Mold Removal in Chicago

mold-inspectionBlack mold can take root anywhere in your property where it has food, a little bit of moisture, and the right temperature.  And when it does, it can grow fast and cause inhabitants to become sick.  It’s not something you want to deal with, but if that’s the position you find yourself in, please call us.  We provide you with a no obligation mold damage assessment and free estimate for any remediation services you might require!

If you suspect black mold, please call now!


Understanding the mold removal process


Because customers are usually dealing with the effects of black mold for the first time, and have no experience with the mold remediation process, here’s some general steps you can expect from us should you choose us as your Chicago mold cleanup company.




Free_EstimatesIn order to properly mitigate any mold damage present within your property, we must first know the full scope of the loss.  That requires our technician performing a complete mold assessment to know exactly what has been affected as well as lay out a plan of action to remediate the black mold.  We can then provide you with a free cost estimate!

We offer a free mold assessment – just call!


Containing the area.


mold-containmentOnce we’ve identified the scope of damage, we can then begin containing that area.  We use plastic sheets that form a barrier to protect the remainder of the property from any harmful micro-organisms that can be disturbed and thrown into the air and end up being inhaled and/or forming mold growth elsewhere in the house.

We make sure you’re protected throughout the process.


Item removal & cleanup.


cleanupWe can then remove items that have been damaged by mold and safely dispose of them.  In some cases, items can be salvaged, in other cases, they may need to be thrown out.  Once we’ve cleared the air, we employ negative ion systems the kill off mold particles, as well as apply microban to finish the job, getting rid of the black mold.

We use a 2-step process to ensure the mold is gone for good!


Sealant & repair.


mold-removalAfter we have effectively removed any black mold and disinfected the entire area, we can begin the process of restoring the affected areas.  That means replacing any items that had to be removed and sealing those areas, either with paint or other sealants.  Once we’ve completed this process, it will look like never had any mold!

Once we’re done, it will be as good as new!


Environmental testing.


environmental-test-moldOnce we’ve completed our work, we’ll call in a 3rd party environmentalists or mold testing company to perform testing to ensure we’ve done our work properly.  It’s great peace of mind for you because the results don’t lie and the test is done by an independent party.  We’re confident it will com back negative every time!

That’s it – you’ll then be safe from harmful black mold!


Do you have questions about mold?  Give us a call!


phone-sans-shadowWe realize there can be a lot of unknowns when you’re talking about toxic black mold.  How much does it cost?  Will my insurance pay for it?  Can I just clean it up myself?  There’s a host of questions you probably have, and one of our responsibilities is helping make sure they get answered.

So if you have any mold related questions, we hope you’ll give us a call and let us talk through your concerns and provide as much information as possible.  We consider ourselves a partner in your healthy home, so just give us a call today!

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