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flood-damage-companyWhen a fire, flood or sewage emergency occurs, immediate & professional help is one phone call away.  We offer certified water damage restoration services that allow you to focus on getting your life in order.  We see ourselves as a full-service provider that can guide you through each step of the process and ensure your property is restored to its pre-loss condition quickly.

If you’ve suffered flooding damage in Mercer County, please give us a call and let us show you what has made us the trusted source for water mitigation & flood damage repair services for so many years!


We are available to provide a free onsite estimate!


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgYour first priority is always to try and mitigate the amount of water damage in your property, and to do that, your first call is always to a flood cleanup company.  While your insurer may be brought into the equation at some point, they are not necessary to save your home.  That’s our job, and it’s why we have technicians available around the clock and guarantee that we can be onsite within 1 hour of your call.  That matters, because every minute that flood water sits in your home or office means greater damage.


How our free water damage estimate works…

Free_EstimatesWhen you call us and we send out an estimator and his crew, they do a few things.  First, they use equipment to see what areas of your flood damaged home have elevated levels of moisture that need to be dried out or replaced.  They then take measurements and estimate the amount of equipment and labor required to dry out and fix the property.  At that point, they use our estimating software to calculate an estimate.  The estimate is always free, and you can have complete faith that it’s fair.

Our estimators use the same software as your adjuster.  That means you always get a price estimate that is reasonable & competitive and it means you don’t need to get another estimate from another restoration contractor!  Here’s how it works…


We cleanup basement floods & sewage back-ups!


CertificateIconHas your basement flooded in Mercer County, New Jersey?  Whether it’s from a leaking pipe, water heater or washing machine malfunction, or a sewer backup, we can help!  We specialize in handling basement flooding and can handle black water losses including sewage cleanup services.  Like any mitigation work we do, we guarantee that all technicians are drug-free, background screened, and certified and trained.

Don’t call the wrong basement flood damage repair company!  Call us for a fast response, free estimate, and guaranteed satisfaction!


You don’t pay out of pocket – insurance direct billing!


bill-directAnother benefit to our water mitigation services in Mercer County is that we can act directly with your insurance company instead of having you run point on the claims process and you paying upfront and then working with your insurer to get refunded.  Instead, we work with the adjuster, and provide everything necessary they need to settle your claim, including sending our invoice directly to them and seeking payment from them instead of from you!


We use cutting edge systems to quickly dry out structures!


injectidry wall dryingA lot of people, when they think of water damage repair services, picture a contractor coming in with sledgehammers and destroying then rebuilding their home.  Don’t worry, that isn’t the case.  Any professional water damage contractor should have the right equipment to try and salvage your walls, floors & other damaged areas without having to cause much destruction.  The goal in our industry is non-intrusive water mitigation, meaning we want to save your home and not replace it.

We have equipment designed to get behind walls, above ceilings, and below floors, and remove excess moisture without needing to replace those areas.

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