Long Island NY Basement Flood Clean-up

Water damage can strike at any moment…and basements can be more susceptible than other parts of your home to suffer flooding. Whether it’s from rain water entering through window wells or seaping through your foundation walls, or a busted water pipe or toilet valve malfunctioning, basement floods can cause a lot of damage if not dealt with quickly. It’s why we have certified flood damage restoration crews throughout Long Island to respond to your flooded basement in a flash!


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If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located all over Long Island so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

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What can you expect by choosing us for your basement flood cleanup needs?


On-time Arrival & Rapid Response.  We get there quick because a fast response is necessary if we’re going to have any chance to save items in your flooded basement.  Things like wet carpets, wood flooring, and drywall can most of the time be dried out and restored without needing to be replaced if we can get there quickly.


Free Written Quote.  Basement flood damage can range from mild to pretty severe, depending on the type of damage, the extent of time the water was standing, etc.  But the first order of business for us is to assess the situation and provide you with a basement flooding cleanup free estimate.


Want to learn about the estimating process?  We’ve created a short video detailing the Xactimate system of insurance repair estimates.  Watch it and you’ll be confident that a RestorationEze estimate for your basement water cleanup service is fair, honest and won’t cause issue with your insurer.


Rapid Basement Water Extraction.  We have all of the necessary equipment to remove water from your basement quickly.  Whether the flooded area is carpeted, tile floors, in your walls or it’s an unfinished basement with concrete slab, we use the appropriate water extraction equipment and can get out almost all of the water within minutes of arriving.


Water Damage RestorationFast Dry Times.  Once we’re removed all of the water that we can, we then apply structural drying equipment throughout your basement in order to dry out anything that still have moisture trapped in it.  By passing hot, dry air over the soaked areas, we can rapidly speed up the drying time.


Don’t trust your flooded basement to an unlicensed, uninsured or uncertified restoration company!


There are some contractors out there performing water damage restoration & flood cleanup services that shouldn’t be.  Whether they’re not insured or don’t have the skills to actually properly mitigate your water loss, the end result if you could be left holding the bag if you end up with further damage or mold problems.  And your insurance company isn’t likely to help in that case due to the fact that the work was not properly performed in the first place.

We’re fully certified to perform any basement water extraction or flood damage restoration services you may need!


What does certified basement water extraction service entail?


The details of every project are determined by the existing water damage, but the process itself usually looks something like the video below:


Is your wet basement covered by insurance?


Anyone with a mortgage is required to have homeowners insurance, and in many cases are also required to have FEMA flood insurance. But many people have never so much as read a line of their insurance policy and can be caught off guard in the event they have basement water damage.

As a rule of thumb, homeowners policy cover sudden flooding that starts from within the home.  In other words, if the water source is in the home and the loss occurred suddenly, then you’re usually covered. If it’s a slow leak that just wasn’t ever dealt with, many policies will not cover any water damage restoration services they may be required to fix the problem. If the water comes from outside the property, it definitely isn’t covered by a typical homeowners policy.  For that, you would need to have flood insurance from FEMA. As you can read here the costs of flood insurance premiums are going up!

Homes in Long Island experience basement floods on a daily basis.  Even offices are not immune to heavy rains.  That’s why we have basement flood & water extraction crews available whenever an emergency occurs.  We are experts in extracting water from Long Island flooded basements.  Whether there is just a small area affected or your entire finished basement in underwater, our flood damage restoration crews can help get your home or office dried out quickly.

Our crews use patented water extraction vacuums and drying equipment designed to completely restore your property.

In fact, each water damage restoration crew will stand behind the work they do and guarantee your complete satisfaction.  That’s why when you call us, you can know you’re getting the best service and the best customer service.  So call today for an immediate response to your Long Island basement flood and a free estimate for any water extraction that may be required.

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