Grand Rapids MI Basement Flood Clean-up

Whether it’s from a foundation leak, backed-up sewer line, or water heater leaking, flooded basements are the most common type of water loss. So whether you have a finished basement that has experience a lot of flooding damage or an unfinished basement with the loss contained to a small area, it’s important you call a certified basement flood extraction company quickly so that your home doesn’t suffer more damage! We happily provide an immediate response guarantee and always give you a free, no obligation estimate, so please give us a call!


Choose a Grand Rapids basement flood repair company you can trust!


24/7 Immediate Response Time

It doesn’t take a lot of basement flooding to cause a lot of damage, especially if the water is standing for too long!  Moving quickly to extract basement water and get the property dry is crucial, so we always respond immediately to your emergency!


Straightforward Rates & Always Free Quotes! 

Did you know that cleaning up basement floods should always be priced according to insurance-approved rates?  In fact, there shouldn’t be much disparity at all between quotes from reputable companies!  We offer free estimates and fair pricing each and every time!


Watch the video below to see how we quote our services!


With too many restoration companies, the estimating process is opaque and the customer gets screwed. It’s a shame, but it happens every day. With us, you always get a basement flood cleanup estimate based on the accepted rates already approved by insurance companies. So whether you are filing a claim or not, we make sure the price is fair and that you only pay the industry-accepted rate for our services! Watch the video below to learn more:


We stand behind any basement flood damage repair service offered!


When it comes to choosing a basement flooding company, make sure you choose someone that is willing to stand behind their work.  Far too many providers won’t be heard from the second they pack up their equipment and get their check.

But by choosing us, you get peace of mind.  Why?  Because we make sure you’re completely satisfied before we leave.  And that security doesn’t go away once we’ve left.  We offer a 1 year warranty on work, such that should you have problems within that year we’ll come back and take care of it for you!


How do we handle basement water damage?


The process of drying out a basement after flooding can be complex or it can be pretty straightforward. It just depends on the amount of time that has passed since the flooding occurred and how much damage was caused. The video below helps walk you through the typical steps taken during the water mitigation process, whether it’s a basement or any other area of your home or business.


Is my basement flooding covered by my insurance company?


In most cases, basement flood repair services are covered by your insurer, assuming the cause of the flooding was a result of a malfunction within your property dwelling.  However, things such as foundation leaks and flooding due to heavy rain or melted snow are usually not covered by insurers without additional protection on top of your standard policy.

We encourage you to read over your policy carefully to understand what your insurer is obligated to pay for.  And if it is the case that your loss is covered, we can definitely communicate directly with your insurer throughout the process to make sure the claim is handled properly and quickly!


How long will it take to remove the water from my basement and dry things out?


There’s no way around the fact that repairing basement flooding is a nuisance.  Strangers coming in and out of your home, loud equipment constantly making noise.  We know it’s not ideal and that all you want is for us to get your home back to normal as quickly as possible.

That’s why everything we do, from the techniques we utilize to the equipment we deploy, is geared to get the moisture out as quickly as possible in the hopes that we don’t have to tear out any walls or ceiling and perform any reconstruction services.  So while every job is different, on average it takes 3.7 days to perform standard water extraction and structural drying services!


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Grand Rapids area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!


If it’s a Grand Rapids flooded basement you find yourself dealing with, time is of the essence.  Calling our certified flood damage in Grand Rapids crews insures you’ll get the highest level of service fast.  We offer turn-key water removal & water damage repair services.  Whether it’s water heaters that leak to pipes that burst, our water cleanup crews have seen it all and can help you!

Even severe situations such as Grand Rapids sewage removal are no match for our crews.  We have years of experience restoring basement floods.  You need a water damage restoration company that has the tools and skills to properly extract water from your basement and dry your Grand Rapids property.

So if you’ve got a flooded basement in Grand Rapids, and need an immediate response from certified flood damage restoration professionals that will stand behind their work, call us now!


Recent Projects We’ve Serviced


Water was leaking from the laundry area in the basement and approximately 1 1/2 inches of water needed to be properly removed and dried.

–Rosalinda, Grand Rapids, MI


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