In our business, we can’t charge whatever we want. Instead, we rely on insurers to set our prices and our job is to fully document the work required and then let Xactimate tell us what we should bill to the insurance company. Here is how it works:




checklistOur technicians undergo a rigorous screening process which includes a criminal background check and are randomly drug tested throughout their employment.  On the service front, each tech goes through internal and 3rd party training & certification processes to ensure they know what they’re doing.

We go to great lengths to ensure quality service to you!




satisfaction-guaranteeOur aim is always to help our customers in their time of need by providing the best possible basement water removal service as possible.  While that might seem like a no-brainer, there are many companies that simply don’t care about their service but only about collecting a check from your insurer and moving along their way!

We provide great service & guarantee your satisfaction!


What should certified basement flood removal services in Danbury look like? The reality is that the process can take a thousand different forms, just depending on how much water is in the basement, what types of surfaces are wet, and how long the water has been present. Mitigating basement water damage is a difficult task, and any misstep, however slight, can manifest itself as a big problem on down the road. That’s why you should never use a water damage company that isn’t certified by the IICRC. All of our technicians carry their certifications and perform the work the right way, no matter how difficult or challenging it might be. Here is what that usually looks like:




bill-directOne of the greater inconveniences you can experience from basement flooding is dealing with your insurance company.  Especially if you have never done it before, the claim process can be hellish.  So in order to help, we provide our customers with complete insurance assistance at every point during that process.

In fact, we can bill our work directly to the insurer!


insurance-claim-formWhat we’ve found customers desire the most after dealing with a basement flood is to have the work done correctly and any insurance claim to be settled appropriately. Unfortunately neither are a given. Especially when it comes to an insurance claim, you have to be proactive. That means, first and foremost, understanding that you are the person best suited to make sure you get a positive settlement, not your insurance adjuster. Adjusters do everything they can to limit their financial obligation to you, and sometimes those cost-cutting efforts can be very bad for you.

That is why one of the biggest suggestions we make to potential customers is to hire your own mitigation company, not someone your adjuster wants you to. Your adjuster has ulterior motives when they refer you to someone. Namely, that company is going to charge roughly half of what the job should cost according to the industry standard prices. Hiring the cheapest guy in town is a horrible way to getting quality service, so don’t be fooled by that referral!

Homes in Danbury experience basement floods on a daily basis.  Even offices are not immune to heavy rains or busted pipes.  That’s why we have basement flood & water extraction crews available whenever an emergency occurs.  We are experts in extracting water from Danbury flooded basements.  Whether there is just a small area affected or your entire finished basement in underwater, our flood damage restoration crews can help get your home or office dried out quickly.

Our crews use patented water extraction vacuums and drying equipment designed to completely restore your property.  In fact, each water damage cleanup crew will stand behind the work they do and guarantee your complete satisfaction.  That’s why when you call our flood damage crew, you can know you’re getting the best service and the best customer service Connecticut.  So call today for an immediate response to your Danbury basement flood and a free estimate for any water extraction that may be required.

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