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If you live anywhere on the Southside of Chicago, we can be at your water damaged property within minutes to provide you with a free estimate.  We specialize in rapid water mitigation, drying & reconstruction services for both residential and commercial properties, and always back any mitigation service you receive with a complete customer satisfaction guarantee!  So if you’re in or around Oak Lawn, IL and need help now, please give us a call!


Affordable water damage restoration services in Oak Lawn, IL!


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgGetting affordable & reliable water cleanup & repair services shouldn’t be difficult.  In fact, it needs to be simple, fast & straightforward.  Water damage will continue to occur as each minute passes and the containment & mitigation process hasn’t begun.  It’s why we’re here, to provide a fast and easy way to get certified flood repair services in and around Oak Lawn IL!


We make getting a free quote simple!


Free_EstimatesGetting the “right” price for any basement flooding cleanup or sewage removal services is simple if you call us.  Why?  Because our prices are calculated using Xactimate, the universal claims estimating software used by restoration companies and insurance adjusters.  So when we provide you with a free, on-site cost estimate for our flood restoration service, you know it’s a fair price every time!


We make sure the work is done right!


satisfaction-guaranteeThe best prices around don’t matter if the flood restoration services aren’t done properly.  There’s the right way to cleanup after flooding damage, and then there’s a thousand other ways.  We don’t cut corners in an attempt to save money or time.  We make sure the work is done according to industry protocols and we use the best equipment available.  It’s why we’re confident in offering each customer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!


Here’s what you can expect from us…


moisture-reading_wood_flooringWe find the moisture you can’t see!

Moisture readings will need to be taken throughout your property to determine what areas have sustained water damage as well as determine what levels or dryness we need to attain during the evaporation phase of the project.  Most moisture can’t be spotted, so we use probes and sensors to make sure no water is left untreated!


flooded-basement-water-extractionWe get out 97% of all water immediately!

Whether it’s wet carpets, a basement flood, or water soaking your wood floors, we have water extraction equipment that can quickly remove almost all of the water within an hour of being at your property.  We invest heavily in our machinery so that you can be confident we’re using the most advanced, proven technologies available on the market today!


applyingantimicroWe apply fungicide to inhibit mold!

There’s only one sure way to stop mold and that is to quickly remove the conditions necessary for its growth.  But to make sure we have that time window, we apply an anti-microbial spray designed to buy time and temporarily halt mold while our drying equipment does its job.  This spray is then washed out and the excess moisture removed, so there are no harmful chemical agents left at your home.


Drying wet carpetWe remove all remaining moisture with drying equipment!

Drying equipment is used to get out the remaining moisture that our water removal systems can’t get out.  The act of drying out your structure is actually a process of passing hot, dry air over the water damage so that the trapped moisture evaporates and releases into the environment, at which point our dehumidifiers catch that moisture and dispose of it outside your property to ensure no secondary water damage occurs!

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