Washington DC Water Damage Restoration

Our Washington, DC water damage restoration professionals have seen it all.  Whether your home or office has just a small affected area caused by a gradual leak or you have standing water in a flooded finished basement, we can help get your property fully restored quickly!  It doesn’t take much water to create a lot of damage, and it doesn’t take much time.  That’s why if you’ve experience any amount of flooding, an immediate response is key!  So call us for certified water damage cleanup service and free, no obligation estimate!


What makes us different?  We believe effective water damage repair services are about the process and it starts when you call.  Here’s what you can expect from us:


A Prompt Response When You Need It.  Water damage losses are most definitely emergencies.  The reason is simple:  the longer water is able to damage your property, the greater extent of that damage, the higher the costs, and the more likely toxic black mold is to infiltrate your home.  That’s why we respond at a moment’s notice to any water damage cleanup need you might have!


A Free Estimate.  The costs of water damage restoration can vary wildly depending on the nature of your loss.  There isn’t a simple hourly rate that we can quote you…in fact, we need to perform a complete survey of your loss in order to provide you with a full estimate.  So call now to schedule a free on-site estimate…it’s provided in writing before any work is done!


Learn about the estimating process!  The more you know the better educated you are about the water damage cleanup process and the better you can expect the outcomes to be. And that includes the first step, determining the price of any emergency restoration services you might need. So watch this video about Xactimate, the market leader in insurance repair estimates and the only system we use to provide quotes for our potential customers!


Fully-stocked Trucks.  When we get on-site, we’re fully prepared to begin the water cleanup and drying process.  Each crew is equipped with the best restoration technology available, including moisture detection equipment as well structural drying systems and dehumidification equipment.  That means we get there we can immediately begin the process of getting your home or office back to normal!


Honest & Affordable Prices.  Gouging customers when they’re at their most vulnerable isn’t the right thing to do.  We understand that and it’s why we offer affordable prices that are fair.  In most cases we’re compensated by your insurance provider and use pricing systems approved by them.  It ensures there aren’t any hiccups during the claims process and that all parties are comfortable with the work we have performed and the cost of that work.


If I am experiencing water damage and need your help, what should I expect?


The water damage cleaning process can be confusing to some customers.  There are several people involved, lots of equipment, and crews coming in and out of your home.  Here’s what you can expect:


An Initial On-Site Water Damage Assessment

Our technician will walk your damaged property with you and point out what’s happened and what needs to be done.  The assessment outlines all noticeable water damage and lays out a restoration protocol we’ll follow.  With this assessment will be a full breakdown of the costs (in writing) associated with our water damage restoration services.


Content Removal & Moisture Testing

Should you want to move forward with our company once you’ve received our estimate, we can begin the process of clearing out the effected space so that we can get to work.  We’ll pack out these items and put them through a content restoration process to try and salvage them.  We’ll then use moisture detection equipment to determine what areas have been soaked as well as determine acceptable moisture levels by testing unaffected areas.


Water Removal

Getting out as much surface water as possible is extremely important.  In most cases, our equipment can remove 97% of the water that has damaged your home or office.  Depending on the type of surfaces that have been water damaged, we use various types of water extraction tools that suck up moisture and dispose of it outside your property.


Structural Drying & Dehumidification

While we can extract the majority of water with our water removal equipment, some moisture will require time to dry out.  We use air movers and position them throughout your property so that they can pass dry, hot air over floors, carpets, walls, or ceilings and rapidly dry them out.  To catch any water vapors that escape during the process, we implement dehumidification systems to capture and exhaust evaporated water so that it doesn’t stick around and find a home somewhere else in your property’s structure!

Too many words?  No problem, we understand, you’re busy, probably stressed, and need to make a decision quickly.  But before you do, educate yourself about the water damage repair process.  We feel strongly that an educated customer is an empowered customer, and an empowered customer gets the excellent service they deserve!  So please watch the video below so you can know the basic steps to expect should you hire our DC water damage restoration contractors:


Filing a water damage claim? Please read below!


If your insurance policy covers the loss, we would encourage you to run the project through your insurer. But that doesn’t mean it’s their job to spearhead the process. Here’s some things you should know if you plan on filing a claim.


insurance-claim-formYou don’t need a claim opened in order to begin the water mitigation process.

Most people just assume they can’t get any work done without a claim number. The truth is it’s your obligation to protect your home, and doing so quickly will ultimately save the insurance company money because less damage will occur. A claim can be filed early on during the process, but it doesn’t need to be the first thing. So do not hesitate to call us or another DC water mitigation company so that the containment & extraction process can begin before other areas of your home get ruined.


You always get to decide who does the work.

If you do call your adjuster, they’re likely to tell you to call XYZ company. Here’s what you need to know about that referring company…they got the referral because they promised to discount their water cleanup services dramatically. We’re homeowners ourselves and we’ve never had any luck getting great service from a company that offers the cheapest rates possible, and in our experience in the water damage space, the same can be said.

You get to decide who you want to work with and are in no way obligated to use the water damage restoration company your insurance adjuster might refer you to. We believe you deserve a company that treats you like the customer, not your insurance company!


You need an ally when it comes the claim amount.

Insurers, especially some companies, go to great lengths to minimize the number of claims they payout on and the claim amounts for those they do. If you don’t have a water mitigation company in your corner, you may very well get pushed around in that process and end up having to foot the bill on a portion of the service provided. We make sure that doesn’t happen!

If you have a water emergency that you think may be effecting your main sewage line check the District’s water emergency resources.

Each Washington, DC water damage restoration crew on our team is fully licensed, insured & certified to perform work on your home or office.  We utilize the best techniques, latest equipment, and guarantee all of the Washington, DC water damage restoration work we do with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.  We’re also approved by every major insurance provider, which means our Washington, DC water damage crews can work directly with your insurance company to handle the insurance claim and billing process.  Whether you need water extraction & dryout services or you’re looking for someone to clean-up a basement flood, we can help.

By calling now, you can be assured you’ll always speak with a live Washington, DC water damage expert and should you want immediate response, a crew can be dispatched promptly.  Our Washington, DC water damage technicians will walk through your property to assess the damage and provide a free estimate for the cost of any flood restoration services that might be required.  So if you need a Washington, DC water damage restoration company you can trust, call us today and speak with a live representative who can immediately dispatch a crew to provide a free estimate for your Washington, DC water damage restoration needs!

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