North Jersey Basement Flood Clean-up

Basements are prone to flooding given their situated below the ground.  So while any part of your home can experience a flood, basements are most susceptible.  Whether it’s finished or unfinished, we’re here to provide complete basement flood cleanup services.  From start to finish, we can handle every aspect of your flooded basement.  So feel free to call us anytime for a free on-site estimate in writing…there is no obligation to you, just an opportunity for us to assess the flooded basement, describe our services and outline the costs associated!


We offer free estimates & affordable basement flood repair services!


One of the biggest questions we get from new customers is how much it will cost.  Like any service, prices vary depending on what is required.  That being the case, we’re happy to come to your home and assess your basement flood.  During the process, we determine the extent of damage and what will be required to clean it up and restore it.  We’ll then provide you with an estimate in writing that details what we’ll do and the cost.


Prices shouldn’t vary between companies! Yes, that’s right, we all use the same software that calculates losses using the same rates. Watch the video below to learn how we estimate our basement water extraction & dry-out services, and how our customers get a rate they can trust each and every time!


Cleaning up basement flooding should only be done by a certified flood damage restoration company!


Each phase of the cleanup & repair process requires special equipment.  Sadly too many New Jersey homeowners think renting a wet vac and some air movers is enough to repair basement flood damage.  Properly mitigating a flooded basement requires specific equipment for every phase of the water removal, drying, and disinfecting process.  We have the right equipment to quickly dry-out and repair your basement!


Flood Damage Moisture TestMoisture can be hidden…only a trained technician can spot it!  One of the key challenges to properly repairing basement floods is being able to find all the areas that have been soaked by water so that you know what needs to be dried.  We use equipment to detect moisture in drywall, subfloors and any where it could be hiding so that we don’t miss anything.  Doing so would mean structural problems and/or mold later!


We can save parts of your basement you probably thought couldn’t be saved.  If you call us immediately after the flood, you would be shocked at what we can salvage.  Whether it’s walls, wood floors, or carpeting, we have equipment that can work miracles on water soaked stuff.  In many cases, it can be dried out and restored without needing to be completely torn out and replaced!


Want to see how we get basements dry?


If you’ve needed to hire a mitigation company before, then you’re familiar with the process that is typically followed. But if you haven’t, you probably have a lot more questions than answers. Chief among them, what do we do? Watch this video so you know how the water damage restoration process typically works!


Don’t become a victim of black mold!


Too many times we get calls from people that either hired the wrong company or tried cleaning basement flooding themselves only to start smelling mold.  Black mold is a toxic substance at high enough levels and can cause serious illness.  Because of that, it also represents a significant environmental hazard and there are specific protocols that must be followed to remediate the mold.  Without getting in to too much detail, it’s an extremely labor-intensive, time-intensive process  that can be very expensive.

That doesn’t have to be you!!  Call us today if you’re in any of the following counties and let us make sure your basement flood is properly remediated!


Most basement floods can be prevented!


It seems so simple, but sadly too many people don’t do the 2 things they need to in order to prevent basement flooding. If you’re dealing with a wet basement right now, you need to get help getting the moisture out but you can also make sure it doesn’t happen again (most likely) by doing 2 things:


downspout-extension-installation-lgKeep water away from the foundation of your home.

Most people assume that if they don’t have huge cracks in their foundation, water can’t seep in. They are wrong. Even the strongest of concrete is no match for water. Eventually, if there is enough groundwater sitting against your basement walls, it’s going to seep through those walls or leak into the floor. To prevent this, make sure your rain gutters and downspouts are working properly and that your lawn is sloped away from the house. If it’s not possible to get the lawn properly sloped, you may need to have french drains installed to funnel ground water towards the street.


Make sure you have a working sump pump and generator.

portable-generator-sump-pumpMost basements in New Jersey have a sump pump, but very few have a generator. The reality with a lot of massive flooding events that cause basements to take on water is that power outages occur. So while a sump pump can run for a couple of hours on battery power, eventually it runs of of power at which point your basement is in deep trouble. Make sure your sump pump is operating effectively and that you have a generator installed in case you found yourself without power and fighting water!

Our water damage restoration in North Jersey crews are vetted to insure they are industry-certified and insured to provide proper basement flood mitigation services.  And each of our crew stands behind its work with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.  If you have experienced a sewage back-up issue or your basement is flooded due to a pipe bursting or toilet overflowing, our flood cleaning crews have the experience, knowledge & resources to get your basement fully restored.

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