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flood-damage-companyIf you’ve experienced a backed-up sewer line that has resulted in raw sewage being exposed in your home or business, it’s important that you get professional help. While some water losses can be handled by savvy DIYers, cleaning up sewage isn’t one of them. Raw sewage poses a serious health risk to you and great challenges during the remediation process. We offer emergency sewage extraction services throughout Kansas City and always provide a free, on-site estimate!


We can be onsite within 1 hour – usually faster!


24-7-emergency-serviceGetting there fast is our first priority.  Waiting around for help while you sit exposed to harmful pathogens that can make you sick isn’t an option.  It’s just one of the reasons we make sure to respond to your call immediately no matter when you pick up the phone.  Just call and a crew is on their way!

Emergency sewage extraction when you need it!


Call & we’ll provide an on-site estimate for free!


photo_free_estimatesWith just one phone call we can quickly begin the process of getting you an upfront cost estimate to remove sewage and completely disinfect and dry your property.  Our project manager will come to your home or business to assess the sewage damage & explain the process for remediating your loss!

Just call now for a free quote!


The estimating process is a lot more straightforward than you probably expect. In fact, you really don’t need to get a lot of estimates because we all work off the same estimating software. Watch the video below to understand how Xactimate works and how we calculate the cost of any sewage damage cleanup services you may need!


We’re certified, insured & licensed!


CertificateIconSo what, you say?  You’d be surprised how many restoration services don’t have the right training and certifications.  Sadly it can end up hurting you, usually from poor service that causes further damage to your property.  But our technicians are fully certified, trained, and insured so that you can rest easy!

We get the job done right – your safety is our top priority!


Is your sewage loss covered by insurance?


bill-directDepending on your insurance company and the details of your policy, your sewage damage and the cost to restore your property may be covered under your policy.  Before calling your insurance company, call us!  We can navigate the claims process for you and can communicate with your adjuster throughout the project!  From start to finish we offer full service water damage services!

Did you know we can bill to the insurance company directly?


Choose a company that stands behind its work!


We guarantee your satisfaction


satisfaction-guaranteeOur Kansas City restoration company is committed to making sure each and every customer is completely satisfied with every aspect of our service.  In fact, it’s just one of the things we guarantee.  Before the job is considered done, our project manager will walk through with you to make sure we’ve addressed any concerns and that you’re completely happy with our work!


We warranty all work for 1 year


1-yr-warrantyGuaranteeing your satisfaction at the time of service is just the first step in our commitment towards you.  But it doesn’t stop there.  While we never anticipate there being a problem once we pack up our equipment and leave your property, if there is, just give us a call.  We warranty the work for a full year after the project is completed, so you can be confident you’re in good hands!


Raw sewage is extremely dangerous!


Most people, when confronted with a sewer backup, assume the foul smell is their biggest worry. While that certainly isn’t pleasant, it’s the viruses in raw sewage that should have you concerned.

It’s because of these dangers that both federal and local governments have spent so much resources trying to prevent sewer backups and have established intense cleaning and mitigation protocols for the disposal of raw sewage. To get a better sense for what you’re up against, please watch the video below:


If you’re in need of emergency sewage back-up service in Kansas City MO, you’re in the right place.  With 1 call, our water restoration crews can be at your door to help get a messy situation cleaned up.  Sewage back-ups can be a nasty situation, and for your home or office, they can get worse if not dealt with immediately.  That’s why we specialize in providing immediate Kansas City MO sewer back-up services day or night.

If you need to report a sewer water emergency, you will need to contact KC Water Services!

Whether it’s a basement flood with waste-water or some other Kansas City flood damage event, you need expert help.  We have the resources and appropriate skills to ensure the water extraction process is done correctly.  If you need professional sewer back-up service, call the best in Kansas City!

We’re here when you need us, ready to ensure your water removal process goes smoothly and that your home or office is dried out and cleaned up for good!  Each of our Kansas City water damage restoration crews offers free estimates on your backed-up sewer cleanup service so there is no obligation.

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