Fire & Soot Damage Cleanup

fire-restoration-equipYou never want to find yourself in the unfortunate position of having to pick up the pieces after a fire.  Yet sadly, it can happen.  And should it have happened to you, we hope that you know affordable, compassionate help is available.  We offer complete fire damage restoration services throughout Long Island and would be privileged to help you through a difficult time.  Please call to learn more about the ways our fire damage repair company can help you when tragedy strikes.

Long Island fire damage mitigation services!


Understanding the fire & smoke restoration process…


There’s usually some confusion and misinformation out there when our customers experience a fire loss.  Sadly it can lead to poor decisions or delay, neither of which are a good thing when it comes to getting things restored and life back to normal.  So here are just some of the things we hope you’ll keep in mind should you be faced with a fire loss.


You should always call a certified fire restoration company first!


phone-sans-shadowOne of the biggest mistakes a homeowner can make is the first step: knowing who to call.  Many call their insurance company and wait around for a claim number.  It’s a huge mistake and one that can cause big problems down the road.

What we always say to customers is that your home is your responsibility, and that it is you, and not the insurance company, that must take the lead in getting it repaired after fire damage.  An insurance company’s role is to determine if the claim is covered by their policy and then pay for the damages…it is not to fix your home!

Always call a certified Long Island fire damage company first!


You should get a free estimate, in writing!


Your first job is to always get a legitimate estimate from a certified emergency restoration company.

How do you know it’s legit?

Free_EstimatesThe contractor should be using Xactimate.  Xactimate is universally used by both fire damage cleanup companies as well as insurers to determine the appropriate rate for any restoration services that may be needed.  Whether or not the loss is ultimately covered by insurance, it’s a great re-assurance for customers to know that the quote they are being offered for services is fair.

We always provide you with a free quote for any smoke damage removal or fire restoration services that may be necessary!


The work should be done by certified technicians!


You never want to go with a company that isn’t certified.  Anytime you need professional fire cleanup or smoke removal services, you want to make sure those services are being performed correctly.  If they aren’t, it could be you that ends up paying for whatever work is needed to correct the mistakes that were made (and paid for by the insurance company).

CertificateIconIt’s why all of our fire restoration contractors are certified to do any work necessary.

Being certified isn’t just so you can put a fancy logo on your web site…it’s a good indication that a company is serious about providing great service and doing things right.  And it’s one thing you should always ask a company before sending them out to your fire damaged house!


You shouldn’t have to worry about the payment!


bill-directIn most instances, a claim can be successfully filed.  But any reputable fire repair company should be willing to do that legwork for you.  A claim can be a clumsy process if you don’t know what you’re doing, and you can make mistakes that put the claim in jeopardy.  It’s why we always ask customers to let us handle it for them.

In fact, we not only handle filing the claim, we also handle the billing aspect!


You should be 100% satisfied.


satisfaction-guaranteeThat should come standard with any work performed.  There just isn’t any room for error when it comes to cleaning up after a fire.  While some companies biggest concern is getting a check from the insurance provider, our biggest concern is your satisfaction.  It’s why we offer a satisfaction guarantee standard with any mitigation or reconstruction work that we do.


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