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While there are many ingredients for successful water removal and drying service, one thing you can’t leave out is a fast response. By acting quickly, you can help save your home and yourself many headaches. It’s why we focus on emergency Ft Lauderdale water cleanup services designed to get your life back to normal quickly. So call us anytime that you’ve experienced a flood and we’ll send out a crew to provide you with a free estimate in writing!


What separates us from other Ft Lauderdale water removal companies?


When it comes to dealing with a flood, you have many choices of companies to help get your property restored.  Here’s some of the reasons we hope you’ll choose us!


We’re certified to perform water removal service!

Did you know that many companies that advertise themselves as a water & flood damage company aren’t actually certified to do the work.  It’s not illegal to do so, but it certainly doesn’t bode well for the level of service you can expect.  Call us and get certified service!


We offer each customer a 1 year full warranty on our work!

If you choose us as your Ft Lauderdale water extraction company, not only can expect unsurpassed service, but you can also rest easy knowing that the work is guaranteed!  Each customer gets a full year warranty on our service, no questions asked!


We get on-site quickly & can get to work immediately!

Anytime you need a water cleaning & dryout company, it’s an emergency.  That’s why we have all the pieces in place to deal with your crisis quickly.  We always answer your call, have crews on-call 24/7, and show up in fully-stocked trucks and can get to work immediately!


How much will it cost?


Many times people call in and ask how much it costs per hour or per square foot…unfortunately, that’s not how things are priced.  Without seeing your property, and surveying the damage and laying out a mitigation plan, it’s impossible to say what it will cost.  For that reason, we always provide you with a free estimate once we’ve had a chance to perform our assessment!

The total cost is determined by your insurance, not us! How is that possible, you ask? Within our industry, most water extraction services fall under either homeowners insurance or flood insurance. And because insurers are usually on the hook for paying us, they have teamed up to established universally accepted rates for all work that we do. Please watch this video so you understand how costs are calculated in the emergency restoration field and how it protects you (and your insurer) from overcharging!


We offer full service water extraction & flood repair services…


() 24/7 emergency service available with guaranteed 60 minute response time

() Free estimates with complete on-site damage assessment

() Insurance-approved direct billing available

() Guaranteed service that gives you peace of mind

() Carpet drying weighted extraction systems

() Injectidry hard-surface (wood floors, drywall, etc) moisture removal systems

Whether you have water dripping from your ceilings from an upstairs toilet overflow or soaked carpets from a water heater leaking, we can get the moisture out quickly so you don’t end up with mold damage.

To see what a typical water mitigation job looks like, watch our quick video below:


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Ft Lauderdale area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



Water cleanup tips & tricks!


If you have a contained area of water on a hard surface, you can probably dry it up on your own. But when it comes to dealing with standing water on hardwood floors, water that has traveled through walls or ceilings, or wet carpets, it’s better left to the professionals.


Finding all trapped moisture.

Flood Damage Moisture TestOne of the biggest hurdles you would face would happen right off the bat. Where is the moisture? If your answer is ‘right there, where I can see it’ you’re partly right. Certainly you’ll need to extract and remove all standing water, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The challenge is finding all of the water damage that can’t be seen. To do that, we use specialized equipment. We use devices called moisture meters to accurately determine what areas of your property have elevated levels of moisture that must be addressed during the drying process. Only then will we have a complete picture as to where the water has traveled and be able to recommend the best possible mitigation plan.


Applying non-invasive structural drying methods.

injectidry wall dryingHuh? Sorry, industry lingo. This just means we try not to tear up your home. We don’t want to cause any more headaches than you already have, and luckily the technology in our industry has made massive advancements in the past decade that help us in that regard. While it may be necessary to remove drywall, carpeting, or other areas to comply with industry best practices, where possible we try to dry in place without causing any damage. How do we do that? We use systems like the Injectidry wall and floor drying equipment, that allow us to evaporate and extract moisture from within/behind surfaces.


Don’t worry, reliable Ft. Lauderdale water extraction services are just a phone call away.  Our water dry-out and basement flood company can be at your home or place of business within 60 minutes.  We’re experts in providing emergency water removal and complete drying services and utlize the best equipment and most up-to-date techniques within the restoration field.

That means that when you call our Fort Lauderdale water damage company, you can bank on getting your property fully dried out and restored.  In fact, each of our flood damage companies stand behind their work with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.  And we also offer a free estimate for your any flooding event you might be dealing with, including sewage cleaning!  So if you’re not sure what to do and you have standing water, please know that acting fast is the most important thing you can do.

Call us now and speak to a live Fort Lauderdale FL water extraction expert that can be at your property fast to help get the water out of your home and help get your life back to normal.  Our water restoration technicians can even handle the insurance process and directly bill your insurance company…so call today for a free water damage or extraction estimate!

Here’s some recent projects we’ve successfully completed:


Kamulah T. in Sunrise, FL – Water pipe busted causing water damage

Tile and carpet were wet, multiple rooms in home required water extraction and air movers were used to dry out floor and walls.

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