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Despite our best efforts as home or business owners, sometimes a disaster happens. When it does, you’re faced with many choices but none is more important than the water damage repair company you choose to help get your property and life back on track. We provide the highest level of residential and commercial water damage services throughout the Charlotte area and hope we can show what has made us the areas trusted restoration company for so many years!


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If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Charlotte area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

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Our Promise To You


We promise to treat your home or office like it is our own. We promise to be responsive and to make sure you are informed of the process and feel comfortable with the work we are doing. We promise to not take any shortcuts and to use industry-standard processes to ensure your home and family’s safety. We promise to offer fair pricing. We promise we will do everything within our power to restore your property to its original state.


24/7 Rapid Response


Time is crucial.  A delayed response to water damage emergency can mean more damage and greater costs.  It’s why we make sure to always answer your call and dispatch a crew within minutes of your call and we can be on-site to begin work usually within a half an hour.


Always Free Quotes


We would be happy to come to your Charlotte property and provide you with a no obligation estimate for any water damage cleanup work you need performed.  Our estimate will be in writing and will detail every aspect of the job.  We use industry standard pricing so that you can feel comfortable the price you are quoted is fair and honest.


Insurance Direct Billing & No Hassle Claims Process


If you’ve never filed a water damage claim with your insurance, they can be challenging.  But don’t worry, we are approved by every major insurance company and can work directly with them to handle your water loss claim and can bill them directly for the work we perform.


List of Services:


() Water Damaged Floors
() Basement Flood
() Ceiling Damage From Rook Leaks
() Crawlspace Water Extraction
() Emergency Water Extraction
() Mold & Mildew Prevention
() Damaged Walls & Drywall Replacement


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How we handle pricing and insurance claims

One of the big worries people have when they need emergency water restoration services is how much it is going to cost and who is going to pay for it. You’ll be happy to know that our rates are the same as the next guy’s rates are the same as the last guy’s rates. How? Because every restoration company uses the same rates. It’s whatever the insurance company says we can charge for the work required on the job.

So what does that mean for the cost estimating process?

It means you don’t need to shop around if you feel comfortable with the contractor and you don’t have to worry about getting charged too much. Watch this video to learn how the cost is arrived at:


What about my insurance claim for water damage?

Everything will depend on the policy you have, the type of water damage you experienced, and the company you hire. Let’s walk through all 3:

insurance-claim-formYour insurance policy – if you have a mortgage, you have a standard homeowners insurance policy which typically covers certain types of water damage. The key is the water origination point. Inside your home? You are usually covered. Outside your home? Standard policies do not cover these losses.

Type of water damage – so what happened? Did an appliance malfunction cause water damage? You should be covered. Did rain water get into your home? Unless you have a flood insurance policy, you probably aren’t covered for that type of loss.

Your water damage company – sometimes insurers take issue with the cause of the water damage or the cost of the mitigation work required to fix it. You have to lean on the company you hire to communicate with them and make clear what happened and what had to happen to fix it.


How we mitigate water damage

The process for each job will differ. We refuse to take a cookie-cutter approach, and we are certainly unwilling to cut corners. Our job is to assess the situation, lay out the best possible water damage restoration plan, and get to work. We constantly monitor our progress and adjuster our approach/equipment accordingly. If you would like to see what that looks like, watch this:


Experiencing a water or flood event in your Charlotte NC can be a very traumatic experience.  Standing water is every property owners worst nightmare, but luckily it’s something we handle on a daily basis.  Our Charlotte restoration professionals have the skills, resources, and experience to make sure your property is dried out and restored to its original state.  From the first call through the final walkthrough of your Charlotte property, our goal is the same:  provide you peace of mind by offering the best service possible.

We’ll be there immediately, whether you call in the middle of the night, during the day, or on the weekend.  Our Charlotte NC water restoration crew can immediately begin the flood damage restoration process, whether it’s from an overflowing toilet, malfunctioning water, or busted pipe, so that any contents can be salvaged.  We also offer pack-out and mold prevention services to help get your Charlotte home or office back to normal and make sure it stays that way!  We’re here to help get your life back to normal, and we have years of experience making that happen.

So call us today and one of our licensed, insured Charlotte restoration technicians will arrive at your property quickly to offer a free estimate for any work that is necessary.  We can even work with your Charlotte insurance agent to handle the claims process and directly bill your homeowners insurance provider.  Fast, reliable & honest water damage and flood clean-up extraction services are just a phone call away!

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