Washington DC Sewage Cleanup

If you’re in or around Washington, DC and are in need of emergency extraction services for a backed-up sewer line, you’ve come to the right place.  Our DC sewage cleanup company specializes in the messiest of sewer back-up situations and we are available to provide a rapid response anytime you need help.  We always stand behind our work and always offer free estimates that we provide in writing to you!


Don’t trust your sewage removal service needs to the wrong company!


Go with a company that can get there fast!

Extracting sewage from a basement or anywhere in a home or office needs to occur as quickly after the event as possible.  Sewage is a toxic substance that can make you sick and can also do a significant amount of damage to your property.  So call us and we’ll get there fast!


Go with a company that offers simple pricing & free estimates!

Determining how much it will cost to get your home or office back to normal shouldn’t be a guessing game.  We go to great lengths to lay out our process for sewage damage repair as well as the costs.  We always provide you with our restoration plan and a free estimate in writing!


Go with a company that warranties their service!

What happens if you notice something wrong long after the sewage removal company is gone?  In most cases, you’ll be left out to dry and on your own to deal with it!  But call us and we’ll give you a 1 year warranty on any sewage extraction service!


Did you know sewage back-ups can make the air you breathe toxic?


Sadly most people’s initial response to sewage is that it stinks.  And while that is certainly true, the smell is the least of your problems believe it or not.  What do we mean?  Sewage is toxic.  In fact, there can be some really nasty stuff in your sewage like E-coli virus & Hepatitis-A.  And while some things swimming around in your sewer water can be contracted by exposure to the skin, there’s plenty of things that can be contracted through the air.

That’s why we can’t be more clear in saying that if you’ve got sewage in your property, please do not try and clean it up yourself.  Call for professional help immediately!

To learn more about these dangers, as well as what you should know about professional sewage damage mitigation services, feel free to watch the video below:


As you can see from the video, it’s a serious situation that warrants a serious response. We follow the strictest standards as set by OSHA and the IICRC throughout every facet of the sewage cleanup process.  It means you don’t have to worry about getting sick or having decontaminated areas once we’ve completed the project.


Will my insurance pay for the costs of cleaning sewage?


Some insurance companies cover sewage back-ups as part of their standard policies while others require you to purchase additional coverage.  It’s impossible to know what’s covered in your policy without reading it.

That being said, if your sewage back-up removal service is covered by your carrier, our staff can assist you during your claim.  Whether it’s by working with your adjuster to settle your claim quickly or billing our services directly to them, our goal is to help you deal with the insurance company so that things are resolved in a timely manner!


How do you insure my sewage damaged home is deemed safe?


The most critical aspect of our service (and the most important thing our customers need to know) is that once we’re gone your property is safe.  It requires complete restorative work from start to finish.  We’re a certified sewage cleanup company, meaning we only use the proper restoration and cleaning techniques as well as the best equipment on the market today!

Whether it’s extracting sewage and safely removing it from your property, or replacing damaged areas with no drywall and sheetrock and carpet, disposing of your items, or completely disinfecting the affected areas, we leave no stone unturned.  It’s why, once complete, we’ll provide you with a full bill of health!


Want peace of mind the estimating process is straightforward?


One concern many people have is getting fleeced by a restoration contractor in DC that jacks up the price given the urgency and immediacy of the project.  With us, you don’t have to worry about that because we use the industry standard estimating system to calculate our costs for sewage cleanup & repair services.

Watch this video to learn about the benefits of the Xactimate estimating software:


No matter what your issue, our Washington, DC crews know what needs to be done to get your property clean and dry.  Each has years of experience serving Washington, DC customers in their time of need and are fully certified in basement flood restoration services.  We know it’s a traumatic experience, walking into standing wastewater in your Washington, DC property.  But rest easy knowing professional Washington, DC water extraction services are just a phone call away.  Call now for immediate assistance and a no obligation, free estimate for any work you need performed!

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