Fire Damage Restoration in Detroit

Fire-damageFires can be devastating, but they don’t have to be the end.  We hope that if you’ve suffered a fire, that no one was injured.  If it’s just property damage, you’re lucky…it can be fixed!  We provide complete fire damage mitigation services designed to quickly and cost-effectively get your property to its preloss condition.  Call today and ask about our free onsite fire damage assessment and estimate!

Always here when you need help after a fire!


We restore fire & smoke damaged properties!


You can’t afford to not have a trusted partner guiding you through every phase of the Detroit fire damage restoration process.  It’s why we’re here, to make sure you can get things back to normal quickly and without major headaches.  Here’s just some of the ways we help people in your situation ever day:


By being available 24/7


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgWe can’t be of much use to you if we aren’t available when you need us.  It’s why we have a 24/7 call center that live answers every call.  It’s also why we make sure fire damage contractors are on-call around the clock to immediately respond to your call.  Call and we dispatch the closest crew so you’re not stuck waiting around while your home and your family are unsafe!


By giving you a free fire restoration estimate!


Free_EstimatesThe process of giving you a price quote for any fire and smoke damage repair services that might be necessary is actually pretty straightforward.  One of our certified fire damage technicians comes to your property and visually assesses the loss.  It allows us to know exactly what type of damage there is as well as to lay out a fire mitigation plan that will ensure your property is fully restored.

contractor-customerOnce the assessment has taken place, we sit down with you to go over what we have seen and our recommendations for getting things fixed.  It’s a great chance for us to explain your options, answer your questions, and make sure you understand everything that has happened and needs to happen to get your property back to its original state.  We don’t rush you through the process or hard-sell you on our services.  We simply give you our professional assessment and your best options!

But how can I trust the estimate you quote me?

XactimateGreat question!  And you’ll be surprised at the answer: our quotes are calculated by Xactimate.  That is a system used by both insurance adjusters and Detroit restoration companies that makes sure the rates charged are fair and reimbursable by insurers.  The system works like this.  We measure the extent of fire damage and then lay out precisely each step that must occur.  Xactimate has a price attached for every single service or material that we would need, so it calculates the total cost based upon what is needed to be done!


By hiring great people & offering great fire cleanup service!


We know that whatever else happens, we can decide who we hire and we can equip them with the things they need to be successful.  And that’s why we invest so much in our people and processes.

We drug test & background screen all technicians.

We make sure that anyone coming to your home is someone we’d invite into our home as well.  While some fire restoration companies in Detroit might hire felons, or even allow people into customers’ homes while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, that’s a non-starter for us.

CertificateIconWe offer certified fire damage restoration services.

We certify technicians.  That’s important, because becoming certified as a fire and water damage restoration technician means that the person has truly studied the science behind mitigation work.  You can learn on the job, but without understanding why to do what you’re doing, you won’t be able to make the right adjustments during the cleanup process!


By billing insurance, not you!


bill-directFire losses are typically paid for by insurance companies.  So if you’re like most of our customers, you’re probably going to file a claim.  But luckily we can guide you through that process as well, and we can even bill them for our work.

Let us bill them for your insurance fire damage repairs!

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