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water-damage-cleanupWe handle residential & commercial water damage repair jobs of every size and shape. Whether it’s sewage water or clean water from a busted pipe, getting the water contained and the moisture out before it causes structural damage or mold damage is our strength.  If you need an emergency Akron water damage contractor that can respond to your call immediately, we hope you’ll call us to schedule a free onsite loss assessment and estimate!

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phone-sans-shadowWe make getting good help fast as simple as one phone call.  At RestorationEze, we see ourselves as your partner in getting your life back together.  With one phone call, we can provide immediate help, make sure you get a fair price, make sure the work is done correctly, and help with your insurance claim.  As your one-stop shop for all Akron water restoration needs, we hope you’ll consider giving us a call when you need honest help at a reasonable price!


Get a fair price upfront – free cost estimate!


Free_EstimatesOne worry a lot of people have when they need water damage repair services is whether or not they are being offered a reasonable price.  While some Akron OH restoration companies might charge obscene prices, or try to charge you for an estimate, we always provide you with a free loss assessment and calculate our rates using industry-standard pricing.

So how can be certain that your insurance company will approve the costs?  With RestorationEze, it’s simple because we use the same estimating software they do.  It’s called Xactimate, and here’s how it works:


We handle every aspect of your water damage restoration project!


As your partner in this process, it’s our job to educate you on the project, answer your questions, and make sure you’re happy.  Here’s a quick rundown of what you can generally expect from our water restoration services:


Moisture Assessment

Flood Damage Moisture TestDuring the estimating process, one of the primary things our crew will do is take detailed moisture readings throughout your property.  We use advanced equipment that can determine the amount of moisture on and behind any surface type.  These readings give us an accurate picture of where the moisture has travelled, as well as what dry conditions in your property look like so we know what we’re aiming for during the drying process.


Water Extraction

water-extractionChances are there’s standing water, or at least water that’s sitting on the surface of your floors, that must be removed before it spreads to other areas.  Wet carpets, water on hardwood floors, or anywhere else must be removed quickly before it causes greater damage.  We use sophisticated water extraction systems to quickly suck up and expel all standing water within minutes of arrival.


Tear Out (if necessary)

drywall-flood-cutDepending on the type of loss you suffer, and the exact areas that have been soaked, it may be the case some surfaces will need to be removed.  Commonly called ‘flood cuts’ these become necessary when the surface or the things behind the surface can’t be salvaged.  For instance, any water behind insulated walls will require the drywall to be removed.  Any sewage on carpets get the same treatment.  W try to salvage everything we can, be sometimes protocol dictates certain tear outs.


Mold Prevention

applyingantimicroAt RestorationEze, we understand our biggest enemy when moisture soaks your property’s structure is black mold.  Too many water damage contractors in Akron OH simply ignore that reality and it can be a nightmare for the homeowner.  But we take extra precautions, and that includes completely spraying down the area with a powerful anti-microbial spray to inhibit black mold growth.


Drying & Reconstruction

Air-movers-drying-water-damagedThe lasts steps are the steps that can take several days, depending on the amount of moisture remaining in your structure, the surface types affected, the amount of materials torn out, and the atmospheric conditions.  Rest assured we’ll get out the remaining moisture as quickly as possible and will work diligently to get your property restored to its pre-loss condition!


How we cleanup Akron water damage…


If you’re still confused about the process, watch our water damage mitigation instructional video below. The steps we take to get the water out and the property dry and restored are highlighted in this short video to give you a clearer picture as to what we do when you call upon our water damage company!


Where to turn when you’re filing an insurance claim…


insurance-claim-formInsurance claims can be tricky for a number of reasons.  With most other home services, someone is providing the service and you are paying them for that service. When it comes to water mitigation services, a third party is introduce, your insurer, and it can be a bit complicated. Understanding the role of your insurer and your role when it comes to these situations is crucial.

And the most important thing to understand is that you, not your insurer, is in charge. Ultimately that means you get to decide which water damage contractor in Akron you feel most comfortable with and want to hire. Your insurer may try to get you to use their ‘approved vendor’ but please understand this: they’re ‘approved’ because they’ve agreed to charge a much lower rate than the accepted rates within the industry.  In other words, you’re trusting your home and your safety to the cheapest company in town!

So please be aware that hiring a contractor to do the work is a big decision and one you want to make consciously. Don’t just assume your adjuster has your best interests in mind. They’re a part of a business and that business’s goal is to generate profits, and if offering you cut-rate water damage cleanup services helps them, then that is what they’ll most likely do. Even if you don’t hire us, consider hiring another company that isn’t “in bed” with your insurer and has your interests at heart!


Know the risks of shoddy or delayed water restoration services…


We don’t want to alarm you, but we do need to make clear any amount of basement flooding or any other water loss is an emergency. Why? There are a few reasons…


Black mold

black mold damageIt isn’t a possibility, it’s a certainty if the moisture isn’t removed within a couple of days. Toxic black mold is aggressive, and should your property present the right conditions, could begin spreading wildly within 48 hours of your loss. It can only be stopped by finding all of the excess moisture in your property and removing it safely and quickly. Any areas missed or if the structural drying process isn’t done correctly, and you will get black mold.


Structural damage and secondary water damage

Water-Damaged-Ceiling-photoEvery piece of your home is designed to withstand a certain amount of pressure and weight. The caveat is they must be dry to perform properly. When they get wet, they lose a significant portion of their structural integrity. It’s why it’s not uncommon to see ceiling water damage cause the entire ceiling to collapse. Another big concern is improper drying methods that lead to secondary water damage. Basically, drying out a surface is simply turning the liquid into gas (through evaporation) and then trapping the gas and disposing of it outside of your home. If this isn’t done correctly, the water vapors will simply travel to another area of your home and soak that previously dry surface.


Claims troubles

The last thing anybody wants to see is problems when you go to file a water damage claim. But sadly, it does happen and a lot of the time it’s due to the homeowner delaying the process of getting the water damage repaired. The best thing you can do when your home or business sustains water damage is to immediately hire a certified, reputable water mitigation company that can help you navigate the claims process from the very beginning!

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