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With over 2 decades of providing Orlando with water removal services, you can bet we’ve seen it all. A lot has changed in that time…the equipment is more advanced and the processes to deal with flooding are more in-depth. But what has never changed is our commitment to providing the best water cleanup services imaginable, and doing so at a price that is fair and affordable!


What’s the difference between us and other Orlando water extraction companies?


We get there fast and arrive ready to tackle whatever your property might throw at us!

Every company out there advertises a 24/7 emergency response but very few mean it and do the things necessary to respond urgently to your crisis.  We always answer your call and our crews are standing by around the clock to get to your flooded property quickly.  Each truck is fully stocked so we can get to work right then and there!


We make the estimation process simple with honest pricing & free quotes!

Some people call and ask what our hourly rate is…but it doesn’t work that way.  Our rates are actually determined by claims software that is also used by your insurer.  Our techs come to your property and put in the dimensions, what is affected, what needs to be dried/replaced, and it determines the cost, which we present to you in writing!

We always use industry-standard pricing and never inflate our rates! The worst case scenario is you hire a water damage company and they end up doing a lot of unnecessary work or charging you hiked rates for services, and when you go to file your insurance claim your adjuster denies a portion of the claim. At RestorationEze, that isn’t going to happen, and it’s because of the way we estimate and price our services. Watch this video to understand what we mean…


We give you peace of mind that the work will get done correctly!

It’s a simple philosophy for us:  we must make our customers happy by providing the highest level of service we can.  So it’s that simple…we try our best to do everything right in order to make sure your completely satisfied.  But if it’s the case you aren’t happy, or we’ve done something wrong, we warranty our work for a full year!


Did you know we can bill your insurance carrier directly?


Many customers are relieved to find out we are an insurance-approved water extraction company that can bill their insurer directly for our service.  We know that for most times are very tough financially, so many times it makes the most sense to simply bill the insurance company directly for our service.  Of course, if you choose to pay upfront and are seeking a quick reimbursement, we can also help with that….so just give us a call and let’s figure out what makes the most sense for you!


We get the water out and make sure your property is safe from any hidden moisture!


Did you know that the overwhelming majority of water damage can’t be seen by the human eye?  That’s the biggest danger when it comes to dealing with flooding…most people just think it’s about removing standing water.  In reality, the challenges are much more insidious than that.

If you weren’t a trained water cleanup technician equipped with specialized equipment, you’d probably think this bathroom wall was safe and go on your way…and boy, how wrong you would be!  As you can on the right, this wall contains dangerously high moisture levels that would result in rot and mold if not dealt with.

We have the proper training and equipment to make sure that all water is extracted AND that all affected areas are identified and dried quickly!

If you have a minute, watch the video below. In it, we explain what the water mitigation process looks like. From initial assessment to water cleanup to drying and build back, we break down the process in a way you can understand!


Why does the water extraction process need to happen quickly?


Mold remediationAccording to FEMA, mold can grow within 24-48 hours after a water damage event. That leaves you very little time to get the process started, and it means the water mitigation company you hire better show up ready to get to work. Many contractors lack the right water mitigation equipment to effectively do the job and actually have to rent equipment. That means you lose time and the chances you get mold skyrocket. When you call us, we understand we’re on the clock and that removing the moisture quickly is absolutely essential to stopping mold.


mold-free-guaranteeWe offer a mold-safe guarantee!

Unlike most everyone else, we’re confident that when you call us to cleanup water damage on your property, we’ll do so effectively and that your home will pass any 3rd party mold test you wish to have performed. We understand the challenges that go into to stopping mold and have all the right equipment to make sure your home does not have unsafe levels of mold once we’ve completed the project!

If you’re in need of Orlando water cleanup services, chances are you’re in a panic…whether it’s a flooded kitchen or bathroom or any other situation where professional water extraction services are needed…it can be a nightmare.  Fortunately, our Orlando water damage restoration specialists are here to help get your dry quickly!

We specialize in Orlando emergency water extraction & complete dry-out services.  Each of our Orlando flood damage crews is fully insured & certified to tackle your home or office water extraction project.  We are available around-the-clock and your call will always be answered by a live Orlando water extraction specialist.  That means we can be at your Orlando FL property within minutes to help get your residential or commercial property dried out quickly and using industry-standard water extraction methods.

So if you’re panicked in Orlando FL, stay calm…immediate help is just a call away!  Our Orlando water damage restoration crews are ready to provide a free estimate and can work with your insurance agency to get any claims and/or bills settled.  We will make your Orlando water damage restoration issues as headache free as we can!

Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Orlando metro area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



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